How To Sell Used Items on Amazon: Beginner’s Guide

how to sell used items on amazon

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Are you looking for places to sell used items online? One platform you should consider is Amazon.

Every day, millions of customers browse the Amazon marketplace. The online retail platform has over 300 million users as of 2022.

Along with online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay, Amazon is among the best places to sell used items.

Do you want to learn how to sell used Products on Amazon but don’t know where to start?

How can one sell used products on Amazon? Does Amazon sell used items?

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to sell used stuff on Amazon.

Let’s begin.

Can I Sell Used Items on Amazon?

Can you sell used items on Amazon? Yes.

However, just because you have a used item, Amazon professional account, and some photos doesn’t always mean you can immediately start.

There are some rules and regulations when you sell used products on Amazon. Learning how to sell used items on Amazon in a way that keeps with these standards is critical.

Your products must satisfy requirements for condition and quality. If they do, you can start selling used items on Amazon. You can make a good amount of money selling used products.

Want to know how to sell used things on Amazon? Start by learning what you can and can’t sell on the platform.

How To Sell Used Items on Amazon

Before you sell used items on Amazon, learn the different used items you can and can’t sell.

Main Used Item Categories You Can Sell on Amazon

how to sell used items on amazon

You can offer a wide range of used things in several product categories as a third-party seller on Amazon. Here are the most commonly used items on Amazon that you can consider selling yourself.

  • Amazon Fire TV Accessories
  • Amazon Kindle Books (excellent if you want to sell on Amazon without inventory)
  • Kindle Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Home and Garden Products
  • Cell phones
  • Personal computers
  • Cameras and Photo
  • Cellphones and Accessories
  • Apple refurbished products
  • DVDs and Blu-ray
  • Books
  • Collectible video games
  • Clothing
  • Shoes

Used Items You Aren’t Allowed To Sell on Amazon

Used Items You Aren’t Allowed To Sell on Amazon

Here are some secondhand products you can’t sell on Amazon.

  • Dangerous products, such as chemicals or batteries

  • Recalled or faulty goods

  • “Adult-only” items

  • Products that encourage violence or hate speech

  • Previously owned clothing that is damaged or stained

  • Used baby products (excluding apparel)

  • Secondhand software and digital materials

  • Independent design jewelry

  • Shoes

  • Handbags

  • Sports collectibles

  • Toys and games

  • Sports and outdoor gear

  • Collectible coins

  • Certified refurbished music

  • Fine art

  • Anything past its expiration date

  • Grocery and Gourmet food

  • Health & Personal care items

  • Used pet supplies

When selling used products on Amazon, knowing their standards and rules to prevent problems is crucial.

How Does Amazon Classify Used Items?

When posting used goods for sale on Amazon, Amazon sellers need to correctly categorize them depending on their condition.

Amazon uses four main product conditions.

  1. New or open box items are those unopened and still in their original packaging.

  2. Used – Like New products may still be in excellent condition and include all their original components and attachments. It’s also better to have the original packaging, with or without the original protective wrapping.

  3. Used – Very Good items are in good working condition but might have damaged packaging. If your product has missing accessories, you should add a note.

  4. Used – Good are products in good working condition but might have scratches, worn edges, identifying markings, or noticeable dents. The original packaging might already be missing.

Each condition has specific requirements according to the item’s design and usefulness.

Where Can You Find Used Products To Sell on Amazon?

Here are some places you can get secondhand products to sell on Amazon.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are excellent places to find old goods to sell on Amazon. These shops frequently provide inexpensive used goods, making it simple to discover stuff to flip for a profit.

Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value Village are well-known thrift shops. It’s crucial to thoroughly examine each item you purchase at a thrift store to ensure it’s in good shape and complies with Amazon’s standards for used goods.

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Garage sales are excellent places to find old goods to sell on Amazon.

While sellers are frequently anxious to get rid of unwanted stuff, these sales provide an opportunity to locate unique products at reasonable costs.

It’s crucial to carefully study each item and negotiate over costs while buying at garage sales to receive the best possible deal.

Your Items

your items

Your items, especially those you don’t need or use anymore, might be a terrific source of used goods for Amazon. 

You won’t have to pay for them, and you can get a higher profit margin if they’re in good shape.

How To List Used Items on Amazon

How To List Used Items on Amazon

Although it might be challenging to start, selling secondhand goods on Amazon can be a rewarding side hustle. Here’s what you need to do. 

1. Sign Up for an Amazon Seller Account.

Create an Amazon seller account first. The platform will ask you to input company details and submit identification documentation.

2. Choose Your Order Fulfillment Method.

You have two options for order fulfillment as an Amazon seller: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). 

FBM requires you to manage shipping and customer support yourself. FBA entails delivering your items to Amazon’s fulfillment facilities. 

Consider cost, convenience, and time when selecting the solution that best matches your company’s needs.

3. Add Your Products to an Existing Listing.

Adding your items to current Amazon listings is an excellent strategy to improve your exposure and attract more buyers. Choose the item you wish to sell and click the Sell Yours Here button. 

Amazon will feature your product among other offerings, making it easier for buyers to identify and purchase after you have specified its condition, quantity, and price. You can create your listings on the Amazon seller central account.

It’s also best to use existing product detail pages when posting multiple used products because Amazon doesn’t allow you to create a new page for an already listed product.

If you make a mistake, you can always close your listing.

4. Create a Shipping Plan.

Making an Amazon shipping plan is an essential step in completing client orders. In your seller account, click Manage Inventory, then choose the items you wish to ship. 

Next, print the shipping labels after specifying the shipment method, carrier, and package size. 

To ensure a seamless and trouble-free delivery experience, track your shipments and inform your customers when necessary.

5. Submit Products for Review if Necessary

Some products might require specific review requirements. For example, you must submit at least eight images of a sample unit for product and packaging review to list factory refurbished items.

Tips and Best Practices for Selling Used Stuff on Amazon

Tips and Best Practices for Selling Used Stuff on Amazon

If you want to learn how to sell used items on Amazon, follow these tips and best practices to maximize results when selling used items on Amazon.

Add a Condition Note.

When you sell used stuff on Amazon, including a “Condition Note” is a helpful approach to provide consumers with more details about the item’s condition. 

Include any pertinent information that can influence the customer’s buying choice, such as minor flaws, missing accessories, or other specifics. 

Choose the Product’s Appropriate Condition.

Choosing the appropriate product condition is crucial when selling used goods on Amazon. In addition to ensuring that the product is reasonably priced, selecting the proper condition aids buyers in making educated purchases. 

Select the most realistic condition choice, such as “Like New,” “Very Excellent,” “Good,” “Acceptable,” or “Used – Like New,” according to the item’s actual state.

Set Competitive Pricing.

When selling used things on Amazon, setting competitive prices is critical. Research the market and compare pricing for comparable items to ensure competitive pricing.

Price it reasonably depending on its condition, age, and uniqueness to draw potential customers and increase your earnings.

Sell Used Products With High Margins.

Purchasing used goods with high margins is wise when selling on Amazon. Choose products with strong demand and little competition, then suitably price them to increase earnings.

To locate high-margin items that you can resell for a profit, consider acquiring goods from garage sales, thrift shops, and internet marketplaces.

Sell Used Products With High Margins.

Provide Excellent Customer Service.

Providing excellent customer service is essential when selling used items as new on Amazon.

Respond promptly to customer inquiries, address concerns or issues, and strive to exceed their expectations. Excellent customer service leads to positive reviews, repeat business, and increased sales.

Aim for the Amazon Buy Box.

The Buy Box is the white box on an Amazon product detail page where customers can add items for purchase to their cart. Listings with this box are known to sell better.

Not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box. Excellent seller metrics are a must to get this spot. Try to get good reviews and maintain a healthy seller status to land on the Buy Box.

Is Selling Used Items on Amazon Worth It?

Selling old goods on Amazon may be worthwhile for people wanting to earn additional cash or establish a side business. 

Finding lucrative products and creating a successful business are attainable goals with the appropriate plan and approach. Yet it’s crucial to investigate the industry and comprehend the associated expenses and hazards.

Alternatives To Selling Used Items on Amazon

Many other options are available for selling used items without using Amazon. eBay is well-known, with millions of active users and various categories. 

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is also suitable, especially if you want to sell to local buyers. Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling websites, while Decluttr specializes in buying and selling used tech.

Other Online Retail Platforms

Online Retail Platforms

Craigslist and Kijiji have classified ad sites that allow you to sell items locally.

Poshmark is a platform for buying and selling fashion items, and Walmart Marketplace is a newer option that allows you to sell to Walmart customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Product Categories Can You Sell on Amazon?

You can sell many things on Amazon, including apparel, home goods, books, and technology. 

Amazon products, cellphones, and other consumer electronics are also trendy categories you can try selling.

Review the rules for each category when selling your items on Amazon since these rules vary. Some categories (ex., hazardous items) need further permits.

What Makes a Used Product Ineligible for Resale on Amazon?

There are situations where Amazon won’t allow you to sell used products. These are some common cases where Amazon will disqualify your items.

  • If the item is dirty, showing symptoms of mold, excessive staining, corrosion, or other stains

  • The item has damage that affects its function.

  • The product lacks the necessary components or accessories that make it usable (excludes instructions).

  • The item needs repairs.

  • The product is a replica, imitation, counterfeit, or duplicate of the original.

  • The product’s expiration date (including “best by” and “sell by” dates) has passed or is about to, or it has been changed or removed.

  • The product’s manufacturer declared it unsellable.

What Is Amazon Renewed?

What is Amazon Renewed?

Is Amazon selling used items as new? No.

However, there’s Amazon Renewed, a program selling expertly refurbished products. They are professionally expected and rigorously tested. It also comes with a 90-day Amazon Renewed guarantee.

Customers may purchase devices through this program that have been certified as refurbished or pre-owned and fulfill Amazon’s strict requirements for performance and quality. 

Sellers may reach a broader audience by applying to sell their used goods through the program.

Do You Have To Pay To Resell on Amazon?

Yes. When you sell an item on Amazon, you must pay various costs, including a referral charge and a closing fee.

Amazon provides a range of for-profit services, including advertising and fulfillment, to assist merchants in expanding their companies.

How Do I Start Selling on Amazon With No Money?

You can begin by selling stuff you have or making handcrafted goods to start selling on Amazon without any money. 

You may also consider dropshipping or using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to sell items with no upfront expenditures. Applying for a grant or loan for a small business is another option.

Can Anyone Sell on Amazon?

Yes, anybody may apply to sell on Amazon. Sellers must, however, fulfill some conditions, including having a legitimate credit card and tax ID on hand and abiding by all of Amazon’s rules and regulations. 

In other categories, sellers must fulfill additional criteria or get permission before displaying items.

Can You Sell Used Clothes on Amazon?

Yes. You can sell used clothing on Amazon, but only if they satisfy specific requirements and you classify them in the “Used” category.

How can I sell used clothes on Amazon? If you want to learn how to sell used clothes on Amazon, note what category they fall under first. Ensure you provide detailed descriptions and photos to avoid returns and refunds.

It might also be best to consider using FBA to streamline shipping.

If you plan to sell clothes on Amazon, choose products that balance fashion and function. Consider the brand of products you’re selling too.

Private label brands and dropshipping are other ways to sell clothes on Amazon

What Is the Difference Between Selling Used Items on Amazon vs. eBay?

Unlike eBay, Amazon offers a more extensive consumer base and a more simplified selling procedure through FBA, but eBay allows for greater personalization and often has lower costs. When listing things, it’s crucial to consider the rules and charges of both sites.

The Bottom Line

There’s a world of opportunity for entrepreneurial minds on Amazon. If you want to sell products on Amazon, there are many things you can offer, used items being one of them. 

Follow the guidelines, policies, and best practices in this guide. Doing so increases the likelihood of you making passive income on Amazon and experiencing ecommerce success.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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