How Long Does DHgate Take To Ship Your Order?

how long does dhgate take to ship

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As an online seller, choosing a wholesale marketplace with a reliable and quick shipment process is important. If you want to use DHgate to source your products, you should know if it serve your needs.

How long does DHgate take to ship your order?

DHgate sellers can take at least a day to process and ship your orders. However, it may take longer in certain cases, such as a high volume of orders.

How long is DHgate shipping time?

DHgate’s minimum shipping time is three days, but it could also go up to 15 days. It depends on the shipping process and the chosen method.

It also depends on multiple factors, such as the following.

  • destination

  • customs requirements

  • shipping methods

I’ll discuss these, the DHgate shipping options, and more.

Learn more about this popular wholesale and dropshipping marketplace below.

Let’s begin.

What Is DHgate?

how long does dhgate take to ship

DHgate is a wholesale marketplace based in China that allows consumers and ecommerce businesses to buy from manufacturers directly. Its business model is similar to Alibaba and AliExpress.

As an online marketplace, DHgate doesn’t sell its own products. It’s simply a platform where wholesalers and manufacturers sell their products to retailers, dropshippers, and end-consumers.

Is DHgate Legit and Safe?

This Chinese wholesale marketplace is a legit and safe platform to purchase goods at low prices. However, you may encounter a few scammers and dishonest sellers since it’s almost impossible to police every product listing.

You must do your due diligence, which includes looking through the sellers’ ratings and reviews before you order.

Read my full DHgate review for a more in-depth look at this platform.

How Does the DHgate Shipping Process Work?

Your DHgate orders undergo this process.

  • Order Processing.
    The seller prepares your order, including picking, packing, and scheduling shipment. The estimated time varies, but regular orders can take only a day. It will also depend on your order’s volume and the item’s stock status.

  • Order Processed.
    Once the seller has processed your order, the package will receive a tracking number.

  • Transportation.
    Next is shipping packages through the seller’s choice of courier. It could be DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Other shipping partners include China Post, Singapore Post, EMS, and more.
    The seller will provide you with the tracking number for checking your shipping status.

  • International Shipping.
    Your order is on its way to you. Delivery time varies depending on the chosen shipping option.

  • Local Shipping.
    Once the package is in your country, the top delivery companies will bring it to your doorstep.

How Much Is DHgate Shipping

Some DHgate products offer free shipping. DHgate uses standard shipping, which has a longer delivery timeframe.

Otherwise, the basic shipping fee caps at 3%. It would also depend on the chosen shipping method.

How Long Do DHgate Orders Take?

Shipping products outside China usually takes one to three weeks, depending on the destination, shipment procedures, etc. However, two factors mostly determine DHgate delivery time.

Processing Time

The processing time depends on how long it takes for DHgate to receive orders from the manufacturers. Customized and made-to-order products usually take longer than off-the-shelf items to reach DHgate’s processing center.

The platform has fulfillment centers to process your orders. If you receive a message that says “items being processed DHgate,” it means their staff is picking, packing, and preparing your order for shipment.

Shipping Time

DHgate shipping time primarily depends on the shipping method. As a buyer, you can choose your preferred courier and delivery service, such as air freight delivery, sea freight, DHgate fast shipping (also called express delivery), etc.

In general, faster shipping options are more expensive than methods with longer delivery times. It’s more cost-effective to choose standard or economy shipping service for products that are not fragile and time-sensitive.

How Long Does DHgate Take To Ship to US?

How Long Does DHgate Take To Ship to US

How long does DHgate take to deliver to US addresses?

The average delivery time for international shipments takes between one and three weeks. It may take over a month in some cases.

However, some items are eligible for three-day delivery. These are products that DHgate stores in a local warehouse.

DHgate Shipping Methods

The DHgate delivery time depends on your chosen means. Here are the supported shipping methods on the platform.

ePacket Delivery Service

ePacket is a popular shipping method in China and Hongkong. It’s a cost-effective solution for smaller packages, although it’s not the fastest.

DHgate ePacket shipping time from China to the US can take anywhere from ten days to 20 days from the date of shipment. You may have to wait a while, but this courier service allows the platform to offer free and low-cost shipping to the US.

Note: USPS has its own requirements for ePacket packages. It must not exceed 4.4 lbs (2 kg) and $400 in value.

Sea Freight

Ocean freight is usually the cheapest shipping method. You can save more if you’re buying bulky goods or a high volume of products.

However, it’s not the best for urgent deliveries as its delivery period can take 30 to 40 days. Bad weather and rough water can add further delays should you choose economy-class delivery services via sea transport.

Air Freight

Air freight shipping involves loading your packages on a cargo aircraft for international delivery. It’s a more expensive option, but many buyers prefer it due to the shorter delivery time.

Air freight shipment arrives between four to 15 days in the destination country. Local delivery companies then take the packages to the customers’ addresses.

Express Shipment Method

This is the fastest shipping method on DHgate. Your products will reach you in three to five days, making this ideal for perishable goods and seasonal items like winter clothes and holiday decorations.

Express shipping is not only ideal for time-sensitive goods but also fragile items. The shorter the shipping time, the less risk of damage, theft, and other mishaps.

DHgate uses its fastest delivery partners for this method, such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

So if you wonder how to get fast shipping on DHgate, choose the express delivery option that usually comes with the highest shipping costs.

How To Track DHgate Order

There are two quick and easy ways to track your DHgate order.

DHgate Website

Follow this step-by-step guide to track your DHgate order. 

  1. Go to the DHgate website and sign in to your account. 

  2. Select My Order.

  3. Enter your tracking number. 

Shipping Company’s Website

  1. During checkout, take note of the shipping company.

  2. Go to its official website. 

  3. Click Tracking and enter the DHgate tracking number to see the real-time status of your package. 

You also have the option to contact the seller directly or the platform’s customer service support to know about your order status and tracking number.

Why Is My DHgate Order Taking So Long?

Why Is My DHgate Order Taking So Long?

Although the marketplace platform tries its best to provide its buyers with reliable delivery and predictable shipping time, delays can still happen.

Delay DHgate shipping occurs because of several factors, such as bad weather, flight delays, holidays, shipping requirements, etc.

Holiday Schedule

If you wonder how long does DHgate take to ship from China, it’s worth knowing the country’s holiday schedule to avoid a protracted delivery time. 

In China, the most important and longest holidays are Spring Festival, China National Day, and Labor Day, which last five to seven days. 

If you order during national holidays, the delivery may take three to five days longer than usual. 

Long Processing Time

The processing time depends on the sellers. In general, it takes less than 24 hours to process your order unless it involves large-volume items or out-of-stock products.

Made-to-order and customized products also have a longer processing time. The same is true for items that require special packaging, such as gift baskets and hampers.

Customs Clearance Issues

Customs issues can also affect the delivery timeframe. Every package must undergo customs clearance before it heads to the buyer’s doorstep.

Here are some reasons why delays may happen during this stage:

  • The customs is processing a high volume of packages.

  • The country has strict customs laws.

  • The shipping carrier service isn’t familiar with these laws.

  • The packages have improper or insufficient documentation.

  • There are import tax payment issues.

Unforeseeable Events

Bad weather, accidents, natural disasters, and other unforeseeable events can lead to shipment delays. 

Wrong Delivery Address

A misspelled or incorrect address on the shipping label may also cause shipping delays. The courier service won’t be able to deliver your package on time as they figure out the correct address.

Your package may go through several processes before it gets to you. It may also incur additional costs. The worst-case scenario is the package never arrives.

How To Avoid Delays as a Buyer

Most delays are out of the buyer’s control. However, you can still take some measures to ensure your packages arrive on time. Follow these tips.

  • Ensure you provide the correct information.

  • Check the seller’s reviews. Some process orders quickly.

  • Choose express shipping. Although it’s costlier, it gives you peace of mind that your packages are arriving soon.

What Is On-Time Delivery Guarantee?

All DHgate sellers provide a guaranteed delivery time for each product, which you can see on the product’s description page.

The guarantee starts when the seller uploads the DHgate tracking number to the website.

As a buyer, you can get a full refund if you don’t receive your package on time.

On-Time Delivery Guarantee Exemptions

You won’t get a full refund if your package exceeds the guarantee due to the following reasons:

  • Wrong address

  • Natural disasters

  • Unusual events

On-Time Delivery Guarantee vs. Estimated Delivery Time

Is the seller’s guarantee the same as the estimated delivery time?

This can get confusing for new buyers, but they’re slightly different.

The platform’s estimated delivery time is a rough estimate of the seller’s guaranteed delivery time. It’s available as soon as you place the order, even before the seller has shipped the item.

In contrast, the guarantee only starts when the seller has uploaded a shipping tracking number. This is usually more accurate than DHgate’s estimate.

How To Deal With DHgate Shipping Issues

You might face issues when ordering from DHgate, although these moments are rare.

For example, the courier might have shipped your package to the wrong address. Or you might not have received your orders.

If you did receive your DHgate orders, you might be disappointed with them.

Before you contact DHgate customer service, communicate with the seller first. Then, do these steps,

  • Delivery issues: Confirm your details and your package’s tracking number.

  • Product issues: Ask for an exchange or a refund.

As the last step, you would have to open a dispute on the platform.

Open a Dispute

You have to open a dispute if you want to return an order or get a refund. For returns, you might have to ship the product first. It can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to process a refund.

How do you open a dispute?

You can do it two ways: via computer or mobile app. Here’s the step-by-step process for each method.


  1. Go to the DHGate website and log in to your account.

  2. Click My DHgate on the upper right corner of the homepage.

  3. Click My Orders.

  4. Type your order number in the Search My Order tab.

  5. The step to take depends on the order status:

    • Item being processed: if this is the order status, click Request Refund.

    • Pending delivery confirmation: select Open a Dispute.

    • Buyer accepted goods/payment release: click Open an after-sale dispute.

DHgate Mobile App

DHgate Mobile App

You can only open a dispute through DHgate’s mobile app if your order status says Pending delivery confirmation.

  1. Open the DHgate app on your phone.

  2. Select Account.

  3. Click My Orders.

  4. Click the Return and refund button

This button may not be available if the order status is different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where Does DHgate Ship From?

Where Does DHgate Ship From?

Around 90% of their products come from China. However, the marketplace platform is open for international sellers around the world.

Where Is the DHgate Headquarters?

DHgate’s headquarters is in Beijing, China. However, it has overseas warehouses and distribution centers across the US and Europe (Spain, Poland, UK, etc.)

Is My Payment Secure on DHgate?

Is My Payment Secure on DHgate

Overall, it’s safe to buy from DHgate. As a secure site, you can use your credit and debit cards without worrying about data breaches and theft.

DHgate also tracks your package, helps resolve disputes, and only pays the sellers when you receive your order.

How Long Does DHgate Take To Arrive with Express Shipping?

How Long Does DHgate Take To Arrive with Express Shipping?

With DHgate’s express delivery, the package normally arrives at the destination three to five days after the shipping company picks it up. 

Why Is DHgate Shipping So Expensive with Express Delivery?

This shipping method is expensive because the couriers have to take extra measures to speed up the delivery process. Nevertheless, many buyers don’t mind paying a premium if they order time-sensitive and fragile products. 

Couriers usually use air freight for express delivery service to reduce the shipping time.

How Long Does DHGate Tracking Take?

Your order status is available anywhere between five and ten days, depending on how long the shipment takes. If the seller doesn’t give you a tracking number beyond this period, contact them to ask for this information.

Can I Choose My Shipping Company on DHGate?

It depends on the available shipping options when you check out your order. Sellers may also choose their preferred courier.

Most DHgate buyers and sellers prefer these couriers:

  • China Post

  • FedEx

  • Singapore Post

  • DHL

  • UPS

  • Hong Kong Post

  • EMS

How Do I Know If a DHgate Seller Is Legit?

DHgate verifies their sellers through their legal documents. However, a few bad apples might still manage to use the platform.

As a buyer, you must do your due diligence to avoid shoddy and dishonest sellers.

Here are some tips to help you determine if a DHgate seller is legit.

  1. Always check the seller’s rating before buying or communicating with them. Suppliers with over 95 percent customer satisfaction ratings have a DHgate Verified logo.

  2. Opt for suppliers that only offer one category of goods to avoid middlemen and shoddy resellers.

  3. Stay away from popular brands, especially if they’re cheap. More often than not, they’re counterfeit products.

Why Is Stuff on DHgate So Cheap?

China-made products are usually cheaper because of lower production costs and salaries. DHgate mainly carries these products, so they can offer competitive prices.

Are There Legit Alternatives to DHgate?

AliExpress, Taobao, Alibaba, and LightInTheBox are excellent alternatives to DHgate, especially if you’re looking for the cheapest-priced items.

Which Is Better: DHgate vs. AliExpress vs. Alibaba?

These are popular marketplaces with mostly Chinese sellers, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. DHgate, for example, is better at quality control and customer service.

Alibaba has a more extensive seller verification process. As a wholesale platform, it offers the cheapest prices for dropshipping.

AliExpress is Alibaba’s subsidiary, focusing on retail customers.

What Does Awaiting Processing Mean?

If your order status says awaiting processing, it means the seller has yet to pick and pack your orders.

Can I Change My Address After the Seller Ships My Order?

No. You can’t change your address once the seller has already shipped your order. You can try to contact the seller or DHgate’s customer service.

The Bottom Line 

Although the shipping times depend on various factors, I hope the key points I shared in this article give you a rough estimate of DHgate’s delivery time. 

DHgate is an excellent platform for small e-commerce companies looking for verified sellers. But if you’re specifically looking for drop-shipping partners, take a look at my list of best drop-shipping suppliers

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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