How To Sell on GOAT: The Ultimate Guide

how to sell on goat

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Do you want to earn extra cash? Maybe you have sneakers you don’t use anymore?

You may want to check out GOAT.

This platform is a one-stop shopping destination for sneakerheads. The rarer your sneaker model, the more enthusiastic customers will be to get them off your hands.

If you’ve never sold shoes or sneakers on GOAT, you’re in the right place.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to sell on GOAT.

Let’s begin.

What Is the GOAT App?

GOAT is a digital marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in over 170 countries. It specializes in high-end and limited-edition sneakers and carries branded apparel and accessories.

GOAT launched in 2015 as a resale platform for sneakers. Since then, the platform has expanded its offerings to include new season items from global retailers.

Consumers now have access to retail prices of contemporary and luxury brands via the app or online store, although the GOAT reselling market is still going strong.

The online platform still accepts new individual sellers, but you can sign up now via the Alias app.

Why Sell on GOAT?

how to sell on goat

There are many other options for selling sneakers. Why must you learn how to sell on GOAT app and Alias?

The short answer is that GOAT creates value for all its users in many ways.

Seamless User Experience

You can conduct the entire selling process on your phone, from signing up to receiving payment. Although there’s a bit of a learning curve when you first learn how to sell sneakers on GOAT, the rest is a breeze.

Vast Customer Base

The GOAT community has 40 million members worldwide. Its cult-like following ensures a steady stream of customers (provided you’re a good seller).

Lower Commission Fee

GOAT takes a 9.5% commission per sale, much lower than eBay’s 13% and Poshmark’s 20%. It’s also less expensive than SpaceX’s 10% fee for new sellers (which goes down to 9% for established sellers).

Unique GOAT App Features

Any GOAT distribution center can clean your used sneaker pairs. You’ll have to pay a fee for the refurbishing service, but it’s worth it because it’s guaranteed to increase the value of your used sneakers.

Want to know how to try on shoes on GOAT?

You’ll love the Try-On feature that makes the GOAT app the first choice for many. Augmented reality allows you to try on the shoes virtually.

This feature gives buyers more incentive to use the app and gives you more chances of connecting with a customer.

Team of Experts

GOAT has a team of experts to authenticate the sneakers sold online.

Thanks to this feature, the customers are confident they get their money’s worth. As a seller, you can build trust with your buyers immediately, even if you’re new.

How To Sell on GOAT

How does selling on GOAT work? The selling process on this platform via the Alias app is easy and hassle-free. Here’s how to sell clothes on GOAT.

1. Download the Apps.

First, download the GOAT app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Open it and create an account, which you can also use to buy stuff from the platform.

download the GOAT app

Download the Alias app. Open it, and create an account there. You must provide your name, return address, and phone number. It prompts you to link your GOAT account to sync your details.

How to Sell Apparel on GOAT

While you can start selling sneakers immediately, you must get approval to sell clothes. To register, navigate to the Search bar and click the Apparel tab.

How to Sell Apparel on GOAT

Click the Notify Me button. Wait for the platform to allow you to start selling apparel.

GOAT accepts sellers in small batches, so you might have to wait a while.

2. List Your Items.

Once you’re in the app, press the Start Listing button.

Search for the sneakers model you want to sell by entering the name or SKU.

Click the Sell tab, and the app will take you to a page where you can see valuable information about the shoe, including the retail price, release date, and colorway.

List Your Items.

After you review the data, click the Start Listing button again.

Provide all the requested information, including the size, item, and box condition. You must also set the price.

Provide all the requested information

The next page will prompt you to take pictures of the sneaker listing. You can also upload extra photos to stand out from the competition.

Double-check the details before listing, although you can always edit it later. Stay transparent at this stage to avoid issues with GOAT.

5. Ship Your Items.

Once you get an order, confirm the sale on the Alias app as soon as possible.

GOAT will send you a prepaid shipping label via email. The platform allows you a couple of business days to ship the items.

Update the app after you’ve dropped off the item. Doing so informs GOAT and the buyer that the order is going to the distribution center.

GOAT’s specialists are on-site and will inspect your product for authenticity. A team will check whether the item matches the listing. They will look for flaws in each shoe and see if it’s in the same condition as your description.

GOAT will ship it back if they find issues, like the wrong size or an unmentioned flaw. If your product passes the tests, GOAT ships the sneaker pair directly from the warehouse to your customer.

6. Get Your Payment

The last step is the most exciting part and might be the easiest. All you have to do is wait until GOAT has authenticated your products. You can access your earnings on the Alias app even if the customer hasn’t received the order.

Get Your Payment

Navigate to the Account tab to see how much money is available for withdrawal. The app will have already subtracted the necessary seller fees before you receive the payment.

Tips for Getting Faster Sales on the GOAT App

Tips for Getting Faster Sales on the GOAT App

Selling on the GOAT app for the first time can be challenging. However, it’s not impossible to succeed on the platform with the right approach.

Here are some tips for setting up a proper listing.

Set Competitive Pricing.

Gauge the market before setting the price.

Determine how much the exact shoe model sells in stores and how much your competitors charge for it. The Alias app can show you this information and more.

Setting a competitive price is essential, but the item’s condition is more critical in determining the right price for your listing. Flaws and damages will lower the value of your item, while a rare pair of sneakers in pristine condition can fetch a high price.

Write Better Descriptions.

Write anything the customer needs to know about the sneaker in the description. It should be as detailed and accurate as possible to help customers make an informed decision.

Upload High-quality Images.

Use natural lighting in your pictures as much as possible. Otherwise, find a well-lit spot to get clear photos.

Use the guide on the app for the different angles and close-ups. Remember that the images should accurately show the item’s condition, highlighting any defects or features the buyer should know about.

GOAT can and will reject photos with low quality and blurry details.

Ship Promptly and Properly.

I’ve mentioned earlier you’ll get a prepaid shipping label after you confirm an order. You must use this label because GOAT won’t be liable for lost or damaged items if you use your own.

Package the sneakers as securely as you can. Use bubble wrap, and never send the sneakers with only the shoebox.

Once you know the shoes are safe, send them using UPS or GOAT’s preferred service in your country. From there, the platform takes care of the rest of the shipping process, provided they didn’t return the sneakers to your shipping address due to unmentioned defects or damage.

Things To Remember About Selling on the GOAT App

While selling on GOAT can be exciting and profitable, you must remember some things.

These aren’t necessarily disadvantages, but they will help you better decide if selling on the app is worth it.

Time-Consuming Authentication Process

GOAT’s verification process is helpful for both the seller and buyer but can be time-consuming. Authentication takes a few days to a week, delaying the receipt of payment and the goods.

However, it’s a crucial process that allows GOAT to stay on top of the competition.

Cash-Out Fees

When you receive the payment in your account, you can either use the funds to buy other products on the marketplace or withdraw it to your bank account.

If you choose the latter option, Alias charges you a cash-out fee of 2.9% on top of other expenses, such as the commission and shipping costs.

How To Avoid GOAT Cash-Out Fee

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid the cash-out fees if you want to withdraw the money from your account. However, you can always use the funds to buy your new favorite pair of shoes, clothes, or accessories on the app or online store.

How To Receive Payments

You receive payments through the Alias app. For withdrawals, you use GOAT cash-out methods.

Alias can deposit the funds to either your PayPal account or personal bank account. It may take 3 to 5 days before the amount reflects on your transaction history.

How To Sell Shoes on GOAT Without Box

You can sell shoes on the GOAT app with or without a box. However, you must specify this information during the listing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is GOAT Safe? IS GOAT Legit?

I can say with absolute confidence that GOAT is safe and legit.

GOAT has been around since 2015, and millions of users have bought or sold items through its marketplace. Its verification service also makes the items on the app legit.

Does GOAT Sell New Shoes?

GOAT sells new, used, and flawed shoes. You can sell sneakers in any condition if someone’s willing to take them.

Can I Sell Used Shoes on GOAT?

Does GOAT sell used shoes? Yes.

Unlike other platforms, GOAT allows you to sell used sneakers. It’s an excellent way to declutter your closet or earn money to buy yourself brand-new sneakers.

You can also sell sneakers with defects as long as they’re authentic. Many buyers are still willing to snatch up flawed or used sneakers if they get a good deal.

How Do You Buy Used Shoes on GOAT?

Wondering how to buy used shoes on GOAT? Don’t worry. It’s easy to learn how to buy on GOAT.

Unlike selling, you buy shoes through the GOAT app. After creating an account, you simply browse the offerings until you find a shoe model you like.

What Method Does GOAT Use To Verify Items?

GOAT uses two methods to authenticate the items on the platform.

The first uses AI technology to check the listing’s photos and look for telltale signs of authenticity. The second is through the team of specialists in their distribution centers.

How Long Does It Take To Sell Shoes on Goat?

The time it takes to make a sale depends on factors like pricing and demand.

If your item offers more value than comparable listings, you can sell it sooner. Some sellers even get their first sale in one day.

High-demand pieces can sell within only a few days. However, others may take a week or up to two weeks to get a buyer.

Your sales also depend on your listing. Optimize your listings to increase your chances of reaching potential buyers.

What Is the Seller Rating?

Every seller starts with a rating of 90 on Alias, making it easier for new sellers to penetrate the market. It can increase or decrease from there, depending on successful sales or cancelations.

How Do Offers Work on GOAT?

Found a pair you like on GOAT? You might want to make an offer. It works like a bidding process.

The seller chooses the highest offer at the end of the countdown. If you win, you’ll get a notification asking you to confirm the purchase.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to sell on GOAT.

GOAT and Alias set sellers up for success, making them reliable platforms for selling shoes, clothes, and accessories. Building a relationship with customers is easier with their vast customer base and team of experts.

For selling other items, you may have to look for another platform. Learn more about selling on Etsy or eBay to determine which is better for your selling goals.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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