Is GOAT Legit? Read This Before Buying Sneakers from Them

is goat legit

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Is GOAT legit for shoes and apparel?

Yes, they’re a reliable and reputable platform that connects sellers and sneakerheads worldwide.

However, there are a few things you need to know before you start using the platform to get high-end kicks.

Is Goat sneakers legit? Can you buy and sell safely on the platform?

This article will answer many of your questions about GOAT and the platform’s reliability.

Let’s begin.

Is GOAT Legit?

is goat legit

Many people online are asking, “Is GOAT a reputable company?”

You’ll be happy to know that the company and website are highly reputable. It’s now one of the go-to platforms for people buying and selling sneakers, apparel, and accessories.

GOAT started in July 2015, operating out of Los Angeles, California. Since then, the platform’s reach has expanded immensely, reaching sneakerheads from over 170 countries worldwide.

How Does GOAT Work?

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Let’s get this out of the way first – GOAT is not an online store. It’s a marketplace like Etsy, eBay, and other popular online marketplaces.

The main difference is that this platform focuses mainly on high-end resale products.

Here’s how the platform works.

  • Sellers create an account and list sneakers for sale on the platform.

  • Buyers skim through the millions of listings on the GOAT marketplace.

  • Sellers ship sneakers to a GOAT facility for verification.

  • Once sneakers pass the authentication process, GOAT will ship the shoes to the buyer. If GOAT determines that the seller’s shoes are fake, they will provide the buyer with a refund in GOAT credit.

GOAT sells all kinds of shoes, including a brand-new pair of rare editions, collector shoes, used pair of shoes, and so on.

However, what they don’t sell is fake sneakers. You can only buy and sell authentic shoes on GOAT.

Is GOAT Safe To Buy From? Here’s Why

Is GOAT reliable?

I’ll let you answer it for yourself. Here are the reasons why it’s safe to buy from GOAT.

Buyer Protection Policy

GOAT has a buyer protection guarantee that is very much pro-buyer. In many cases, GOAT will give you a full refund if your item:

  • Isn’t authentic

  • Is incorrect, such as wrong size, model, or color

  • Doesn’t match the item described

  • Is missing a key feature

GOAT’s returns policy covers returns on New In Box, New No Box, GOAT Clean, apparel purchases, and accessory purchases as long as they’re in the same condition as when shipped.

However, GOAT does not issue refunds or returns for items listed as Final Sale on the checkout page. They also don’t provide returns on special items like vintage, sample, custom, defect, or pre-release.

Still, the return policy is very extensive and accepting. All you need to do is go to the Request Return section in your app and contact the company there.

Returning an Order

If your GOAT order has any problems mentioned above, reach out through the Orders page on the GOAT app or website and submit a request.

After reporting the issue, GOAT will give you a shipping label so you can return the item.

Once GOAT confirms the issue, they will refund through store credit. You can use this toward your future purchases on the platform.

Authenticity Verification Process

Is GOAT authentic?

Yes, and the platform has a very effective authenticity verification process. You can be more certain of the product.

How Does GOAT Authenticate Sneakers?

When you order from GOAT, the seller must send the shoes to a GOAT facility first. Here, a team of experts will verify if the shoes are real and in the same condition as listed.

GOAT uses various means of authentication, including:

  • Digital authentication

  • In-hand verification

  • Machine learning technology

Is GOAT Authentication Legit?

The platform uses computer vision to assess the authenticity of the shoes. It collects and reviews multiple data points, so GOAT has a huge database of original and fake physical attributes.

If GOAT says the product is a fake pair or not as described, they will not ship the order to you and give you a full refund.

Through this evaluation process, anyone wondering, “Are GOAT shoes real?” can be confident that the products are safe and authentic.

Of course, the system isn’t perfect, as there are manual aspects to the authentication process. However, you can still rely on the return policy if you receive not-as-described or counterfeit goods.

Data Protection Measures

Your data will remain protected and private when shopping and selling through GOAT. Their privacy policy’s high standards protect you from the most common data privacy threats.

As a security measure, GOAT will also review accounts with a below 50 performance score to ensure members uphold the highest standard of online security.

Reliable Customer Support

The GOAT customer service team does not disappoint. They are ready to provide top-tier support to anyone who needs help with a transaction.

Here are some ways you can get support:

GOAT Support Page

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You can visit the GOAT support page for more information about its products and services. Here, you will see answers to frequently asked questions.

GOAT Support Form 24/7

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This method is the main communication channel. You only need to fill up the form to detail your issue and add photos or videos.

Simply click the Submit Request button at the top of the page to access the form 24/7.

GOAT Social Media Pages

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If you cannot access the form, try contacting GOAT via its social media channels. Here are some links:

Is GOAT a Good Place To Buy Shoes? Pros and Cons


Guaranteed authentic sneakers

Longer shipping time

Rare sneakers

Expensive shipping fees

GOAT Clean

8% processing fee for all Instant items

Instant items

Potential scams


  • Guaranteed authentic sneakers — GOAT has an authentication process to ensure every ordered shoes are as described and genuine, making the app a safe place to buy guaranteed authentic sneakers.

  • Rare sneakers — Are you finding it hard to look for a certain rare pair of shoes? GOAT is your best bet, having a wide selection of rare and limited edition shoes protected by their authenticity guarantee.

    You can also make your sneakers special by decorating them creatively. For example, graffiti is very popular now. Many people choose to draw on sneakers to make it more interesting and personalized. 

    Another more convenient and good idea is to use Custom Patches. You can customize your favorite patterns or letters into patches according to your hobbies, and stick them on sports shoes. I believe this pair of shoes must be unique.

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  • GOAT Clean — You can buy used sneakers through GOAT’s Clean program and get the same protection as new sneakers.

  • Instant items – GOAT offers pre-verified shoes available in three to five business days or next-day shipping. These shoes don’t have to go through the usual authentication process.


  • Longer shipping time — Because of the added authentication step, there will be a generally longer shipping time. How long does GOAT take to ship items? Domestic shipping normally takes 7 to 10 business days. For international addresses, it’s even longer.

  • Expensive shipping fees — Shipping fees are generally higher through GOAT. These are their published shipping costs:

Contiguous US


Alaska and Hawaii


Armed Forces America


Armed Forces Europe


Armed Forces Pacific



AUD 25


CAD 15

EU (other than Malta and Cyprus)




Hong Kong

78 HKD


1000 Yen


RM 65

Malta and Cyprus


People’s Republic of China

20 RMB

Puerto Rico




United Arab Emirates


United Kingdom


All other countries and territories


  • 8% processing fee for all Instant items — If you want to get the items faster, you’ll have to pay an 8% processing fee to expedite it.

  • Potential scams — There will still be a slight change in some scams coming through, but the return and refund policy should protect you.

How To Buy Shoes From GOAT

There are two general ways to buy items on GOAT: purchasing at a fixed rate or making an offer. It depends on the specific listing.

Buying an Item at a Fixed Rate


Browse items for sale on the GOAT app or website. When you find the sneakers or apparel you want, click on the item.

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2- Tap the Buy button if you want to get it at that price.

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3- Enter your contact information and choose a payment option. Depending on the shipping region, you may pay via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Affirm, and more.

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4- Complete the purchase by clicking on Continue to Order Review.

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5- GOAT will ship the item to you after confirming authenticity.

For Making an Offer

1- Browse items for sale on the GOAT app or website. Click on the item you want to make an offer on.

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2- Select the Offer option and enter the amount you want to offer and the expiration of your offer. Wait for the seller to accept your offer.

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3- Once the seller accepts your offer, complete the purchase as described above. GOAT will ship the item to you once it confirms its authenticity.

Is GOAT a Legit Website for Sellers? Pros and Cons


Vast Customer Base

High cashout fees

Unique GOAT App Features

High competition

Low commission fee (for sellers with high ratings)


  • Vast customer base — GOAT is the world’s largest marketplace for high-end sneakers, delivering to over 30 million customers worldwide.

  • Unique GOAT app features — GOAT’s app has several engaging features, such as an AR feature to help potential customers visualize your shoes better.

  • Low commission fees for sellers with high ratings — Sellers with higher ratings get lower commission fees, so you have a higher take-home pay from your sale.


  • High cashout fees — GOAT takes 2.9% of your withdrawal amount when you cash out from the platform.

  • High competition — While you have a lot of customers ready to buy on GOAT, you’re also competing with around 600,000 sellers on the platform.

How To Sell on GOAT

If you want to earn extra cash selling sneakers and other apparel, then learning how to sell on GOAT is a great idea. Here’s how to sell sneakers or other apparel on GOAT:

1- Download the dedicated selling app, alias, and sign up for a seller account.

2- Provide the information requested, such as country, full legal name, address, and phone number. Afterward, wait for GOAT to approve your application. Once approved, you can now start selling on GOAT through an alias.

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3- Upload your items for sale and set a pe by tapping on the Start Listing button.

4- When someone purchases, GOAT will provide a digital shipping label. Ship the item to GOAT for them to authenticate and update your app when you drop the item off to inform the buyer that the order is already at the distribution center.

5- Once GOAT verifies your item’s authenticity, your buyer will receive the item, and you can collect your payment.

Is GOAT a Scam? Check Out These GOAT Reviews.

There are over 30 million customers on GOAT, and most customers have only good things to say about their overall experience. Some GOAT shoes review highlights praise the following aspects of the platform:

  • Great customer service

  • User experience

  • Authentication process

  • Seller experience

Here are some GOAT shoes reviews from users:

“Delivery service lost my panda dunks that I purchased for my son. I reached out to goat immediately and worked with a wonderful rep that was extremely eager to assist me. Even reminding me to send the documentation so that she could rectify the issue. Great customer service!!!”

— Geneva Gonzalez

“My experience on goat was one of the best experiences i’ve ever had on a website when buying something. Whenever I had any questions about my order or about the tracked goat was always there to help and and answer my questions. I also recommend goat to everyone looking to buy authentic apparel because goat always makes sure your items aren’t fake.”

— Amari McCoy

“Thank you very much Goat for the verification of sneakers and help during the order. During the verification, found that the box was damaged. I was immediately notified of this and offered different options for action. Support responded quite quickly. After all this, they packed thermally my shoes. Sneakers came in a safe condition, for which they thank them again.”

— Darkness

“Very good as a seller, easy to use system (Alias) people who complain about sizing confusion are not the brightest and clearly don’t read properly as it explains it all for you so ignore them – Great customer service and reply times and instant Payouts as a seller, Hopefully they allow consignment as a seller and bulk shipping one day but can’t fault them.”

— Luke

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does GOAT Sell New Shoes?

GOAT is a platform where you can buy and sell used and new shoes. You can buy new shoes with or without the box.

You’ll find both used and new shoes for sale on GOAT. Their used shoe program is called GOAT Clean, and it features gently used shoes that have been professionally cleaned and graded

Does GOAT Sell Fake Shoes?

No, you cannot sell fake shoes on the GOAT website or app. The service can spot fakes through its extensive authentication process.

Is GOAT Trustworthy for Used Shoes?

Yes. The GOAT Clean program has one of the most trusted authentication processes. GOAT protects both the buyer and seller when you sell used shoes, so you’re assured that you get a good quality used shoes on GOAT.

Is GOAT a Trusted Site for Rare Sneakers?

Yes, you can trust GOAT’s platform when looking for rare sneakers. When you have GOAT authenticate goods before sale, their team checks every possible aspect of the shoe to verify.

Which Is More Legit, StockX or GOAT?

StockX is another well-trusted sneaker website that has a great authentication program. Both have comparably equal authenticity and reliability. The main difference is that StockX only sells brand-new shoes.

Is GOAT App Legit?

Absolutely. A significant number of GOAT users prefer transacting through the app. If you don’t already have the GOAT app, you can download it through either the App Store or Google Play.

Is GOAT Legit for Jordans?

If you ever spot a killer pair of Air Jordan on GOAT, you can trust that they’re legitimate. However, yoseller’sH3also check the seller

Why Is GOAT So Cheap?

GOAT is a marketplace, so prices depend on the trusted people who sell sneakers and apparel on the platform. Most sellers fully operate online to sell their shoes at lower markups compared to businesses with brick-and-mortar stores.

You can find good deals on some pairs, while you may see higher-priced items. It depends on the demand, condition, and rarity.

Is GOAT the Same as Flight Club?

GOAT owns Fight Club now. Though they have some overlaps, GOAT and Fight Club operate separately. GOAT provides mobile and web listings, and Fight Club focuses on global retail and e-commerce consignment.

The Bottom Line

GOAT is a trustworthy marketplace with legitimate sellers and buyers. The platform has done a good job and continues to provide a safe online marketplace for sneakerheads and shoppers everywhere.

Although the platform isn’t perfect, GOAT strives to improve its authentication process and user experience.

Do you have experience shopping on GOAT? Feel free to share your experience.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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