How to Get Amazon Choice Badge To Get More Sales

how to get amazon choice badge

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You’re probably aware that Amazon uses different badges to highlight products and brands it deems good choices for buyers. The Amazon’s Choice badge is one of them.

Both merchants and FBA sellers can leverage this badge to increase sales and grow their business. However, there are certain criteria you need to meet first.

In this post, I’ll break down all the steps you need to take to secure the badge. Read on to learn how to stand out among the tough competition.

What Is the Amazon’s Choice Badge?

This badge is a label assigned to a product that is the best match for a target keyword. Think of it as a high five from Amazon for meeting the searcher’s intent — the ecommerce giant is known to endorse sellers whose listings enhance the overall shopping experience.

You can usually the badge in the top left corner of a product image or right below the product title:

how to get amazon choice badge

Amazon first introduced its badge in 2015 to provide relevant and reliable search results for customers who use voice search.

The company later started using it to filter the most appropriate products depending on the buyers. The badge also helps merchants appear in keyword searches and communicates trust to customers.

How to Get the Amazon’s Choice Badge

You now know why you should have the Amazon Choice badge, but how do you get it? To answer that, I did some digging.

Here’s what you can do to increase your chances of getting the badge:

1. Make Your Products Prime-Eligible

Amazon tends to favor products that include fast shipping. So much so that Amazon considers them as candidates for the Choice badge, making it a critical factor for selection.

You can get into the candidates’ pool by qualifying for Amazon Prime.

Make Your Products Prime-Eligible

If you’re an FBA seller, you automatically have eligibility for Amazon Prime. Consistently offering fast and reliable shipping pushes your products one step closer to getting the badge.

2. Target the Most Relevant Keywords

A product’s relevancy to a given keyword is crucial to acquiring the badge, so you should find and integrate all relevant keywords into your listing page (without keyword stuffing).

I recommend performing long-tail keyword research on specific pain points your product solves. This is because search queries often feature problems customers are experiencing (e.g., heating pad for back pain relief).

You can use a keyword research tool to find related search terms for your products. Be mindful of high search volume keywords as they are often competitive and difficult to rank for.

3. Earn Good Reviews and Ratings

Amazon uses reviews and ratings to gauge a seller’s ability to provide a good customer experience. Well-performing Amazon sellers are more likely to win the badge.

Earn Good Reviews and Ratings

There are plenty of ways you can generate excellent reviews and ratings, including:

  • Providing fast shipping
  • Ensuring your listings are straightforward and clear
  • Quickly responding to customer queries
  • Displaying a clear return policy

If you have too many negative reviews, follow up with customers to understand the cause and use their feedback to improve post-purchase satisfaction.

4. Practice Competitive Pricing

Amazon has always been vocal about competitive pricing. However, did you know that well-priced products can help you qualify for the badge?

This doesn’t mean you should start charging below your MAP pricing — rather, you should strategically set price points based on competitors in your niche or market.

5. Optimize Your Product Page

Product pages are just as important in earning the Amazon Choice badge as they are in generating conversions.

opyimize your product page

To optimize your product pages, include complete and correct information, many clear photos, an FAQ section, and add popular keywords in the search term section of your seller central account.

Use bullet points, showcase fine details, and provide answers to common potential customer queries.

Benefits of Having the Amazon’s Choice Badge

Benefits of Having the Amazon’s Choice Badge

The badge comes with long-term benefits to your business. Here’s how it helps:

Increased Visibility

The Amazon’s Choice badge draws attention. As customers sift through dozens of listings, seeing a product with a special badge gives them an idea of where to go next.

It also gives your shop a distinction from your competitors.

Higher Sales

Since most shoppers prefer buying reputable products, having the badge can simply get you more sales.

Essentially, the badge lends credibility to items while indicating the seller cares about providing the best experience and products.

Stronger Brand Authority

If you have the Amazon’s Choice badge, your products will be officially endorsed by Amazon. This kind of promotion helps to build authority across the platform, increases organic traffic and increases customers’ confidence in your brand.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be Amazon’ Choice?

It means that a product has Amazon’s stamp of approval. From a buyer’s point of view, it’s a guarantee for an excellent experience.

Since Amazon’s Choice relates to keywords, a product featuring the badge is considered the best choice for a particular keyword.

What makes products eligible for Amazon’s Choice?

There’s no set criteria for becoming Amazon’s Choice.

However, high quality products that are highly rated, available to ship immediately, and have a low return rate than comparable products stand a better chance of getting the Choice label.

What’s the difference between Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller Badge?

The Amazon Choice badge is given to products considered the best fit for a specific keyword. In contrast, the Best Seller badge is intended for goods with the highest unit sales in their category.

Therefore, Amazon’s Choice is determined by product-keyword fit, while the Best Seller badge is defined by sales velocity.

What’s the link between Amazon’s Choice and voice search?

Amazon’s Choice history dates to 2015, when the badge was released to provide buyers ordering products via Amazon Echo with an efficient way to make purchases.

Amazon’s Choice label made buying easier by grouping voice searchable products together, which helped it gain traction and be considered for wider usage

Is there a limit on the number of Choice badges?

Amazon Choice badges don’t have any limits, since people can use a variety of keywords to search for the same item. This distinguishes it from the Best Seller badge, which can be given to only one product in a given category.

Do well priced products make it easier to get Amazon’s Choice badge?

Well-priced products improve your chances of becoming Amazon’s Choice, but they’re just one factor that influences the company’s selection. Other ways of being eligible for the Choice badge include improving your seller rating, making your products Prime-eligible, and integrating relevant keywords into your Amazon listings.

Ready to Get Your Amazon’s Choice Badge?

Now that you know the steps to acquiring the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge, it’s time to take action.

Target relevant keywords, optimize your listings, and provide excellent customer service, and you’ll be all set.

Always remember that ratings and reviews are vital in this process. Read our guide to getting 5-star Amazon reviews so you have a head start. Feel free to check out our other Amazon articles as well.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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