Blinkist Review: Is Blinkist Worth Its Price?

blinkist review
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Omar Deryan Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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In this post, I will review one of the most popular book summary services: Blinkist.

Are you considering Blinkist for a faster, more efficient way to consume nonfiction titles? Do you want to know how it can help your personal development goals?

You’re in the right place.

I’ve spent considerable time exploring the platform, uncovering its features, and evaluating its value to understand what it offers comprehensively.

I dove deep into this platform to uncover the good and the bad (and the ugly). With this Blinkist review, I evaluated the following:

  • Core features

  • Pros and cons of using the service

  • Cost and value

  • User experience

  • Platform compatibility

  • Content quality and variety

  • Offline functionality

  • Integration with Kindle

  • Blinkist alternatives and competitors

Make sure to read this review until the end. I’ll help you make the best decision and determine if Blinkist suits your reading and learning needs.

Let’s begin.

Blinkist Review: A Quick Overview

We’ll cover the most critical deciding factors in-depth, but to start, here’s BLINKIST at a glance:

User FriendlinessPriceFeaturesLibrary
✅ Time-Efficiency: Blinkist delivers book insights in 15 minutes, which is ideal for the busy.❌ Lack of Depth: Summaries may oversimplify complex ideas and miss nuances.
✅ Variety: With 3,000+ titles across varied categories, there’s something for everyone.❌ Limited Selection: Not all titles are covered, leading to potential gaps.
✅ Flexibility: Users can choose to read or listen, suiting visual and auditory learners.❌ Cost: The subscription model may only be affordable for some.
✅ Quality: Curated summaries maintain the core essence of original books.❌ Interpretation: Summaries reflect Blinkist’s interpretation, which may not align with other people.
✅ Offline Access: Summaries are available offline, supporting uninterrupted learning.

Blinkist is an innovative mobile application designed to present key insights from leading non-fiction books, allowing users to gain knowledge in minutes rather than hours.

This app delivers concise 15-minute book summaries or Blinks that capture the essence of the book’s main ideas. Users can read or listen to these in-depth summaries, making learning accessible even on the go.

Blinkist is a valuable tool for those seeking to expand their knowledge time-efficiently.

Blinkist Review 2023: Is Blinkist Worth It?

Before I get into the review itself, I want to quickly let you know some vital info about Blinkist and what led me to explore this platform in the first place.

I’m an avid reader and self-improvement enthusiast. I’ve always enjoyed reading non-fiction books, but life got busier with work and family commitments.

I found it increasingly difficult to find the time to read as much as I would like.

That’s when I came across Blinkist – a service that promised to help me stay informed and keep learning without requiring hours of reading time.

is blinkist worth it

As an ordinary person like you, I am passionate about continuous learning and self-improvement with nonfiction books. I understand the importance of finding the right tools and resources to maximize our limited time.

In this review, I’ll share my honest opinions and insights about this platform and how it has impacted my reading habits and knowledge acquisition. I aim to help you determine whether Blinkist is the right choice for you.

Let’s dive into this Blinkist review and explore if it can help you save time, learn faster, and maximize your reading experience!

Here are my thoughts and opinions on Blinkist.

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Blinkist Review 2023: What Is Blinkist?

Blinkist is a book summary app that provides concise summaries of nonfiction books, allowing users to quickly absorb an entire book in about 15 minutes.

These Blinks or book summaries cover various topics such as business, personal development, health, science, and more.

Blinkist aims to make it easier for busy individuals to learn and stay informed without spending hours reading entire books.

What Is Blinkist?

Aside from written summaries, Blinkist offers audiobook summaries.

The audio versions cater to users who prefer to listen rather than read.

The platform also provides personalized recommendations, offline access, and features like Shortcasts and condensed versions of popular podcast episodes.

Blinkist is ideal for those looking to expand their knowledge, develop new skills, or stay updated on various subjects. Given their limited time or busy schedules, they don’t have to commit to reading entire books.

Blinkist Review: Key Blinkist Features

How does Blinkist work?

Let’s dive deep into Blinkist’s features one by one. Ultimately, we’ll answer, “Is Blinkist worth it?”

 Key Blinkist Features

Blinkist Library

The Blinkist library hosts over 5,500 titles across various categories. From business book summaries to self-help audiobooks, you can improve your knowledge base every day.

You can save titles to your library and access them online, and it shows your progress on each book at one glance. You’ll see a blue progress bar on books you’ve started and a green one on the titles you’ve finished.

The library also allows you to filter and sort your collection by your progress, the date recently added, and recently opened.

It has a highly intuitive interface that allows users to navigate it easily. The Blinkist library content provides an organized view of sections, making it a breeze to jump to the key ideas from each book.


Blinkist has one of the most extensive and organized libraries. If you prioritize accessing thousands of titles, this app is for you.

User Friendliness

Blinkist features a user-friendly interface where everything is easy to find and navigate. You can read summaries, look for a particular book, and access the key lessons with a few taps.

The home screen gives a quick snapshot of what’s trending and what’s in your library.

Additionally, its clear categorization of books and efficient search functionality simplifies finding specific titles or exploring topics of interest.

The app provides straightforward functions to switch between reading and listening modes or text and audio format options, enhancing user convenience.

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Blinkist’s interface is intuitive, organized, and just plain user-friendly. I like that you can jump into reading summaries even as a new user.

Book Summaries

Blinkist app, as a book summary service, offers book and audio summaries that provide a convenient and efficient way to absorb a book’s important insights.

The app summarizes the main ideas, takeaways, and arguments presented in the original book. You can quickly grasp and apply the core concepts to your lives or work.

The written format makes highlighting important points easy and referring to them later for quick reference or deeper reflection.

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The Blinkist app also offers an audio version, which is particularly beneficial for those who prefer to learn through listening or want to engage with the material while on the go.

The narrators are skilled and engaging, delivering a whole summary with clarity and enthusiasm.

Whether you’re commuting, exercising, or doing household chores, the audio summaries make it easier to continue learning and expanding your knowledge.


Are you a visual learner or an auditory learner? Blinkist can ensure you learn in whichever way you absorb information best.


Shortcasts is a unique feature you won’t find in most book summary apps. It delivers bite-sized audio content, which is essentially Blinkist podcast summaries.

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What differentiates it from any other book summary service is that Blinkist works directly with podcast creators. They collaborate with these insight partners to provide brief, focused episodes.

Shortcasts offer a convenient way to learn on the go, allowing users to dive into specific topics quickly. You can explore various subjects, including personal development, productivity, science, and more.


Shortcasts offer more than the average podcast summaries. The key difference is they remain true to the podcaster’s voice, style, and ideas. It’s as if the same person made the summaries.

Blinkist for Business

Blinkist for Business is a valuable tool for companies, offering access to a vast library of business books to foster a culture of continuous learning.

With a user-friendly book summary service interface, employees can engage with content easily during their daily routines. The platform provides analytics for insights into learning interests and impact.

Flexible monthly pricing and dedicated Blinkist support cater to companies of all sizes, driving employee engagement and professional development.

Blinkist for Business empowers organizations to create a learning-focused culture for enhanced productivity and success.

Moreover, Blinkist supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base. Companies can ensure every employee can use the app for professional development.

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Organizations can use Blinkist to upskill their team. Employees don’t have to sit through mandated classes; they can learn on their terms.

Blinkist Review: Blinkist Subscription Plans

Blinkist has a completely free version and a paid Blinkist subscription plan.

Let’s see the differences between Blinkist Basic vs. Premium.

Blinkist Basic

The Blinkist app is free to download and install. However, a free account only gives you access to one summary daily, and you can’t choose.

You can get key ideas from the free Blink of the Day with a free membership. It changes every 24 hours, and you can’t save it for later use.

The free plan is always here to stay; you don’t have to sign up. Check the Blinkist website for the daily pick.

You can sign up for the seven-day free trial if you want to read more free summaries. It gives you access to all the features of the app,

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Here’s the drawback: the free Blinkist trial is only available for the yearly subscription. So, if you’re considering the monthly plan, you won’t be able to take advantage of the trial.


The free plan is too limited, although it can be a great way to introduce book summaries to those who have never tried them.

The free trial allows users to see if Blinkist’s premium account can serve their needs. However, Blinkist will automatically bill you for the full annual subscription cost if you don’t cancel your trial before it ends.

Blinkist Premium Plan

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The Premium plan comes in two paid subscription models: monthly subscription and annual subscription. 

The annual subscription is more cost-effective, coming out to half the cost of the monthly plan. However, Blinkist bills you for the full year.

With a Blinkist Premium subscription, you get unlimited access to an entire library of over 5,500 Blinkist titles.

You can also make Blinkist work offline, providing access to your library without internet access. Simply download titles to your library while you have an internet connection.

Blinkist Premium also includes the following features.

  • Send summaries to your Kindle for offline viewing.

  • Get priority support from the Blinkist team.

  • Sync your highlights to Evernote.


Considering the convenience and the wealth of knowledge you can access, I think the Blinkist cost is justified.

It’s a cost-effective way to learn and stay informed with unlimited access to the Blinkist app without buying and reading full-length books. With the Blinkist price, you can save time by getting the key insights in a condensed format.

Blinkist Review: My Results on Using Blinkist

Blinkist has been a game-changer in my own life. The book summaries have allowed me to absorb valuable knowledge quickly. It’s like having a library of wisdom right at my fingertips.

One thing I’ve noticed is how much more I’ve been able to learn and explore different topics. With Blinkist, I can dive into books on personal development, business strategies, and even science, all in just a few minutes. It’s perfect for my busy lifestyle.

My Results on Using Blinkist

I especially like the audio feature. I can listen to summaries while driving, working out, or doing chores around the house. It’s such a convenient way to learn on the go.

Overall, Blinkist has transformed the way I consume knowledge. It’s efficient, engaging, and has opened up a world of learning possibilities. I’m excited to continue using it and discovering more insights.

Blinkist Reviews From Users

Blinkist Reviews From Users

Is Blinkist worth it? Read these reviews to find out.

“Here’s a Blinkist app review: with this app, I get the main ideas from many books faster than reading/listening to the full book. I like that I can read &/or listen to the Blinks. There is other helpful content from professionals in various fields too. From a technical perspective, I have had issues with casting from my Android phone to my Google Assistant. The Blinks start off playing well, but then they randomly stop casting and return to playing on my phone.”


“The app is great. I think the “free blink of the day” is unique for those that are willing to learn something new on a car ride home, but I don’t think the subscription price is worth it for me. I wish there were a “free” filter so I can listen to blinks that don’t require a subscription. There are not many. I found like two without spending too much time digging.”


“Overall, I think this app is great. Most of the book summaries are well done, and the books are effective. I did not subscribe because there isn’t an option to pay monthly at the advertised promotional rate. The available monthly payment option is double the price and not worth the limited selection of books, in my opinion. Give me the promotional rate with a monthly payment option, and I will subscribe immediately.”


Is Blinkist Right for You?

I’ve covered all the different features and functions of Blinkist, weighing up the pros and cons and giving my honest review along the way. Let’s talk about you.

As with any tool, Blinkist isn’t the right choice for everyone. However, I think it’s best for these types of people.

1 – Busy Professionals

 Busy Professionals

Blinkist is ideal for busy professionals, condensing key insights from top nonfiction books into 15-minute summaries.

You can enjoy continual learning without the time commitment of reading an actual book. The summaries provide flexibility, enabling learning during commutes or short breaks.

Personalized recommendations save time by curating content based on user interests, ensuring relevance for professional growth.

Blinkist’s integration with Kindle and offline access further enhances convenience, allowing for comfortable reading in downtime and uninterrupted learning without internet access.

Essentially, Blinkist offers a time-efficient solution for professionals juggling work and personal development.

2 – Life-Long Learners

 Life-Long Learners

Blinkist is an excellent tool for lifelong learners. Its wide subject coverage fosters an expansive learning environment.

Blinkist’s convenience and flexibility allow learners to integrate knowledge acquisition into their daily routines seamlessly. The audio feature provides an alternate mode of learning suited for auditory learners or multitaskers.

Additionally, Blinkist guides users in deciding which books are worth further exploration, ensuring effective use of time and resources. Overall, Blinkist offers a feasible, enjoyable, and enriching learning journey.

3 – Companies Seeking Employee Development

Companies Seeking Employee Development

Blinkist is a highly beneficial tool for companies focusing on employee development.

Employees can consume its bite-sized summaries quickly, allowing continuous learning without disrupting work productivity. Its diverse topics cover relevant areas like business strategies, leadership, personal development, and more.

The audio feature allows for multitasking, integrating learning into daily routines. Companies can also gain insights into employees’ learning interests through usage tracking and supplement in-house training using Blinkist summaries.

By offering Blinkist, companies demonstrate a commitment to employee development, enhancing job satisfaction and talent retention.

Blinkist Alternatives

Blinkist Alternatives

Other book summary services compete with Blinkist. These Blinkist competitors include Headway, Audible, getAbstract, InstaRead, 12min, Booknotes, and Quick Book Summary.

Let’s quickly look at how Blinkist fares to four of its competitors.

Blinkist vs. Headway

Blinkist and Headway are popular book summary services offering condensed versions of nonfiction books in text and audio formats.

While Blinkist has a more extensive library with over 5,500 titles, Headway focuses on providing insights and actionable ideas from books, making it ideal for users seeking practical knowledge.

Both services cater to busy professionals and readers looking to absorb new information quickly. The main differences lie in the size of their libraries and the specific approaches to summarizing content.

Blinkist vs. Audible

Blinkist provides concise summaries of nonfiction books in text and audio formats.

In contrast, Audible is an audiobook platform offering a vast library of full-length audiobooks, including fiction and nonfiction titles, podcasts, radio shows, and other audio content.

While Blinkist is ideal for busy professionals seeking quick knowledge, Audible caters to those who prefer listening to complete books or exploring diverse audio content in their leisure time.

Blinkist vs. getAbstract

Blinkist and getAbstract provide a platform for digesting the important insights from nonfiction titles, but they cater to slightly different audiences and needs.

While Blinkist focuses on providing 15-minute summaries, getAbstract offers abstracts in varying lengths, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. This allows users to choose the depth of content they prefer.

Blinkist covers a broad range of categories. getAbstract focuses more on business and professional development topics, making it particularly suited to corporate use.

Blinkist vs. Quiddity

Blinkist and Quiddity condense books into short, digestible summaries.

However, Quiddity offers an additional feature: an interactive community where users can discuss the books they’ve read.

This fosters a sense of community engagement and enriches the learning experience with diverse perspectives. Blinkist, however, has a more extensive library and covers a broader range of topics.

While Quiddity’s interactive nature may appeal to those seeking a more social learning environment, Blinkist’s wider selection may appeal to those seeking a wider variety of subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Blinkist Free?

Blinkist provides a seven-day free trial for new users to explore its features. Blinkist also has a free Blink of the Day for non-members.

How Much Does Blinkist Cost?

Blinkist has a free Blink of the Day, which changes every 24 hours. How much is Blinkist if you want full access to its features?

Blinkist costs $14.99 monthly or $89.99 yearly, which breaks down to $7.49 per month. The premium plan provides access to new titles, written and audio summaries on multiple books, and more.

Is Blinkist Better Than Reading?

While useful for busy people, it shouldn’t replace reading full books, as it lacks depth and context.

Can You Read the Full Book on Blinkist?

No. Blinkist offers book summaries for quick understanding and decision-making. To read entire books, you’ll need to purchase or borrow them elsewhere.

What Are the Best Books on Blinkist?

Here’s the top 10 Blinkist book list on their site.

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear

  2. 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin

  3. Get Smart! by Brian Tracy

  4. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

  5. The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

  6. Think Again by Adam Grant

  7. Mindsight by Daniel Siegel

  8. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

  9. The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

  10. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The Bottom Line

I hope this Blinkist Review 2023 has provided an in-depth analysis of the platform’s key features and cost, highlighting its key features, value proposition, and usability.

As a tool for time-strapped individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and stay informed on various nonfiction topics, Blinkist offers a compelling solution.

If quick access to insights from a diverse range of nonfiction books aligns with your learning goals, Blinkist might be the perfect addition to your reading arsenal.

Is Blinkist worth it?

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Feel free to sign up for the free trial to get the full experience.

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