What’s the Cheapest Way To Ship a Package?

cheapest way to ship a package

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Looking for the cheapest way to ship a package? You’ve come to the right place.

The cheapest way to ship packages is usually by using the United States Postal Service (USPS).

However, the cost will vary depending on the package’s weight, size, destination, and service type.

Carefully study your needs before deciding which cheap shipping options are best, but don’t worry.

What’s the cheapest way to mail a package? What are the cheapest shipping services available? What is the cheapest shipping method when shipping large or oversized packages internationally?

I’ll answer these questions, share the cheapest shipping rates, and teach you how to get the cheapest shipping rates.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Cheapest Way To Send a Package Internationally?

What’s the cheapest way to ship package? USPS.

What is the cheapest international shipping option? International shipment prices differ depending on the destination.

What is the cheapest shipping method for offshore sending?

Here are the best ways to ship packages internationally.

USPS Priority Mail

cheapest shipping options

USPS is one of the best ways to ship large boxes and packages if you’re trying to save on shipping services.

One of the cheapest shipping company options for international and shipping lightweight packages is USPS Priority Mail, different from USPS First Class

Prices begin at $40.45 for a one-pound package or $30.70 for small USPS flat-rate boxes of up to four pounds.

UPS Worldwide Saver

cheapest shipping rates

Another option is UPS Worldwide Saver, which offers some of the best shipping prices for fast international shipping. The company offers next-day delivery of a one-pound package starting at $75.39.

FedEx International Ground

FedEx International Ground

If you want something cheaper, look for the cheapest ground shipping. Consider FedEx International Ground, which starts at $22.61 for a one-pound package.

However, ground shipping delivery times can be longer than other options.

Pricing can vary dramatically depending on the destination.

For example, Canada tends to be an affordable destination, while some countries may have significantly higher shipping costs.

Conduct research on these items according to the weight of your delivery package, the timeline of the delivery, and other factors.

Compare pricing across multiple shipping carriers and destinations to find the most cost-effective option.

When it comes to international shipping, finding affordable options is crucial.

Here are some of the other cheapest ways to ship internationally.

  • For parcels under 16 oz, USPS First Class Mail® is a reliable and cost-effective option.

  • If you’re shipping larger parcels, consider using USPS Parcel Select® Ground, which can take two to eight days and offers affordable rates for larger packages.

  • For approved materials, USPS Media Mail® is often the cheapest option available.

  • If you’re looking for good ground shipping options, consider services like UPS® Ground, USPS Priority Mail®, and FedEx Ground®.

Remember that international shipment pricing can vary dramatically depending on the destination, weight, dimensions, and service users.

What’s the Cheapest Shipping Method Based on Delivery Time?

What's the Cheapest Shipping Method Based on Delivery Time?

What’s the cheapest way to mail a package if you’re in a hurry? Here are some of the best ways to quickly ship large packages or small boxes without breaking the bank.

Cheapest Two-day Shipping

What’s the cheapest way to mail a package for two-day timelines?

Two-day shipping options have become increasingly popular since many consumers prioritize delivery speed.

Here are several excellent services.

  • ShipStation offers discounts of up to 73% off UPS 2nd Day Air® service and USPS Priority Mail Express rates 17% lower than post office rates when you open a UPS account with the company.

Cheapest Two-Day Shipping
  • FedEx 2Day® is another reliable 2-day shipping option.

Cheapest Overnight Shipping

What is the cheapest shipping method for overnight shipping?

Overnight shipping is a premium service, but there are ways to save on costs. Here are some affordable shipping options to consider.

  • When you ship with UPS on ShipStation, you can access discounts on UPS Next Day Air® services.

  • FedEx Standard Overnight® is another reliable option for next-day delivery.

  • For even more premium overnight options, look for AM services.

ShipStation offers these AM services for overnight delivery.

  • UPS Next Day Air® Early

  • UPS Next Day Air®

  • FedEx First Overnight®

  • FedEx Priority Overnight®

Overnight shipping services can be expensive, so comparing pricing across multiple carriers and services to find the most cost-effective option is essential.

What’s the Cheapest Shipping Insurance?

What's the Cheapest Shipping Insurance

I recommend getting shipping insurance for high-value items to protect against loss, damage, or theft during transit.

FedEx and USPS are two companies that provide excellent shipping insurance for reasonable prices.

Here are FedEx’s Domestic and International charges.

  • $0.59 for up to $100 Insurance

  • $1.18 for $100.01 to $200 of coverage

  • $1.77 for $200.01 to $300 of coverage

  • $2.36 for $300.01 to $400 of coverage

  • $2.95 for $400.01 TO $500 of coverage

  • $0.59 per $100 of coverage between $500.01 to $2,000

USPS has different rates for domestic and international shipping. Here are the company’s domestic insurance rates.

  • $0.77 for up to $100 of coverage

  • $1.54 for $100.01 to $200 of coverage

  • $2.31 for $200.01 to $300 of coverage

  • $3.08 for $300.01 to $400 of coverage

  • $3.85 for $400.01 to $500 of coverage

  • $0.77 per $100 of coverage between $500.01 to $2,000

Here are USPS’ international shipping insurance charges.

  • $1.28 for up to $100 of coverage

  • $2.56 for $100.01 to $200 of coverage

  • $3.84 for $200.01 to $300 of coverage

  • $5.12 for $300.01 to $400 of coverage

  • $6.40 for $400.01 to $500 of coverage 

  • $1.28 per $100 for amounts ranging from $500.01 to $2,000

Using a third-party insurance provider like Shipsurance can allow you to save on shipping insurance costs.

When adding insurance to a shipment, carriers typically charge between $0.75 to 0.85 per $100 insured value, with a minimum cost of approximately $2.50.

Shipsurance charges only $0.55 per $100 insured value, with no minimum cost. By using Shipsurance, you can potentially save big on shipping insurance costs.

Applying Shipsurance to a shipment and filing a claim is simple and streamlined through ShipStation.

Tips To Find the Cheapest Way To Ship a Package

Tips to Find the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package

Follow these best practices when looking for the cheapest shipping carriers.

Consider Your Package’s Size.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship a large package, remember that the price will still be relatively high.

Weight also plays a factor, and oversized packages cost more than light ones.

Use the Right-sized Packaging.

Finding the cheapest shipping carrier isn’t enough. You must determine the best-sized packaging.

Packaging that’s too big adds unnecessary weight to your package, increasing shipping costs.

Choose packaging that fits your item well to reduce your package’s overall size and weight.

Be Economical.

Packaging materials play a significant role in determining your overall shipping costs. For instance, cardboard is a heavy packaging material that can add to the weight of your package.

Choose lightweight materials like poly mailers, air pillows, packing paper, bubble wrap, foam inserts, Versa Pak wadding rolls, and Excelsior. Doing so will reduce the overall weight of your package.

Use Flat-rate Shipping When Possible.

Flat-rate shipping provides excellent value for money if you’re trying to maintain steady shipping costs, especially for domestic delivery.

Flat-rate shipping lets you predict prices more accurately since the cost is the same regardless of your parcel’s dimensions or weight.

Offer Local Delivery and Pick-up.

The cheapest delivery option is local delivery or pick-up.

For small businesses, local delivery service is an excellent way to connect with nearby customers, drive sales, and provide a great customer experience.

Work with shipping companies offering local delivery or pick-up to save on shipping costs, especially when looking for the cheapest way to ship a small package.

Get Shipping Discounts.

Various shipping companies offer discounts on their shipping service. If you ship a high volume of packages, consider negotiating with carriers for discounted rates.

You can often negotiate discounts based on your shipping volume, so it’s worth exploring this option if you ship a significant number of packages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Process of Shipping a Package?

Here’s how the process of shipping a package works.

  1. Package your item.

    Properly package the item to ensure it arrives safely.

    It’s crucial to choose the right type of packaging material.

    Determine if you need a box, padded envelope, or something else completely. Use protective materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

  2. Weigh the package.

    Weigh your package to determine the shipping cost.

    Normally, you can weigh your parcel at the office or shipping center. To be more proactive about determining costs, check the weight with a scale at home.

  3. Select a carrier and service.

    You must select a carrier and shipping service.

    I’ve provided several excellent options for your package’s dimensional weight, size, destination, and shipping speed.

  4. Print shipping labels.

    You can use an online shipping platform or print labels at a post office or shipping center.

  5. Drop off the package.

    Drop off the package at a post office, shipping center, or carrier drop-off location. Some carriers also offer pick-up services.

  6. Track your package.

    Consistently track your package until it arrives at the destination. Many carrier companies have a tracking system that lets you see where your package is and when your recipient will get it.

    Check your carriers’ website or mobile app for this feature.

How Can I Save on Shipping Costs?

How Can I Save on Shipping Costs?

Use a shipping platform if you want the cheapest way to ship a box. Shipping platforms like ShipStation can help you access discounted shipping rates from major carriers.

These platforms negotiate discounted rates on behalf of their users, saving you money on shipping without negotiating.

Choosing the right packaging can help you save on shipping costs. Use lightweight materials like poly mailers or packing paper instead of heavy cardboard to reduce the weight of your package.

The cheapest delivery option is local delivery or pick-up, so explore these options.

Carriers often run promotions with free shipping supplies and discounted shipping rates. Check the carrier’s website or sign up for their email list to stay informed about these promotions.

However, price shouldn’t be the top priority when looking for a shipping provider. You also want to look for one that’s reliable and efficient.

Look for an excellent service provider that delivers on time and keeps your package damage-free. Pick a provider that lets you track your parcel via a delivery code or tracking number.

Should the Buyer or Seller Carry the Shipping Cost?

This decision ultimately depends on the terms of the transaction and any agreements between the parties.

With ecommerce transactions, the buyer pays for shipping costs.

If you’re using Amazon FBA, the FBA seller often pays for shipping costs. Sometimes, the seller may offer free shipping as an incentive for customers to purchase.

When deciding who should carry the shipping cost, consider factors such as the value of the shipped item, the shipping distance, and the desired delivery speed.

If the item is valuable, the seller should consider shipping insurance to protect against loss or damage during transit.

Being open and transparent about shipping costs and expectations can help ensure a smooth and satisfactory transaction for the buyer and seller.

Is It Cheaper To Ship Through USPS or UPS?

Generally, the most affordable package shipping method is through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

However, costs may vary depending on the package’s weight and dimensions, destination, and service type.

Analyze your requirements before determining which budget-friendly shipping options best suits your needs.

USPS typically provides substantially better prices for small and light packages weighing less than two pounds.

Meanwhile, UPS is often more convenient for shipping large and heavy packages.

How Can I Check the Shipping Costs on Each Option?

Here’s how to check shipping costs on each option.

  1. Go to the website of the retailer or carrier options.

  2. Add the item(s) you wish to purchase to your cart.

  3. Proceed to the checkout page, where you will get a prompt to enter your shipping address.

  4. You’ll see the list of shipping options, the estimated delivery date, and the associated shipping costs for each option.

  5. Review the available shipping options, and choose the best fit for your needs and budget. Document them and compare prices.

  6. If you’re unsure which option to choose, find additional information by clicking on the associated link or contacting the retailer or carrier’s customer service department.

Alternatively, you can check out the shipping calculator (if your desired shipping companies provide them).

Here are some top shipping providers with calculators.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the various shipping options and associated rates helps you make an informed decision and lets you find super-fast low-cost shipping.

Always consider all scenarios and factors when choosing a shipping option. Whether you opt for USPS, FedEx, UPS, or another carrier, compare rates and services to find the best deal for your needs.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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