Walmart Key Copy Services: Everything You Need To Know

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Your local Walmart likely has everything from groceries to money-sending services.

The question is: Does Walmart make keys? Yes, and I’m here to discuss it.

I wrote this guide to explain everything about Walmart key copy services.

Let’s start.

Does Walmart Make Keys?

Yes. Walmart stores have Minute Key kiosks that can make keys. These kiosks are like vending machines where you can insert a key for duplication.

The machine takes the original key, copies it, traces it onto the new metal for your key, and gives you the key copy.

The minute key kiosk uses the vending machine-like solution to give self-service key copying abilities to Walmart goers.

If you’re struggling to make a new key copy, ask Walmart staff for assistance before duplicating your key.

Note: The Minute Key kiosk isn’t available at all Walmart locations. Some locations may offer key copying services depending on the machine’s condition.

Walmart Key Types and Design Choices

The Minute Key kiosk also has options for choosing the type of key you want to make. You can choose from various key designs and types (ex., car keys, house keys, etc.)

walmart key copy

How Long Does It Take to Copy a Key at Walmart?

The Minute Key kiosk provides key copying services in a few minutes.

Your original key must be clean and recognizable to ensure quicker key copying. The machine will struggle to identify if it’s damaged beyond recognizability.

Here’s how to ensure the key machines work as quickly as possible.

  • You have clean, recognizable keys.

  • You choose a key design promptly.

  • You know which accessories you need before visiting a kiosk.

Does Walmart Make Car Keys?

Yes. Car keys are one of the most common keys shoppers copy at Walmart.

If you want to copy the transponder keys, they might not work with your vehicle immediately. You must still program your transponder keys for them to work.

Note: You cannot ask Walmart for a replacement if you lost your car key. You must still contact your dealer, car brand, or company to ask for a replacement car key.

Does Walmart Make House Keys?

Yes. You can duplicate your house keys at Walmart.

Duplicating house keys at Walmart should only take about two minutes.

Does Walmart Make Duplicate Keys for the Office?

Yes. Walmart lets you copy office keys through its Minute Key kiosks.

Home and office keys are mostly identical, meaning you can choose similar materials.

Does Walmart Make Keys for Garages?

Yes. Walmart can make manual garage copy keys, including padlock keys.

If your garage uses a key fob, you can’t duplicate your key at Walmart. The MinuteKey kiosks can only copy the physical key, not fob technology.

What Are the Other Services of Walmart’s Minute Key Kiosks?

Walmart’s key copying machine is limited to duplicating your keys. It only allows you to choose from its different key designs and types.

Here are the main brands and styles that Walmart accepts.

  • Kwikset

  • KW1 and KW10 Schlage

  • SC1 Weiser

  • WR3 and WR5 (depending on the location)

  • Baldwin

  • Titan

  • Clones of the above (for some machines).

These key types are uniform across different machines.

How To Duplicate Your Keys at Walmart

Here’s how to duplicate your keys at Walmart through the Minute Key machine.

1 – Press the Get Start button.

2 – Specify if you want to duplicate Home, Office, Car, or other keys.

3 – Insert the key you want to copy face up. The part of the key with a design must be facing upward, while the flat side is facing downward.

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4 – Choose from the different key designs.

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5 – You can create multiple copies by pressing + repeatedly. You can also choose multiple designs for your key.

6 – Press Make My Keys.

7 – Choose your payment method.

8 – Wait for the machine to finish cutting your key.

9 – Get your key copies from the slot and remove your original key.

Note: Minute Key occasionally offers promos that give you an extra key if you reach a certain number of keys or designs. You’ll get a notification before checking out if a promo is available.

Does Walmart Program Key Fobs?

No. The self-service slot of Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosks can’t handle any key fob-related copies.

You need to go directly to your key fobs manufacturer, retailer, or brand to ask for a replacement.

Does Minute Key Offer Any Key Fob Solutions?

Does Minute Key Offer Any Key Fob Solutions?

Yes. Walmart has InstaFob, a service that allows you to copy your key fob.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Go to the nearest InstaFob location.

  2. Choose the type of keychain fob or sticker you want.

  3. Ask for assistance from a store associate to make the fob.

  4. Get the new duplicate of your fob.

Walmart Minute Key Kiosk Restrictions

Here are some limitations of the Minute Key kiosk.

  • Not every location has Walmart’s Minute Key kiosks.

  • Despite its user-friendly touch screen and laser imaging system, the machine can only cut keys it can identify.

  • Making keys is more difficult if your key is moldy or has a complex design. A MinuteKey kiosk can only make standard keys comparable to a locksmith’s copy with the help of robotic technology.

  • The key-making machine (Walmart) won’t copy keys with distinct “Do Not Copy” or “Do Not Duplicate” labels.

  • Minute Key Kiosks are in-store self-service only, with no option for Walmart employees to control the machine remotely.

    However, you can still ask an employee for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Minute Key kiosk.

How Much Does It Cost To Copy a Key at Walmart?

How much is it to get a key made at Walmart? It depends.

The amount Walmart charges for a brand-new key copy depends on your design and key type.

Minute Key cost: This Walmart key maker charges $2 to $6 per key duplicated.

Note: The Walmart key copy price varies by location. Some Walmart stores could charge more for duplicating keys.

Consider the key price, the price of accessories, and how much it takes to go to a physical Walmart store (gas prices) before visiting a Minute Key kiosk.

How Much Is Minute Key Online?

Walmart key cutting isn’t available online.

You can only get this service at Walmart Key kiosks.

Duplicating Keys: Walmart (Payment Method)

The machine lets you pay with your credit or debit card or cash.

When paying with cash, you must insert the exact amount because the machine at the Walmart key kiosk cannot dispense change.

It’s better to pay with your card to avoid issues.

Walmart key copy prices vary according to the design and key type, so always check the price tag proceeding.

You can make multiple key copies simultaneously by selecting the “+” option when choosing the type of keys you want.

What Are Walmart Stores’ Policies on Duplicate Keys Not Working?

Walmart says it offers a full refund within 30 days if your purchased key isn’t cut properly or doesn’t work, provided you show proof of the key not working.

To request a refund, MinuteKey requires users to fill up a form with their name, email, topic, and message. Provide details of how the key didn’t work or another reason for requesting a refund.

MinuteKey also has a toll-free number for concerns and complaints at (800) 539-7571.

Does Minute Key Plant Trees?

Does Minute Key Plant Trees?

Minute Key prides itself on being a sustainable solution to copying keys, saying it helps social causes like the National Forest Foundation and American Nurses Association.

The service specifies that it eliminated 85% of issues remotely and saved 7 million miles and 390,000 gallons of gas in 2022.

Minute Key also partnered with the National Forest Foundation and created this program: for every two National Forest Foundation keys people buy, Minute Key plants a tree with the foundation.

According to Minute Key, it has planted over a million trees in national forests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Duplicate a Key at Walmart?

Go to Walmart and find the Minute Key machine. Bring your original key and ensure it’s clean and recognizable.

Specify how many copies you want, wait for the machine to duplicate your key, get your new key (or keys), and remove your original key from the machine.

Can You Copy a Duplicate Key (an Already Copied Key)?

Yes. You can copy a duplicate key if you lost the original key. To make multiple keys, press + button when choosing a design to make multiple copies of one key.

Why Is Duplicating Keys Affordable?

The Walmart self-service key duplicating machine is affordable because it doesn’t need manual intervention and duplicates keys autonomously via robotic technology.

The Bottom Line

I hope reading my guide made it easier for you to understand Walmart’s key cop service, costs, and how it works.

Don’t hesitate to drop by the nearest Walmart if you need key copies, provided the location has a working Minute Key kiosk.

If you’re a regular Walmart shopper, consider signing up for Walmart Plus to get benefits like free deliveries, gas discounts, and early access to the best deals.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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