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Do your customers like excellent visuals, or are they more interested in checking out vital information?

Consider this question if you’re trying to reel in more buyers on your Amazon store.

Enter: infographics.

Infographics provide both attractive visuals and helpful information.

In this article, I discuss how you can maximize sales using Amazon infographics. I also provide the following information.

  • The definition of an infographic
  • How Amazon sellers use infographics on product listings
  • How infographics on Amazon can make online selling more productive for you and more fun for your customers
  • The importance of Amazon infographic images
  • Tips and tricks on creating infographic images that increase sales and grow your Amazon business
  • Examples of well-designed infographic images

Let’s begin!

What are Infographics?

Most people find numbers and data boring.

Infographics enable potential buyers quickly digest information with the help of engaging and exciting photos, drawings, shapes, and colors.

amazon infographics

What Are Amazon Infographics?

Amazon infographics promote product features and other related information rather than general facts or research results.

An Amazon product infographic can grab a customer’s attention and encourage a purchase, making it a crucial element for many Amazon listings.

Here are some product infographic examples.

What Are Amazon Infographics?
word image 50534 4 1

Infographics are essential parts of listing images.

Aside from photos, listings have other details you can tweak to boost sales. Learn how to optimize your product listings to increase your Amazon marketplace store sales.

Why Do Amazon Infographics Matter?

Why Do Amazon Infographics Matter?

Here’s why infographics matter on Amazon.

Infographics Reduce Negative Reviews.

Amazon product infographic images provide vital details about your product. Thus, an ideal infographic helps your customers make informed purchasing decisions.

There is also a lesser chance they will leave negative reviews claiming you did not inform them of specific product details.

You should always aim to reduce negative reviews as an Amazon seller.

Infographics Improve Conversion Rates and Sales.

Studies show that online shoppers pay less attention to unfamiliar product catalogs.

Grabbing your customers’ attention increases the likelihood they will buy your products, meaning infographics are ideal for increasing your sales.

Infographics make products more familiar and more sellable.

Infographics Speed Up Buyer Decision-Making.

Infographics can contribute to faster purchasing times, leading to increased growth for your Amazon business. Infographics can speed up the buying process further if they make your product stand out.

Infographics Speed Up Buyer Decision-Making.

Here are several statistics that support the three claims above:

Best Practices in Making High-Quality Infographics

Here are the best tips for how to create infographics for your Amazon listings. These best practices will significantly increase the likelihood that your Amazon product infographics will bring more sales to your business.

Optimize Your Infographics for Mobile.

Customers who use their mobile devices when shopping on Amazon also need to see your infographics.

Optimize Your Infographics for Mobile.

2018 statistics reveal only 24 percent of Amazon shoppers use mobile devices. However, 24 percent is still significant, considering there were approximately 100 million Amazon Prime Subscribers in 2018.

24 percent of 100 million is equal to 24 million mobile users you need to consider when optimizing your infographic images for mobile.

Follow these tips for mobile-friendly infographics.

  • Keep the text as brief as possible.
  • Use a simple layout.
  • Include only five features per product.
  • Test how the infographics appear on mobile before publishing them.

Be Clear and Concise.

Avoid cramming too much information in your infographics.

Include only the most critical information in your infographics, like notable product features and benefits.

Here is some information you can include in your infographics.

  • Product dimensions
  • Product warranty (if any)
  • Unique value propositions
  • Pricing packages

Writing clear and concise text prevents you from overwhelming shoppers with cluttered infographics.

The ideal infographic shouldn’t contain more than 200 characters since you’re trying to grab attention through visual representation rather than text-based information.

Here’s an example of an infographic with only 200 characters.

example of an infographic with only 200 characters.

Use the appropriate types of images.

There are many image types you can use, depending on your product.

Here are some examples.

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images let potential customers see how they can use your products in different work, recreational, or other social settings.

If you sell backpacks, you can add photos of models using the backpacks in schools or at work.

The Amazon product infographic image below is an example of using a lifestyle image as an infographic element.

Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle imagery also enables your customers to connect with your product emotionally, which is crucial since most buyers make purchasing decisions based on emotion.

Package Images

Package images contain multiple products or services packaged into a single listing.

Check out the Amazon product infographic below that showcases an offering that includes scissors, combs, hair clips, and more.

Package Images

Dimension Image

A dimension image helps customers determine the actual size of your product.

Check out the sample image below.

Dimension Image

Outsource When Necessary.

Feel free to create infographics yourself if you have the skills.

If you’re not a graphic designer, many companies and freelance graphic designers offer Amazon infographic services and Amazon image editing services.

Choose the Right Visual Elements.

Amazon product infographic images must have the right font and color schemes to match your listings.

Here’s a table that can help you determine which fonts suit which products.

Font TypeHow it Looks LikeProduct Suitable for the Font
Brody, Allura, Sauber ScriptCursive Human HandwritingJewelry, makeup, or other product that have a luxurious or elegant air
Sans SerifGeneric Computer TextWooden trays or other products with minimalist designs

Choose colors carefully when creating your Amazon infographic design. If your brand promotes eco-friendliness, choose colors with earthy tones like green, beige, or white.

The Amazon product infographic image below features an eco-friendly type of dental floss.

eco-friendly amazon product infographic image

Use apps like Pinterest to create the right colors and visual elements. Create a mood board of images, colors, and fonts. You can also base your color scheme on your product’s brand logo, website design, or product packaging.

How to Add Infographics on Amazon

You can add infographics the same way you upload new product images for Amazon if you’re setting up a new Amazon listing.

If you have an existing product listing page, follow these steps to add your infographic.

1 – Go to the Manage Inventory page to edit the existing listing.

word image 50534 13 1

2 – Find the particular product listing where you want to add Amazon product infographic images. Click Edit on the right-most column of that listing.

word image 50534 14 1

3 – Go to the Images tab to upload your infographic.

word image 50534 15 1

Don’t panic if you don’t see your new infographic after uploading. New Amazon listing images—including infographics—can take up to 24 hours to appear on your listings page.

Best Amazon Infographics Examples for Product Listings

Now that you know the importance of creating infographics to supplement your product listings, let’s take a look at some fantastic examples.

I’ve compiled the images below by product category for easier browsing. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in their clever layouts, attractive color schemes, and other strategies to give you a competitive advantage over other Amazon FBA sellers.


Easyfeet Insoles

Use visual elements to illustrate each feature of your product. You can also lay out the great points your product offers with a chart comparing it with other brands in the market.

word image 50534 16 1

Here’s another way to draw shoppers’ attention — bold lines that connect the parts of your product to labels that showcase its unique properties!

word image 50534 17


Does your product have a remarkable quality? Why not match it with an example to make the consumer think about how it feels to try out your product? Bonus points if it’s as cute as this one!

word image 50534 18


Absolute Collagen Maxerum Collagen Boosting Serum

Today’s beauty and skincare consumers are more meticulous than ever. Nowadays, they inspect every inch of a product before buying.

Cater to this target audience’s demand for detail by stating the relevant points that can help them decide. Arrange the elements in an interesting pattern for even more visual appeal.

word image 50534 19

Barry M Fresh Face Setting Spray

If you’ve got multiple variants of one product, you can present them as an array. Pair each variant with a brief description of what it offers the user.

That way, consumers won’t have to scroll through many images to choose the one that’s best for them.

word image 50534 20

Beauty Junkees Mini Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Consumers like knowing what is in the products they buy, so it’s always a good idea to break down and label the parts of tools like this. Notice the infographic lays out the details of each component against a white background for better readability.

word image 50534 21


Anker Nano

This infographic brilliantly conveys what it wants to highlight to the consumer. The image below shows you how small the charger is by comparing it with other models.

Sometimes, this strategy is more effective than just putting in the product’s exact measurements, which can be more challenging for customers to visualize.

word image 50534 22

DeWalt 20V Max

Heavy-duty tools and gadgets with lots of details to consider can be too much for the average shopper. It can be intimidating to absorb so much information in one sitting, but not with this infographic style.

Breaking down the parts and highlighting what’s unique about each one helps shoppers think the product is easy to use.

word image 50534 23

SoundPeats Mini Pro

If you have a minimalist-style product, your infographic should reflect that, too.

This brand wants to highlight the product’s miniature size in the infographic below. In keeping with this, the infographic also uses a simple black-and-white palette and small print.

word image 50534 24

Fitness and Outdoors

GearLight Flashlight

Do you have a lighting product to sell? There’s no better way to demonstrate its power than using it against a dark background. Users can see how it works in dark settings, primarily how the product distributes light.

word image 50534 25

Rocky Mountain Athletic Knee Support

Listings of wearable products must include an infographic specifying their sizes. This infographic informs consumers where to take measurements, assuring them the product will fit.

word image 50534 26

Food and Drink

Bulletproof Coffee

Sometimes, brands capture their target audience by sharing their values. This infographic does precisely that by headlining sustainability as the brand’s mission to attract like-minded consumers easily!

word image 50534 27

Caleño Dark & Spicy

Do you want to convey a fun party vibe? If your company specializes in alcoholic drinks, then you probably do!

Use bright and bold colors to amp up the excitement. Get a bit extra with a free recipe showing consumers how versatile your product is!

word image 50534 28

Nakd Raw Fruit & Nut Bars

Are you looking to break out of the typical bullet infographic mold? Create a fun modified yes/no flowchart.

The infographic below is more interactive than the usual infographic design. Each arrow ends with an image of a product. The overall message is that this brand has something for everyone!

word image 50534 29

Health and Wellness

Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion

Here’s an example of a well-done comparison infographic. This brand uses bullet points with clear images as the bullets to showcase how their product fares beside others.

It’s also interesting to note how they pull focus to their brand with a patterned and colored background instead of plain white.

word image 50534 30

The Gut Stuff High Fibre Bar

Cute images combined with short text are attractive to customers. That’s because they are easy on the eyes, and humans naturally like cute things.

When giving a serious message (in this case, stress and gut problems), it can sometimes help to deliver it lightheartedly. The infographic below tells consumers that no matter how severe the issue is, there’s a solution for it!

word image 50534 31

Waterdrop Microdrink

Do you want a quick way to impress your customers? Use facts to highlight why your product is essential!

Laying out stats helps consumers think about the effectiveness of the product’s purported benefits. It’s evidence of past performance, which is always worth a brag. Past performance is always a good indicator of future success!

word image 50534 32


Aqua Bliss Water Filter

Advertising a complex product is best done when the process is simplified for the average user to understand.

This brand doesn’t just compare its product with another brand. It also explains how their water filtration process works by giving us a peek at what’s inside.

When consumers understand the essence of a complex product, it makes them more open to purchasing it!

word image 50534 33

Bemis Toilet Seat

Although it boasts no fancy graphics or brilliant color schemes, this infographic pays attention to what’s important–the product’s design and capacity to handle heavy loads. It shows exact numbers, so the buyer doesn’t have to guess.

word image 50534 34

Brita Water Filter

This brand also knows the importance of explaining a complicated process. Using graphic illustrations and a clean color scheme makes it easy to understand.

word image 50534 35

Kids and Babies

Akolik Silicone Teether

Putting your product’s strongest point in the headline is a definite attention-grabber.

For instance, this infographic from Akolik provides microscopic views of the different textures that the teether offers. The product stands out because the brand used a white background, making it easier to check out the details.

word image 50534 36

B. Toys

You can’t go wrong with bright colors if you’re selling children’s toys. After all, you’re trying to sell the idea of fun!

This brand also makes information more accessible by showcasing one feature of the entire toy at a time. Thus, customers can pay attention to each feature and see how children can play with them.

word image 50534 37
word image 50534 38

NoseFrida Snotsucker

You’ve got to admire this brand’s lighthearted approach. The brand’s name pokes fun at an unpleasant task, and the infographic is just as amusing.

While it uses a straightforward color scheme and layout, the labels simplify the complicated process for users. Parents won’t have to think about which parts go where; the simple wording makes it all straightforward!

word image 50534 39


Doggy Do Good Pet Grooming Wipes

The combination of green and white always looks great for brands that want to highlight their environmental and health-focused values.

If a product is biodegradable, stress that in your infographic. Don’t forget to mention how your product uses natural ingredients for an irritation-free experience.

word image 50534 40

Earth Rated Poop Bags

You might think it’s difficult for people to take poop bags seriously, but not if you use statistic-packed infographics like this. This style shows you mean business, even if it’s just something people often dismiss as insignificant.

Use the numbers to establish trustworthiness and share your company values. Help people see how your product benefits customers and the planet.

word image 50534 41

Honest Paws Wag N’ Brush

When you have a nifty product designed for convenience, let customers know how to use it.

A how-to approach or step-by-step guide helps customers understand how your product will make their lives easier!

word image 50534 42

Toiletries and Hygiene

Pankoo Teeth Whitening Kit

For a product claiming to whiten teeth, this brand made an excellent choice to go with a before-and-after infographic.

After all, this is what customers need to see—the product’s effectiveness.

word image 50534 43

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Here’s another teeth whitening kit with a different focus.

The infographic wants to assure users of the product’s convenience and ease of use. What better way than an image of someone using it?

It’s also worth noting that the dark theme—from the background to the man’s shirt—contrasts the white product effectively.

word image 50534 44

Here’s the same kit but with more information letting users know what to expect.

The white background works to make the dark text highly readable.

word image 50534 45

Tools and Hobbies

Cricut Mug Press

Do you want to tell a story with your infographic? Take a look at this infographic from Cricut. A step-by-step visual guide shows how the product works.

The storyboard-style infographic is an apt choice to show customers what to expect from the product.

word image 50534 46

Cricut Joy

When selling tools, your priority should be to show customers how easy it is to use.

Cricut nails it again with this simple layout of steps. The customer won’t have any unpleasant surprises when they try the product themselves since they already know how it works!

word image 50534 47

Speks Adult Fidget Toys

If you have a range of products in one category, why not show them all at once in different sections?

The blocks of color in this brand’s infographic give off a fun vibe that matches the goal of their toys. But as bright and carefree as it looks, there’s also some serious proof of its effectiveness.

The brand intersperses product images with actual reviews to highlight that other customers have already given their approval.

word image 50534 48

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Ideal Size of Infographics on Amazon?

Amazon product infographics follow the same guidelines as ordinary product listing images, meaning an infographic should have a minimum height or width of 1,000 pixels.

Remember that a higher pixel density means a better zoom quality.

Regarding file size, Amazon infographic images can have a maximum size of 10 MB.

How Many Infographic Images Can I Upload per Product Listing?

The first image (or main product image) should be the photo of your product on a white background. The other eight images in one listing can be additional photos of your product or infographics.

You can have the following set of photos per listing.

  1. One main image and eight infographics
  2. One main photo, six infographics, and two other product photos
  3. One main image, four infographics, and four other product photos

Should Amazon Infographics Be Have a White Background?

No, not all your infographics should be white-background images. Only the main image should be a white-background image. The background of other images in your listing, including infographics, can be other colors.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, reading my article has made you realize how Amazon infographics can help you grow your business.

Try out the tips I mentioned in this article today and create beautiful infographics to attract your target audience.

For further optimization, you should also learn how to enhance your brand content on Amazon.

You can also visit my blog to discover new ways to boost your brand!

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