How Do I Know If I Have Amazon Prime? A Complete Guide

how do i know if i have amazon prime

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If you’re a regular Amazon user, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How do I know if I have Amazon Prime?”

Don’t worry because I can help you.

I wrote this guide explaining how to check if you have Prime on Amazon. I’ll also discuss the benefits of being a Prime member and answer many questions regarding Amazon Prime memberships.

Let’s begin.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

how do i know if i have amazon prime

1. Fast Delivery and Shipping

Aside from fast delivery and shipping, you can also enjoy these benefits:

Note: Free shipping benefits don’t require a minimum purchase for eligible items.

With an Amazon Prime membership, you can enjoy free shipping and free release-date delivery.

2. Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Prime members get access to deals and discounts, including 5% cash back on purchases at Whole Foods, credit card incentives, free grocery pickup orders over $35, and much more.

3. Access to Streaming and Entertainment Services

Ever asked yourself, “How do I know if I have Amazon Prime Video?”

Amazon Prime members can access Prime Video streaming service for unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes as part of their membership.

In addition, you can access these streaming and entertainment services if you have Prime Membership.

  • Amazon Channels
  • Prime Reading
  • Prime Gaming
  • Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Prime Music

Other benefits include unlimited photo storage, 5 GB of video storage, and the Prime Early Access sale.

How Do I know if I have Amazon Prime?

Here’s how to check if you have Amazon Prime.

Log in to Amazon first to check your Amazon Prime subscription

Here’s what you need to do next.

  1. Click Account on the dropdown menu when you hover over Account & Lists.
click account

2. Click the Prime button to manage your membership, view the benefits, and see your payment settings.

click the prime button

3. Once you click the Prime button, you can see whether you have an active or inactive Amazon Prime membership.

If your Prime membership is inactive, Amazon writes a note under the payment history section advising you to reactivate your account. Occasionally, you’ll ale a special offer encouraging you to sign up.

3 9

If you have an ongoing subscription, you’ll see your membership information on the page, including payment method information, payment history, and the membership’s start and due dates.

Can I Sign Up for Amazon Prime Free Trial?

You can only sign up for a free 30-day trial if you have not been an Amazon Prime member in the past 12 months.

With Amazon Prime’s free trial, you can enjoy all the same benefits as paid members. 

Remember, Amazon will automatically upgrade you to a paid membership plan at the end of the trial period if you don’t cancel.

How Do I Cancel My Amazon Prime Account?

If you’ve gone to the Prime membership page and saw an active subscription you want to cancel, follow this easy three-step guide.

  1. Go to your Amazon account and click Account.
  2. Click the Prime button (or select manage Prime membership).
  3. If you want to cancel your free trial or an ongoing membership, click Do not upgrade, Do not auto-renew, or Cancel membership.

How Do I Sign Up for Prime Membership?

If you’ve gone to the Prime membership page and discovered that you don’t have an active Amazon Prime subscription but want one, follow one of these steps.

  • You can sign up for a brand new Amazon Prime free trial.
  • If you already signed up for a free trial, let the 30 days pass, and Amazon will automatically upgrade you to a paid membership.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account, and hover over Account & Lists. Click the Prime button. You can manage your Prime membership from this page.

How Do I Know if I Have Amazon Prime Student?

Did you know that if you’re a student with an Amazon account and a valid email address from your school, your Prime membership costs $50% less than a typical subscription? In short, it only costs $69 yearly or $7.49 monthly.

Moreover, students enjoy a free six-month trial. Learn more about the Amazon Prime Student Discount.

prime student

How Does an Amazon Mom Membership Work?

Moms of newborns and toddlers can enjoy up to 20% discount on various baby-related items, including diapers, wipes, and toys, thanks to this membership program called Amazon Mom.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive all Mom benefits for free if you sign up for Amazon Mom.

But if you cancel your Prime membership, you’ll no longer receive Amazon Mom discounts on Subscribe & Save items, although you can still access some deals and discounts under the Amazon Mom membership.

What Are the Cons of Amazon Prime Membership?

As with any paid subscription service, Amazon Prime has some downsides. So the crucial thing is to determine whether the perks and deals are enough to justify the price tag.

These are some of the cons of Amazon Prime.

  • If you’re not a frequent Amazon user, paying the $139 annual fee may not be worth it.
  • You must buy things from Amazon to take advantage of free shipping, fast delivery, and other perks.
  • Once you sign up for the service, you must pay monthly. And if you try its free trial and forget to cancel it before the due date, Amazon automatically upgrades you to a paid membership.
  • Amazon’s products and items from well-known brands often outcompete small brands and local companies.

How Can I Keep Track of My Subscriptions?

If you have a long list of paid subscriptions, it can be hard to keep track of them. As a result, you may end up paying for services you don’t or rarely use, which means money down the drain.

To help you save money and stay on top of things, here are a few tips you can do to track your subscription services.

Set up a Subscription Tracker.

Create a simple spreadsheet to track your subscription service, cost, starting date, and payment due date.

Keep Your Payment Information in One Place.

Whether you like using Google Pay, PayPal, or other online payment services, keep all your payment details in one place.

Use Subscription Management Services.

Some paid services like Truebill and Trim help you save money on your monthly bills by allowing you to find and cancel subscriptions you rarely or no longer use.

Set Up Reminders.

You can set up a reminder on your to-do list app or calendar to ensure that you never miss a payment and keep your list of subscription services up-to-date.

FAQs About the Amazon Prime Subscription


Can I Sign Up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial?

Yes. However, you can only sign up for one free trial every 12 months.

Can I Sign Up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

The Amazon Prime membership fee costs $14.99 monthly or $139 annually. If you’re only interested in an Amazon Prime Video membership, it costs $8.99 monthly.

What are the Prime Benefits I Can Enjoy If I Subscribe to this Service?

Most people think that Prime benefits are limited to free shipping, fast delivery, and access to the extensive selection in the Prime Video library. So it may come as a surprise that this subscription services also offer these perks:

  • Prime Gaming
  • Amazon Fresh discount
  • Prime Shopping deals
  • Unlimited Amazon Photos storage
  • Amazon Music for Prime members
  • Amazon Pharmacy deals and discounts
  • Prime Reading

Is Kindle Unlimited Part of Prime Benefits?

No. Contrary to popular belief, being a Prime member does not mean access to Kindle Unlimited but only to Prime Reading, which has a somewhat limited selection.

By contrast, Kindle Unlimited is a separate subscription service that offers access to a more extensive digital library of ebooks, audiobooks, and much more.

Did you know you could buy Kindle books on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

Is Kindle Unlimited Part of Prime Benefits

Do I Need Amazon Prime Membership to Access Prime Video?

You don’t need an Amazon Prime membership or a Prime Video subscription to purchase and rent titles from the Prime Video catalog.

When you buy or rent a title from the Prime Video Store, Amazon automatically charges you through the 1-click payment method. So once the purchase is successful, you can view it in Purchases & Rentals.

What Are the Alternatives to Amazon Prime?

If you’re unsure if Amazon Prime is right for you, consider these other subscription services offering similar (or even) better perks and deals.

  • Costco membership gives you free two-day shipping on eligible items, exclusive access to deals and discounts, and much more.
  • Target RedCard gives deals and benefits similar to Costco membership.
  • Walmart membership gives you free two-day shipping on eligible products and access to various deals and discounts.
  • Sam’s Club membership gives out discounted shipments and deliveries, access to deals, special discounts, and other promos.  

How Do You Get a Free Amazon Prime Membership?

There are four ways you can enjoy Amazon Prime benefits for free. 

  1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial. You can only do this if you haven’t been a member in the last 12 months. 
  2. Sign up for a free Prime Student six-month trial if you’re eligible. 
  3. Borrow a family member’s Amazon Prime account. With Amazon Household, you can enjoy the Prime membership access your parent, spouse, or sibling already pays for at no additional cost.
  4. Apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, which gives new cardholders $100 worth of gift cards.    

What Is Amazon Household?

Thanks to Amazon Household, multiple users with separate Amazon accounts can share their Prime benefits at no additional cost. Additionally, this family-friendly feature allows adults to manage the profiles of teens and children.

Is Prime Video Free with Amazon Prime Membership?

Yes. If you sign up for Amazon prime, you’ll have access to Prime Video service, allowing you to watch hundreds of movies and TV shows on your favorite devices. 

Is Prime Video Better Than Netflix?

If you’re already getting value from your Amazon Prime subscription, then Prime Video is better than Netflix in terms of price and features. And even if you’re not a Prime member, it may still be worth getting this service if you enjoy original content and older movies. 

However, the decision still depends on your preferred movies and TV shows.

The Bottom Line

While Amazon Prime is an excellent subscription service for consumers who frequently use Amazon, it is not suitable for everyone.

That’s why you should always review your membership status, manage Prime membership and ask yourself if the perks and deals justify the annual fee.

If you’re interested in other Amazon services, you should learn more about Audible and how it works.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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