The Amazon Vision and Mission Statement: Everything You Need To Know

amazon vision and mission statement

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Are you a regular Amazon shopper? If so, you likely wonder what drives the world’s largest online marketplace and what makes Amazon successful.

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I wrote this guide to dive deep into the Amazon vision and mission statement and the Amazon values statement.

After reading my article, you’ll understand the reasons behind your experiences shopping on the world’s largest e-commerce site.

Let’s begin.

About Amazon: A Background on the World’s Largest E-commerce Company

amazon vision and mission statement

Amazon isn’t your typical online marketplace. It has transformed how millions of people worldwide shop.

The man behind Amazon is Jeff Bezos. He started Amazon as a humble online bookstore, but the company grew and became a global powerhouse, serving millions of customers worldwide.

A Company Overview of Amazon

A Company Overview of Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world today. The organization is famous for its extensive selection of products online, convenient delivery options, and ability to go above and beyond to serve customers.

Amazon expanded into different sectors. It now offers cloud computing services through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and consumer electronics like Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Echo smart devices.

Amazon has also ventured into media and entertainment, streaming movies, TV shows, and music through its Prime Video and Prime Music platforms.

Amazon’s Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Care

Amazon's Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Care

Since its inception, Amazon has been committed to serving customers and the environment.

Amazon invests in renewable energy to power its operations with renewable sources. The company also initiated the following movements.

Jeff Bezos plays a leading role in shaping a viable future for the planet.

The Amazon Vision and Mission Statement

The Amazon mission and vision statement describes the company as the Earth’s most customer-centric business.

Here’s what Amazon’s mission and vision statements are about.

Amazon Vision Statement

Amazon Vision Statement

Amazon’s vision statement has two elements: 1) to be the world’s best employer and safest workplace, and 2) to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.

Jeff Bezos mission statement: To prioritize a secure work environment and uphold workers’ rights. Amazon works on several critical attributes to achieve this vision.

Amazon’s vision statement aims for a positive workspace and environment, career growth and development opportunities, and innovation to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With its vision statement, Amazon sets higher standards for employers to create product diversity and convenience.

Amazon Mission Statement

Amazon Mission Statement

What is Amazon’s mission statement?

Amazon mission statement: to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.

The company’s focus is on providing customer satisfaction through high-quality products and good customer experience.

The Amazon mission statement helps ensure the company accomplishes the following goals.

  • Offer at the lowest possible prices.

  • Have the biggest selection of services and products.

  • Make the process easy for buying and selling online.

  • Become a leader in the global market.

Let me break down these ideas.

Lowest Prices

Amazon focuses on offering the lowest possible prices. This strategy is crucial for running their business and fulfilling their mission.

Here’s how Amazon maintains low prices by saving costs.

  • Using large warehouses to stock products efficiently

  • Automating customer service, like self-checkouts

  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve operations

These business practices reduce operating costs, letting Amazon keep its prices flexible and make money simultaneously.

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Extensive Selection of Goods and Services

As a business, Amazon wants to give customers countless choices.

The Amazon website has everything from books to music streaming to Prime video subscriptions.

Amazon’s array of choices makes it easy to find and discover anything you want to buy online. It also makes shopping handy and often cheaper, helping the business reach more customers and stand out from other stores.

E-commerce Convenience

Amazon makes online shopping easy and fast.

The platform has features like one-click ordering to save time and programs like Prime Shipping for free two-day shipping.

These features provide the utmost convenience to customers, helping Amazon create customer satisfaction at its highest standards.

Global Market Leader

The Amazon positioning statement is clear: to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, Earth’s best employer, and Earth’s safest place to work.

In short, the company’s mission is to be a global leader in e-commerce, employment, and customer experience.

The company is always researching and developing cool new products, partnering with top companies like Whole Foods Market and Twitch to reach more people.

Amazon’s mission statement focuses on its growth and commitment to putting customers first.

As a successful company, Amazon approaches each day with the same energy, urgency, and entrepreneurial spirit.

With this concept, Amazon encourages its employees to challenge the status quo, prioritize customer satisfaction, and pursue long-term growth rather than short-term gains.

Amazon believes in staying agile and adaptable and always striving to raise the bar in delivering value to customers.

Amazon Core Values

Amazon Core Values

Here are the four principles that drive Amazon’s mission.

  • Customer obsession rather than competitor focus

  • Passion for invention

  • Commitment to operational excellence

  • Long-term thinking

Let me break down these Amazon corporate values and principles.

Customer Obsession Rather Than Competitor Focus

The Amazon culture and values focus on customer obsession.

According to the Amazon company goals, it’s not just about seeking customer needs. It’s also about surpassing expectations rather than simply trying to outdo competitors.

Passion for Invention

The Amazon purpose: Embrace a culture of creativity and encourage its brilliant team to think outside the box.

The company strives to make customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable through new and exciting solutions.

Commitment to Operational Excellence

Amazon always aims to deliver an exceptional customer encounter.

The company maintains consistent, streamlined processes, optimized systems, and top-notch customer service to offer customers the best possible experience.

Long-Term Thinking

The company’s goal isn’t about quick wins—Amazon is in it for the long haul.

They make decisions with the future in mind, focusing on sustainable growth and creating enduring customer value.

Customer-Centrism According to Amazon

Customer-Centrism According to Amazon

Amazon, Earth’s most customer-centric company, has built a reputation on a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Amazon’s philosophy is not only about its customers as a guiding principle; it is the very essence of its approach to innovation.

Although customer-centricity isn’t exclusive to Amazon and AWS, Amazon stands out because they obsess over customer satisfaction.

The organization has built a culture of customer-centric innovation that keeps the customer at the core of everything.

Amazon implements the following strategies to cultivate this culture.

  • Bold, Top-Down Leadership

    Amazon’s leadership sets the tone by taking daring and visionary approaches, leading by example, and encouraging bold bets driven by customer needs.

  • Distributed Customer-Centric Belief System

    Amazon empowers teams and frontline employees with autonomy. They encourage staying close to customers, allowing rapid experimentation to meet their needs.

  • Practical Mechanisms for Customer-Centric Innovation

    Amazon creates builders with the necessary tools to test and scale innovative ideas. Mechanisms are in process, such as Leadership Principles, which serve as decision-making guides to maintain customer obsession.

Understanding Amazon’s Leadership Principles

Understanding Amazon's Leadership Principles

According to the leadership principles published on Amazon’s website, “Success and scale bring broad responsibility.”

Let’s unpack what this sentence means.

The company started as a humble bookstore.

However, Amazon’s unparalleled success means they must always consider how their actions affect their customers, the Earth, and the future generations who will inhabit this planet.

Under these principles, Amazon strives to do better for not just their local community but the entire planet.

Amazon’s leadership principles provide a roadmap for decision-making, inspire innovation, and instill a customer-centric mindset in the organization. They’re like the secret sauce behind Amazon’s success.

At Amazon, employees are empowered to take calculated risks, learn from failures, and maintain a focus on long-term goals.

Exploring Amazon’s Business Model

Amazon’s business model revolves around e-commerce, and various Amazon Subsidiaries involved in cloud computing, digital innovation, consumer goods, and so much more.

Amazon has Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is dedicated to providing secure and scalable cloud computing services worldwide.

The company upholds its Amazon cultural values, enhancing the customer experience, offering an extensive selection of products and services, and maintaining competitive pricing.

Start With the Customer and Work Backwards: Adopting Amazon’s Mindset

Start With the Customer and Work Backwards: Adopting Amazon's Mindset

Amazon’s way of working backward is a unique mindset and approach that Amazon product teams pioneered and adopted.

They take a different route instead of following the typical linear thinking process.

They begin by picturing the end goal they want to achieve and deconstruct it into steps. Then, they work their way backward, breaking the goal into smaller, manageable tasks.

When Amazon works backward, they believe that seeing the final product all set to launch helps them focus relentlessly on other benefits, not just the features.

Once they put it down as a press release, any feature that doesn’t sound appealing or fails to deliver the core user benefits gets thrown out of the picture.

Amazon wants to ensure that they only approve the best features and ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Mission and Vision Statements?

These statements define an organization’s long-term aspirations and purpose.

Should All Companies Have a Mission and Vision Statement?

Not necessarily.

However, having a personal mission and vision statement tells customers a company’s direction and can clarify its reason for existing.

Does Amazon’s Mission Statement Consider the Future?

Yes. Amazon’s mission statement reflects a futuristic outlook by stressing long-term customer value.

Is Amazon’s Mission Statement Market-Oriented?

Yes. Amazon’s mission focuses on customer-centricity and delivers many products and services.

Why Do Companies Change Their Vision and Mission Statements?

Companies change their vision or mission statements to adapt to evolving market conditions, redefine their strategic direction, or align with shifting organizational goals.

What Are the Elements of an Ideal Mission Statement?

A mission statement must be concise and inspiring and communicate the company’s purpose, values, and goals.

What Is the AWS Mission Statement?

Amazon Web Services’ mission statement is to empower customers and drive innovation through cloud technology.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is to provide secure and scalable cloud computing services to individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide helped you understand Amazon’s vision and mission statements.

These statements may seem simple, but remember that Amazon is a global organization. Thus, Amazon’s vision and mission statements shape your experience as a consumer and affect the entire world.

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you may not know how much money you’ve poured into the online marketplace. Thus, knowing how much you’ve spent on Amazon is ideal.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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