How To Get Ungated on Amazon and Sell in Restricted Categories

how to get ungated on amazon

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If you want to learn how to get ungated on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place.

I will teach you all you need about gated and ungated Amazon categories and products and how to lift these restrictions.

There was once a time when the internet was like the Wild West— everything went down, and you could sell anything. Now, we have better rules and guidelines to make online selling and buying safer and more ethical.

What is ungated on Amazon? What kind of products belong in this category? How do you get ungated on Amazon? What are the ungated Amazon categories?

I’ll answer all these questions and more in this article.

Let’s begin.

What Does Ungated Mean on Amazon?

how to get ungated on amazon

An ungated category doesn’t require special approval or permission from Amazon. Any Amazon seller can list and sell items within this category.

In Amazon lingo, gated means restricted.

Amazon has certain restricted product categories and brands to ensure that only authorized sellers can sell specific products. Having these limitations helps maintain a high level of quality and authenticity.

What Does It Mean To Have Ungated Products on Amazon?

Ungated categories and brands typically pose a lower risk of having counterfeit or prohibited items. You don’t have to request approval from Amazon, so you can start selling within these categories as soon as you get a seller account.

What Does It Mean To Have Ungated Products on Amazon?

Let me give you an example.

When selling clothes on Amazon, listing well-known brands might include some form of gating. If you’re selling your own brand, Amazon won’t have to worry about you selling counterfeits (as you own the brand).

Amazon sellers must adhere to Amazon’s general selling guidelines and policies even when selling ungated products. This helps ensure a positive shopping experience for customers.

What Are the Requirements for Getting Ungated on Amazon?

What Are the Requirements for Getting Ungated on Amazon?

If you want to sell products in the restricted categories, you must get Amazon’s permission.

Getting category approval starts with knowing the requirements. Here are the basic universal requirements across the board.

  • A Professional selling account

  • Good performance metrics for order defect rate, cancellation rate, and late shipment rate

  • Invoices or purchase orders to prove that you have sourced authentic products. These documents should be recent (usually within the last 180 days)

  • Product safety documentation, such as safety data sheets, certificates of analysis, or compliance certificates

  • Product images and information

  • Brand authorization from a specific gated brand

  • Other category-specific requirements like proof of completion of training courses, obtaining licenses or permits, or providing proof of insurance

How To Get Ungated on Amazon

How To Get Ungated on Amazon

If you want to learn how to ungate brands on Amazon, here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow.

  1. Set up a Professional Seller account.

    Most restricted categories require an Amazon Professional Seller account, which comes with a monthly subscription fee of $39.99.

  2. If you have an Individual plan, you can change it through your Amazon Seller Central account.

  3. Check your seller performance metrics.

    Ensure your seller performance metrics, such as order defect rate, pre-fulfillment cancel rate, and late shipment rate, are in good standing. Amazon may review these metrics during the approval process.

  4. Gather the required documentation.

    Collect any required documentation, such as invoices or purchase orders, product safety documentation, brand authorization letters, or licenses/permits, as specified by Amazon for the particular category or brand.

  5. Apply for approval.

    • Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

    • Navigate to the Add a Product page or Inventory tab.

    • Search for the product you want to sell or the gated category you want to access.

    • Click on Listing limitations apply and then Request approval.

    • Follow the prompts to provide the required information and documentation.

    • Submit your application.

  6. Monitor your application status.

    You can check the status of your application in Seller Central under Manage Inventory or Add a Product. Amazon will notify you when they’ve decided on your application.

How To Get Ungated on Amazon in Each Category

Some restricted categories might have additional steps and requirements for an Amazon seller looking to sell in that niche. Let’s look at some examples.

How To Get Ungated in Beauty on Amazon

Amazon regulates the beauty category because of potential health issues. You’ll have to provide extra documentation to get ungated in this category, such as the following.

  • FDA licenses

  • Certificate of Analysis

  • Certificate for Good Manufacturing Processes

  • Other legal documentation

How To Get Ungated in Fine Art on Amazon

How To Get Ungated in Fine Art on Amazon

To sell in the Fine Art category, you’ll need to follow these additional rules:

  • Amazon only allows fine art dealers to sell in this category. You must be practicing for at least three years before applying.

  • You must present an official website showing your work and online presence.

How To Get Ungated in Grocery on Amazon

How To Get Ungated in Grocery on Amazon

If you want to sell in this category, you’ll need to follow these other guidelines.

  • Meet Amazon seller performance targets. You need to be below 1% order defect rate, below 2.5% cancel rate, and below 4% late shipment rate to sell.

  • Create a wholesaler account with the same mailing and email address as an Amazon account.

  • Place an order for products you’ll sell.

  • Scan invoices and add ASIN numbers next to item descriptions. Take a screenshot of those numbers and add submit your application for approval.

How To Get Ungated in Collectible Coins on Amazon

How To Get Ungated in Collectible Coins on Amazon

To sell in the collectible coins category on Amazon, you’ll need to be a member of any of these organizations:

  • PNG

  • ICTA

  • PCGS


You should also have at least 70% of your coins graded by NGC or PCGS. You should also grade any coins you value over $1,500 without exceptions.

You’ll also need to have an anti-money laundering program in place and provide Amazon with copies of documentation for this program.

Lastly, you’re required to have a company website when you sell collectible coins.

How To Get Ungated in Collectible Books on Amazon

How To Get Ungated in Collectible Books on Amazon

You’ll first need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) when selling books on Amazon. You also need to prove that it’s a collectible. Books under this category could include first-edition books or autographed books.

How To Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon (During Holidays)

How To Get Ungated in Toys on Amazon (During Holidays)

You must follow the holiday selling guidelines when selling toys on Amazon during the holidays.

Why Does Amazon Restrict Some Categories?

Why Does Amazon Restrict Some Categories?

Amazon limits certain categories to stop third-party sellers from selling counterfeit or prohibited items. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell gated categories, but you’ll require approval to list these products in your store.

Some categories include products that require strict adherence to safety regulations. Amazon restricts these categories to ensure sellers have the right technical knowledge and certifications to sell such products.

Some examples include:

  • Medical devices

  • Dietary supplements

  • Hazardous materials

Amazon also gates some products with strict legal and regulatory requirements. This motivates sellers to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, protecting customers and the platform from potential legal issues.

Why You Should Sell Gated Products on Amazon

Ungated categories have higher competition, as anyone can sell them.

Amazon gated categories have an additional layer of approval, which results in fewer sellers. You can enjoy less competition and potentially higher profit margins than ungated categories.

Customers also trust the products within this category. If you’re a brand owner or manufacturer, getting your brand gated on Amazon can help protect your brand’s reputation and integrity.

What Are Amazon’s Gated Categories?

What Are Amazon's Gated Categories?

What are the gated categories that require approval?

Here are some of Amazon’s restricted categories and sub-categories.

  • Automotive and Powersports category

  • Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and Luggage category

  • Collectible Books category

  • Collectible Coins category

  • Entertainment Collectibles

  • Fine Arts category

  • Fine Jewelry category

  • Gift Cards category

  • Grocery and Gourmet Foods category

  • Kindle Accessories category

  • Major Appliances category

  • Sexual Wellness category

  • Sports Collectibles category

  • Textbook Rentals category

  • Toys & Games category

  • Video, DVD, and Blu-ray category

  • Watches category

  • Wine category

How Long Until My Products Become Ungated?

How long does it take to get ungated on Amazon?

There isn’t a set time frame for becoming ungated, as it depends on how fast Amazon evaluates your application.

It also varies per category. Getting ungated in some categories may take just a few days, while others could take several weeks.

Tips for Getting Ungated on Amazon

Tips for Getting Ungated on Amazon

If you want to request approval to sell restricted products, try following these tips for your Amazon category approval requests.

  1. Provide accurate contact information.
    Ensure your contact details and supplier’s information are accurate and up-to-date. This helps establish credibility and trust with Amazon.

  2. Submit an invoice.
    Provide an invoice as proof of payment. Send unformatted invoices, preferably in PDF format, as Amazon strictly distinguishes between genuine and dishonest sellers.

  3. Ensure consistent addresses.
    Your shipping address must match your billing address and should be consistent with your Amazon seller account. Keep all addresses up-to-date and accurate.

  4. Choose reputable brands.
    Selling products from well-known brands can improve your likelihood of getting ungated in restricted categories.

  5. Convert the item model number.
    Pro Amazon sellers can convert item model numbers, such as ISBN, EAN, and UPC, to ASIN to streamline Amazon’s product referencing process.

  6. Apply during US Amazon business hours.
    Complete the application process during regular US Amazon business hours for faster responses.

  7. Consider Amazon ungating services.
    Utilizing ungating services can simplify the process and provide Amazon service agents to assist you.

What Are Ungated Categories on Amazon?

What Are Ungated Categories on Amazon?

Maybe you’re asking, “What can I sell on Amazon without approval?”

The most popular categories usually don’t have restrictions. Even new sellers can sell these without going through an application process.

These are some common Amazon FBM and Amazon FBA ungated product categories.

  • Books

  • Office Products

  • Amazon Kindle

  • Consumer Electronic Device Accessories

  • Home and Garden Tools for Home Improvement

  • Luggage and Travel Accessories

  • Men and Women Clothing & Accessories

  • Musical Instruments

  • Men and Women Outdoor Clothing & Accessories

  • Software and Computer Games

  • Pet Supplies

Note: Some products or brands within these open categories may still be gated. These may also change over time, so you should keep track of the updates as an Amazon seller.

Are Amazon Ungating Services Worth It?

Are Amazon Ungating Services Worth It?

Learning how to get ungated on Amazon for free isn’t impossible, but it can be time-consuming. It can be challenging to determine the requirements, so some sellers use paid ungating services.

Ungating services know the ins and outs of getting approval for restricted products. They’ve mastered the requirements in multiple categories.

By using an ungating service, you increase your chances of getting approved.

You can also save time and effort that would otherwise go into navigating the approval process. You also get guidance and assistance throughout the process if you need it.

Some ungating services come with high fees that may be expensive for some sellers, especially if you’re just starting. Despite their expertise, ungating services don’t guarantee approval from Amazon.

Determining whether an Amazon ungating service is worth it depends on the Amazon seller. If you’re just starting and have the time to study gated products, try DIY.

If you’re busy because you already have a sizeable Amazon selling operation, outsourcing this process seems best.

Why Are Some Sellers Automatically Ungated?

Some sellers are automatically ungated due to factors indicating trustworthiness and high customer satisfaction, including:

  • Long account history

  • Strong performance metrics

  • High sales volume

  • Positive feedback and reviews

  • Compliance with Amazon policies

Why Are Some Sellers Automatically Ungated?

However, this isn’t a guarantee that good standing means automatic approval. Amazon may still require the ungating process for certain categories or brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Avoid Gated or Restricted Categories?

You can avoid gated or restricted categories on Amazon and focus solely on ungated categories. However, there’s no way around it if you want to sell a restricted product within a certain category.

Should I Avoid Selling in a Restricted Category?

This depends on your circumstances, goals, and resources. There are profitable categories among restricted ones. There’s also less competition and more opportunities in niche markets.

However, there are challenges. It’s time-consuming, there are strict guidelines, and you must invest in things like:

  • Additional inventory

  • Certifications and licenses

  • Ungating service fees

Evaluate your resources, expertise, and willingness to invest in the ungating process. If the potential benefits outweigh the challenges, selling in a restricted category could be lucrative.

Otherwise, focusing on ungated categories might be a better option.

How Long Does Approval To Sell Take on Amazon?

When you sell products under Amazon-restricted categories, expect it will take time to get your product listings up for sale.

How Long Does Approval To Sell Take on Amazon?

Depending on the category, Ungating Amazon products might take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Do I Have to Pay To Get Ungated on Amazon?

You don’t need to pay Amazon to get ungated on the platform. All you have to do is get approval. You can pay for a third-party ungating service, but you don’t have to if you don’t see it serving your business.

What Should I Do When I Get Gated Again?

If you find yourself gated again on Amazon after having been previously ungated, don’t panic. You can follow these steps.

  1. Carefully read the notification from Amazon, noting the reasons for gating and any specific product, category, or brand restrictions mentioned.

  2. Review your seller account health and performance metrics to ensure they meet Amazon’s requirements. Identify any issues that could have contributed to the gating.

  3. If the gating is due to policy violations, ensure you understand the specific policies and take corrective action to address the issues.

  4. Once you’ve addressed the issues and gathered the required documentation, submit a new application to your selling account.

Can I Apply for Ungating Again If I Get Rejected?

Yes, if Amazon rejects your ungating application, you can apply again. Before reapplying, carefully review the reasons for the rejection and address any issues or causes to avoid getting rejected again. Try a different Amazon service agent this time.

Can I Apply for Ungating Again If I Get Rejected?

How Much Initial Inventory Should I Have Before Apply?

Most gated categories require that you have enough available inventory on hand. That number can vary depending on the category or brand.

Check the specific guidelines for your category and adhere to the minimum inventory level. Generally, Amazon requires sellers to provide invoices or receipts from authorized suppliers or manufacturers as proof.

Why Does Amazon Have Gated Product Categories?

Amazon has gated product categories to maintain a high standard of quality, safety, and trust on its platform. This way, Amazon can regulate products and ensure that only legitimate and reliable sellers can sell these products.

What’s the Easiest Category To Get Ungated on Amazon?

Gauging the difficulty of a product category’s gating process is hard to pinpoint, but many categories could have lesser requirements.

Getting approval for Watches, Collectible Books, and Major Appliance categories is relatively easier. Textbook Rentals, Toys, and Wine categories only require some additional documents.

By contrast, the Grocery and Gourmet Foods category is one of the strictest, with few sellers meeting the requirements.

What Can New Amazon Sellers Sell?

What Can New Amazon Sellers Sell?

A new Amazon seller may focus on ungated products just to get the ball rolling. New sellers might also have to build their store reputation first to sell restricted products.

Some examples of the best ungated products to sell on Amazon are in these popular categories:

  • Home & Kitchen

  • Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry

  • Toys & Games

  • Pet Supplies

Note: These categories may have both ungated and gated products. You’ll have to identify which ones you can sell without approval.

The Bottom Line

Getting ungated on Amazon and removing restrictions is essential for sellers who want to expand their product offerings and increase their sales.

By following the steps outlined in this post, you can easily navigate the process. You must still be thorough and meticulous when going through the ungating process.

What gated products are you planning to sell on your Amazon store?

Gated product categories can give sellers access to a broader range of products and enjoy increased sales opportunities on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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