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So, you’ve found someone to share your future with and decided to tie the knot. Congratulations!

This means you should get everything in place leading up to your special day, from finding the perfect venue and dress to creating your wedding registry.

If you don’t know where to register for your wedding gift list, Target is a great place to start. After all, it has stores in almost every major city and carries a large inventory of furniture, home decor, and appliances.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to create a Target wedding registry that should include all the things that spark joy in you.

Setting Up Your Target Wedding Registry

Creating a Target registry before your big day is an easy process. Here are the steps to register at Target.

Create an Account or Use Your Existing Target Email Address.

The first step is to create a Target account or register with your existing Target email address if you already have one.

target wedding registry

Link Your Target Gift Registry to The Knot Registry.

When you link your Target gift registry to The Knot Registry, your guests can easily find your wishlist and pitch in for more expensive items.

But before you can link your Target wedding registry to The Knot, you need to make an account on their site.

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Next, click Target from the list of retailers.

Once you click Target, they will redirect you to Target’s site. You can then log in to your existing account (or create a new account).

Add Your Wedding Details.

While on the main registry page, you can add a welcome note and a photo that your family and friends can see.

Also, don’t forget to enter all important details, such as your event date, location, partner’s name, and shipping address for gifts.

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While setting up your own wedding registry on the Target website or app, you should also decide on these things:

  • Join their reward program, Target Circle (this is completely optional).
  • Decide whether to make your Target registry public or private.
  • Choose a custom Target URL.

Start Adding Products to Your List.

Add products by browsing through the My Checklist section, which you can see on the registry site.

This handy checklist shows different categories, such as bathroom accessories, cookware sets, appliances, home decor, and more.

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Pro tip: Walk around your house and see where you need an upgrade. Even though you already have bed sheets, towels, and other basic essentials, you may want to have their “fancier” versions.

Aside from browsing the checklist and categories, you can also add products by typing them into the search bar on the upper right side.

Once you’re redirected to the product page, click Add to Registry to add it to your Target registry list.

Take Advantage of Some Amazing Features.

If some of the products you’re eyeing cost more than $100, you can take advantage of group gifting, a feature that allows your guests to pitch in.

You can also add personalized notes or mark certain products as “Most Wanted” to let your guests know why you want to get your hands on them.

Another notable feature is the Honeyfund integration. This OG cash fund registry allows you to register almost anything—from a week-long honeymoon vacation to a downpayment on your dream house.

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Note: You can also create your wishlist at a registry kiosk, which you can find in your local Target store. You can then access, add, and track your Target wedding registry via the Target app, Target’s website, or The Knot.

Target Wedding Registry Categories

Target offers an upgraded shopping experience and a massive inventory of home decor, appliances, and furniture. It’s super easy to buy pretty much anything to complete your home.

These are the various categories you can find in the Target registry:

  • Kitchen and appliances
  • Electronics and games
  • Fitness and outdoors
  • Dining and entertainment
  • Patio and garden
  • Home essentials
  • Furniture and decor
  • Luggage and travel
  • Storage and organization
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom

If you forget something, you have other category options such as Now Trending, Gifts Under 50, Top Registry Picks, and others. Additionally, under each category, you can find numerous subcategories.

For your additional convenience, you can browse gifts by their usage, by room, and even based on brand names.

What Are the Target Wedding Registry Perks?

Aside from free two-day shipping and free returns, you can enjoy these benefits when you register gifts from this popular wedding registry store.

Easy and Convenient Access

You can create and manage your Target registry app (iOS and Android) anytime and anywhere.

Exclusive Offers and Bonus Gifts

Who doesn’t love receiving bonus gifts? With the Target wedding registry, you can receive exclusive offers and gifts.

15% Discount Coupon

After your wedding date, get a 15% discount coupon that applies to everything left on your Target registry. You can use it online or while shopping in their physical store.

Easy Returns

Thanks to Target’s flexible policy, you can exchange and return items up to a year after your wedding day and receive a full refund. You can visit any of their 1,800+ stores nationwide to return your gifts.

You can also return your gifts (these should be new and unopened) by mail. Target will email you when they receive the items to let you know when to expect your refund.

Group Gifting

Group gifting allows your friends and family to chip in to purchase a large token item as a group. However, one person should create a gift card and indicate when you’ll receive your gift.

That person can include photos and personalized notes and invite other guests to chip in until they meet the target amount.

You’ll receive the gift card with all the contributors’ messages and photos on the requested date.

Other Perks

  • Gift tracking feature
  • Price match guarantee
  • Order pickup (family and friends can shop online and then pick up your gifts at any Target store)

What Is the Universal Registry Feature on Target?

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Did you know that Target lets you drag and drop items from other websites directly onto your Target wedding registry?

With Universal Registry, your guests can shop from their favorite online store, and you don’t have to track multiple checklists. The Target registry app syncs everything for you.

Follow this guide to use this feature:

  1. Visit the website of a retailer that has a partnership with Target.
  2. On the product page, click the bookmark to add the desired item.
  3. Once you click the bookmark, a widget will appear requesting a product description.

When guests click the view/buy button, Target will redirect them to the retailer’s website.

How Can You Track Your Gifts?

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You can keep track of your gifts and the givers’ names by visiting Target’s wedding registry page and clicking the gift tracker icon.

On this page, you can see who gave you what, whom you have already thanked, the date of purchase, and the details about the gifts, such as production description and quantity.

However, let’s say you included some items outside of Target. In that case, the checklist won’t show updates should someone purchase them from other websites.

How Can You Share Your Target Registry With Guests?

To share your wishlist with your guests, you must create a wedding website on The Knot. Next, head to the Registry settings and click Copy Link to copy the URL of your wedding registry.

You can post this URL on your online wedding invitations.

Pro tip: Contrary to popular opinion, there is a non-tacky way to share your wedding registry on social media. Simply create a private group and give access only to the people who need it.

How Can Your Guests Find Your Target Gift Registry?

In addition to the URL on your wedding invitations, your guests can also see your Target registry when they visit the Target website or physical store.

On Target’s website, they need to click Registries & Lists, enter your name (or your partner’s), and select Wedding as the category.

Your guests can also use The Knot to search for you. They must click Find and enter your complete name (or your partner’s) and the wedding month and year.

What Should You Put on Your Target Wedding Registry?

You can include everything you want for your registry online, from basic essentials such as bed sheets and towels to luxury items like silk rugs and espresso machines.

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You may want to consider the list below for some perfect wedding registry ideas and must haves:

  • Bedroom items such as weighted throw blankets and duvet cover sets
  • Kitchen utensils and basic dinnerware sets
  • Big-ticket items like outdoor grillers and patio furniture
  • Basic home essentials like bath towels, doormat, shower curtains, rugs
  • Personalized items (marble coasters, artwork, mugs, wine glasses, and more)
  • Travel bags and suitcases

The Bottom Line

Wedding registries save time for your guests by giving them an easy way to pick out gifts that you and your other half will surely love.

If a Target wedding registry sounds perfect for you, why not create your wishlist today before your wedding date?

You may also want to join their loyalty and rewards programs for even more value. Check out my guide about Target Circle and how it works to learn more about its juicy perks.

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