How to Change the Delivery Date on Amazon (Step by Step)

how to change delivery date on amazon

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You’re pretty sure your friend’s birthday is April 12.

That is why when you ordered that cool T-shirt on Amazon for your buddy, you set the delivery date to the 12th of April, so the gift will arrive on his doorstep just in time for his special day.

Unfortunately, you realized your pal’s birthday is on the 21st, not the 12th of April.

How do you deal with problems like this?

Knowing how to change delivery date on Amazon is pretty easy and could be very convenient whenever you make shipping schedule mistakes.

It is also essential to know the details surrounding products ordered on Amazon and the platform’s standards and terms involving delivery schedules.

So, are you ready to “turn the hands of time” in your Amazon delivery schedule? Though not as mind-blowing as doing the same thing on a fictional time machine, learning this skill is still pretty important in the real world of e-commerce transactions.

Whenever you’re ready, let’s dig in!

But first, to better know what to do to reschedule Amazon delivery, let’s look at how the platform’s delivery system works.

How Does the Amazon Product Delivery System Work?

You might be wondering, “Why do I need to know Amazon’s delivery process? I’m not aiming to be an e-commerce expert; I’m just a buyer!”

You see, the method of rescheduling delivery dates depends on what stage your Amazon order is currently in during the delivery process.

Though the shipping method may vary (meaning either Amazon or a third party seller will arrange for the carrier or courier of your product), the following are the major stages in the Amazon delivery system.

  1. A customer orders on Amazon
  2. The seller receives an order notification from Amazon
  3. Amazon (in an FBA arrangement) or the seller (in an FBM scheme) processes the order (labeling, putting products in boxes, etc.)
  4. Amazon or the seller ships the product to the customer’s house or residence
how to change delivery date on amazon

Take note of the four general stages discussed above since these connect well with the next section of the article, which is all about what you need to know to reschedule Amazon delivery.

Essential Facts for Rescheduling Amazon Delivery

Assuming that your product is eligible for scheduled delivery, before you can change your item’s delivery date, you have to answer the following questions:

  1. Did you schedule your delivery date and time during the checkout process?
  2. Is your product in the shipping stage (Stage 4 in the preceding section)?

The answers of “yes” or “no” to the questions above will determine what you need to do to change your product’s Amazon delivery date. Check out the section below to learn more.

How To Change Delivery Date On Amazon (The Process)

By logging in to your Amazon account using your desktop or laptop or through the Amazon app on your phone, you can generally modify your scheduled delivery date, depending on your answers to the two questions in the preceding section.

If you answer ‘yes’ to both questions, you have to contact Amazon Customer Service to find out what options are available so you can change your Amazon delivery date. You also have to follow this procedure if your ‘yes’ only applies to question 2.

If you answered ‘yes’ to question 1 AND ‘no’ to question 2, you could do the following according to Amazon:

1 – Proceed to “Your Orders” and find the order where you want to reschedule delivery

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2 – Click on “Change Shipping Speed”

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3 – Click “Select Another Date and Time”

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4 – Choose another schedule that works for you in the calendar that comes up

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5 – Click “Confirm”

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Now, if you did not schedule your delivery date and time AND your product has not yet undergone its shipping process, you must also get in touch with Amazon customer service personnel.

So, it’s great that you’ve now absorbed much information on how to change Amazon delivery day.

However, the saying “the devil is in the details” couldn’t be more accurate in the next section.

Knowing the information in the next section might help you better avoid inconvenience in the uncertain waters of modifying Amazon shipping schedules.

What Is The Delivery Schedule That Amazon Works With?

What Is The Delivery Schedule That Amazon Works With?

For U.S.-Based Customers

Amazon calculates delivery estimates “by adding transit time to the estimated shipping date.”

For calculating the transit time component of the delivery estimate, Amazon usually doesn’t count Saturday and Sunday except in cases where a weekend delivery option is available for a product.

When this option is not available, to avoid any misunderstandings or delays, make sure you order early in the work week, like on Monday or Tuesday.

Amazon drops off most packages between 8 AM and 8 PM, from Monday to Saturday. The e-commerce company also delivers on Sundays, but the final delivery time depends on the number of items that need to be sent near your place.

For International Shipments

Now, if your house or apartment is located outside the U.S., you must consider certain factors to ensure your package arrives on the date you desire.

Though Amazon has been doing its best to make international deliveries more efficient through its Amazon Transportation Services, certain limitations come with international deliveries. The following factors could delay the delivery of your product from Amazon to your home:

  1. Customs border inspections
  2. Unforeseen events like terrorist attacks, wars, and other socio-political disturbances
  3. Adverse weather conditions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Can you schedule a delivery on Amazon?

You can schedule delivery dates for eligible items. However, note that for some products on the platform, the issue of how to change delivery time on Amazon becomes irrelevant since those items don’t have delivery date settings.

Can you cancel an Amazon delivery?

Yes, you can, as long as your order hasn’t reached stage 4 (see section above with the title “How Does Amazon Product Delivery System Work?”), meaning the product you ordered on Amazon hasn’t been shipped yet. Amazon outlines on its customer help webpage how to cancel orders.

According to statistics from 2015 to 2018, an average U.S.-based buyer receives his or her package within three to five days of ordering the item on the Amazon platform. Take this into consideration when canceling deliveries.

How long do Amazon sellers have to ship?

How long do Amazon sellers have to ship?

Amazon expects U.S.-based sellers to ship their orders within two business days from the time the sellers receive their order notification (see stage 2 of the section “How Does Amazon Product Delivery System Work?”).

For example, suppose an American seller receives an order notification on Friday of this week.

In that case, he or she should have finished the process of preparing, labeling, packaging, and having the assigned courier company pick up the item for shipment by the end of Tuesday the following week (note Saturday and Sunday are not counted as business days).

Take note that buyers, in this case, don’t necessarily receive the item within two business days.

The two-day standard here refers ultimately to the period between online purchase and loading items for shipment, not the timeframe from the said purchase to doorstep delivery.

Can Amazon buyers receive their orders within 2 days?

Yes they can, as long as they placed their orders while enabling the Two-Day Shipping option. In this case, buyers could generally wait for just two business days before seeing their ordered item/s on their doorstep.

Amazon Prime subscribers and average U.S.-based Amazon customers generally enjoy the platform’s “Two-Day Shipping guarantee.”

However, if buyers are located outside the U.S., they generally don’t have access to this perk.

Bottom Line

The process regarding how to change delivery date on Amazon is quite simple.

However, it is crucial to know the shipping details of your product before ordering, especially if you want the option of modifying your item’s scheduled delivery EVEN AFTER you placed your order.

Hopefully, through all the information I’ve laid out in this article, you will be able to handle the sticky (and sometimes embarrassing) situation of having to change your scheduled delivery date due to mistakes or sudden change of plans.

Has this article been helpful? What other aspects of Amazon’s business operations do you want me to tackle in the future? Please feel free to leave your questions, ideas, and suggestions in the comments section below.

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