Amazon Account Suspended: How To Fix the Issue

amazon account suspended

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By becoming an Amazon seller, you automatically gain credibility and trust.

However, you have some responsibilities when selling. You need to adhere to Amazon’s rules to avoid having your Amazon account suspended.

What if my account gets suspended? How do I get my Amazon account reinstated?

The account reinstatement process begins by responding to the suspension email. If you have your Amazon account temporarily suspended, you’ll need to prove why you deserve to continue selling on the platform.

Amazon shoppers also need to follow the platform’s rules and conditions. Some buyers may have their Amazon account suspended due to unusual activity. 

In this article, I’ll explain the most common reasons behind an Amazon suspension, ways to prevent it, and things you can do to reinstate your account.

Let’s dive in.

What Is an Amazon Account Suspension for Sellers?

An Amazon account suspension means the seller no longer has any selling privileges after violating the platform’s policies, terms, or conditions.

During the suspension, you’ll lose potential sales and risk losing customers. You must immediately send an appeal letter with a viable solution and recognition of your errors.

Amazon account suspensions are not always permanent. You still have a chance to appeal by sending a letter to the Amazon seller performance team.

If the team rejects your appeal, you still have a chance to submit a revised plan of action.

In contrast, an account ban is the worst for seller accounts. This ruling means that Amazon has permanently kicked you out of the marketplace with no chance of creating a new account ever again.

Amazon Seller Account Suspended: What Are the Reasons?

When an account is suspended, the reason is most likely due to a policy violation. However, it can also be due to poor seller performance. Here are some of the most common reasons behind account suspensions.

  1. Poor customer experience

  2. Misrepresentation and counterfeit products

  3. Selling policies violations

  4. US and international law violations

Poor Customer Experience

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Amazon believes that every brand and seller on the platform is replaceable. Their priority is the customers and providing them with the best experience possible.

Amazon can suspend their account if the seller doesn’t align with the platform’s values.

A suspended seller account due to a low customer service score has one or more of these issues:

  • Negative feedback of more than 1%

  • Late shipment rate of more than 4%

  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate of more than 2.5%

Misrepresentation and Counterfeit Products

Selling counterfeit products and inauthentic items is a serious offense with equally serious consequences. Sellers could face account suspension and possible inventory disposal in the Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center.

Committing misrepresentation and inauthenticity also gives Amazon the right to withhold your funds.

Amazon Selling Policy Violations

You must read the seller’s code of conduct to avoid violating Amazon selling policies.

For instance, Amazon doesn’t allow selling toys with possible safety issues (like choking hazards due to small pieces). If they allow it, sellers must get Amazon’s permission before listing the products. You should learn more about how to get approval to sell toys on Amazon.

You may also get your Amazon account closed for misuse if you have more than one selling account. New sellers on the platform often commit this mistake. 

Other common violations many sellers commit:

  • Communicating with customers outside of Amazon

  • Asking shoppers to buy directly on their official website

  • Offering steep discounts and free products to stimulate inorganic sales and biased reviews

  • Having misleading or inaccurate product descriptions

  • Selling restricted products

How To Get Amazon Seller Account Reinstated or Unlocked

How To Get Amazon Seller Account Reinstated or Unlocked

If you’re wondering how to unsuspend Amazon account and get your selling privileges again, follow this quick guide below.

  1. Before communicating with Amazon, read the reasons mentioned in the suspension notice email. Resolve outstanding support tickets and other issues that harm your reputation as a seller.

  2. Review your seller account, paying close attention to your customer service support score to determine the root cause of your suspension. You should also review the seller’s code of conduct to ensure you didn’t violate any rule.

  3. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of your errors, you must devise a plan of action. The goal is to create actionable steps to address and prevent these from happening again.

  4. Send your appeal to the Amazon seller performance team and await their response, which usually takes 48 hours.

How To Appeal Your Amazon Account Suspension

You can appeal your suspension in two ways.

  1. Click the link within the suspension email.

  2. Go to your Amazon Seller Central account.

The first method is pretty straightforward. You can respond to the email with the requested information.

If you want to appeal through your Amazon Seller Central account, follow these quick steps.

  1. Navigate to Performance and click Account Health.

  2. Select Reactivate your account at the top of the Account Health page.

  3. Follow the instructions on the page.

  4. Tap Submit to send your plan of action.

With your Amazon seller account terminated or suspended, you have a few days to a few weeks to submit your first appeal.

How Do You Write an Amazon Suspension Appeal Letter?

There’s no set formula for writing your appeal letter, but I’ll give you some tips to convince Amazon. Here are a few recommendations to help you get your account reinstated.

  1. Be specific when explaining your plan of action. For instance, you can share with Amazon the clear steps to prevent late shipments or other recurrent customer complaints in the future.

  2. Admit your mistakes without sounding too emotional. Your goal is to show Amazon that your plans to address your issues are objective, logistical, and actionable.

  3. If you violated Amazon’s policies, own up to your mistakes instead of sounding defensive. Don’t blame buyers, as well. Assure Amazon that you’ll take actionable steps to resolve your errors.

  4. Keep your letter brief and direct to the point. As a guideline, keep each point to 1-2 paragraphs and use bulleted points to highlight important information.

  5. Don’t threaten Amazon with legal actions, a common mistake among suspended sellers. When lawyers get involved, the process becomes longer and more complicated. 

How Long Does Amazon Suspension Last?

How Long Does Amazon Suspension Last?

Suspension can last from one day to forever, depending on the gravity of your violations or errors. It also depends on whether your action plan convinces Amazon that you deserve a second chance. 

In general, the appeal process takes between two and five weeks. If the suspension takes longer than this timeframe, there’s a higher chance that Amazon won’t reinstate it.

Amazon may contact you within a couple of weeks or days, so make sure that you always check your email.

How To Avoid Having a Suspended Amazon Account

Avoiding violations and errors is easier than appealing to reverse the decision. 

Here are some key points to prevent or minimize the risk of losing your Amazon selling privileges. 

1 – Always check performance notifications to resolve buyer complaints immediately, especially involving customer feedback and buyer experience.

Amazon notifies third-party sellers 72 hours before suspension and asks them to submit a plan of action to continue selling on the platform. 

2 – Make sure you understand the Amazon seller’s code of conduct. 

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3 – Do not use multiple accounts. Amazon sellers cannot have more than one account unless they have a valid reason (e.g., they sell two completely different brands).

4 – Your product listings must be accurate and optimized. 

5 – Ensure that your business provides an excellent customer experience, which includes high-quality products, accurate listings, reliable delivery, and correctly packaged items. 

6 – When opening an Amazon seller account, you must send correct and clear documentation with no folds or shadows that may distort the text.

Amazon Account Deactivated vs. Suspended

Amazon Account Deactivated vs. Suspended

Suspended Amazon accounts can’t continue selling on the platform. Sellers also won’t access their funds, although they still have to pay the monthly subscription fee for the professional plan.

With a deactivated account, Amazon removes all the product listings on top of limiting you from selling and withholding your funds.

Amazon Customer Account Suspended

Did you know that you can also have your Amazon Prime suspended and your Amazon buyer account restricted? The reasons for suspension generally fall under these three categories:

  • Credit card issues (e.g., use of hacked or stolen credit cards)

  • Mismatched personal information 

  • Suspicious location or activities 

Amazon blocks some countries like China, Nigeria, and India due to a high fraud rate. Buyers in these countries can’t use gift cards when buying electronic products lest they face account suspension. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can Amazon Suspend Your Account?

Yes. Amazon can suspend buyer and seller accounts due to policy violations, unusual activities, and information. 

With My Amazon Account Restricted, Can I Contact Them By Phone?

No. If your account is suspended or under review, the only way to get in touch with Amazon is to reply to the Amazon account suspended email message. There is no direct contact number you can call.

Can I Open a New Seller Account After Amazon Banned My Account?

No. You cannot open a new seller account if your account has been suspended. It will look more suspicious, and the platform will simply suspend the new account.

You must go through the appeals process to reinstate your Amazon seller account.

What Does Amazon Account Under Review Mean?

If your Amazon s under review, it means the platform has reviewed your performance metrics and decided to put it on hold for further review.

Why Is My Amazon Buyer Account Suspended?

Here are the most common reasons for buyer account restriction.

  • Incomplete or mismatched personal information

  • High credit amounts and unverified gift cards

  • Use of stolen or hacked credit cards

  • Use of cards without your name 

  • Frequent use of different locations and IP addresses to log in 

  • Leaving fake and defamatory reviews 

  • Use of cards linked to a suspended account

What Happens When Amazon Blocks My Buyer Account?

With your Amazon buyer account blocked, you cannot process your affiliate sales and access your balance or credit.

You’ll also lose your selling privileges if your buyer account is linked to a seller account.

Amazon Buyer Account Suspended, How To Get It Back?

Here’s how to reactivate Amazon buyer account.

Reply to the email and explain the issue. If you violated any rules or committed an error, own up to your mistakes and promise to resolve them immediately. 

If you haven’t broken any policies, send them relevant documents to support your claim.

It usually takes about 48 hours to get a response. You’ll receive an email stating submission under review. Amazon will give your account back after a thorough review.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a small online retailer or a top brand, Amazon account suspension can lead to a huge loss of sales. This may amount to hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Respond to the suspension email immediately with a clear plan of action, and rectify any mistakes you may have made.

It’s easier to prevent suspension than have your account reinstated. Prioritize providing an excellent experience, ensuring high product quality, adhering to Amazon’s seller standards, and listing products correctly to avoid suppressed listing.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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