Was Your Amazon Package Not Delivered? Find The Solutions Step-by-step

amazon package not delivered
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Online shopping has become a convenient and popular way of buying goods, with Amazon leading the e-commerce space.

Despite the company’s efficient delivery system, there are times when customers may need help with Amazon package delivery. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re eager to receive your order.

I wrote this guide to explore the steps you can take to prevent Amazon package delivery problems in the future.

Let’s start.

Was Your Amazon Package Not Delivered, or Is It Missing?

amazon package not delivered

Was your Amazon package delivered but missing?

It’s best to do your homework about your order before claiming that your Amazon package is missing.

You should verify the item’s tracking information in your Order History on your Laptop or mobile device. Amazon’s website always displays updated information regarding the location of your package.

If the delivery is supposedly complete, ensure the driver didn’t leave the product in a visible area by looking around the vicinity of the delivery location.

Due to the possibility of porch pirates stealing your order, most delivery drivers avoid placing your order at the front door.

It’s worth mentioning that Amazon collaborates with multiple carriers, including FedEx and the US Postal Service.

You might have to wait a few days to arrange a delivery time for oversized items like furniture, which a local delivery business delivers.

FedEx or USPS may provide a door tag with a tracking number and redelivery options if they try to deliver your package when you’re not home.

You should also check the Order Details page to confirm the item’s shipping address if Amazon delivered it to the incorrect address. Contact the delivery service to get further details.

Amazon advises waiting up to 48 hours if these steps do not provide the desired results because Amazon may record items as delivered up to two days before arrival.

But if your item is still missing after that, get help from Amazon’s customer service.

How To Report A Missing Package Shipped by Amazon

How To Report A Missing Package Shipped by Amazon

If Amazon fulfills the order, you must submit a missing package Amazon claim to the online retailer. Here’s how to file a missing parcel report for Amazon-shipped items.

1 – Go to your orders after logging into your Amazon account.

Amazon fulfills the order

2 – Click the Trouble with Order icon next to the unfulfillable product you selected. The Seller Messaging Assistant will appear.

3 – Choose the claim’s explanation by following the prompts and beginning with the I didn’t get this option.

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Amazon will investigate your claim.

If the seller cannot show proof of delivery, Amazon will return the money to the payment method you used to buy the product.

Alternatively, you can get help from Amazon’s customer service option.

1 – When entering contact Amazon customer services into the primary search field, access the Amazon website or app and ensure you log in to your account.

2 – Click Get help now under Amazon customer service at the top of the website.

3 – You’ll see the page below. Select Something else, then select the Contact us option.

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4 – You can type a message in the chat box or select one of the four key options.

Choose the missing item from your order history and specify what you want done to fix the problem.

For instance, if you no longer need the item, you can be content with a replacement or just want a refund.

How To Report a Missing Package From a Third-party Seller

You must contact the third-party seller using your Amazon account if Amazon doesn’t fulfill your item and is not eligible for Prime.

1 – Go to your orders after logging in to Amazon.

2 – Click the Get help option after selecting the disputed order.

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3 – Choose Contact seller after selecting your topic from the list that Amazon provides.

What To Do if Amazon Package Never Arrived

Package theft has increased in recent years, along with the growth of internet shopping.

However, the more online purchases you make, the more likely someone will steal from you.

Buying from Fulfilled by Amazon sellers, claiming A-to-Z Guarantee protection, and avoiding fake sellers are ways to reduce the number of lost and stolen deliveries.

Buy From Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) Sellers

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You can find items from Amazon and individual vendors by browsing the website’s product listings.

Be vigilant in your interactions with third-party sellers since you might see a message that says Fulfilled by Amazon on the item.

A Fulfilled by Amazon message means that Amazon would ship your item to your home through one of their Amazon Fulfillment Centers, even if a third-party seller sold it.

As a result, you will be able to monitor the product’s delivery status using your account on the Amazon portal.

It also means Amazon is now in charge of customer service and potential product returns.

The likelihood of future issues increases when buying a product from a third-party seller whose products do not display the Fulfilled by Amazon tag, which results in A-to-z Guarantee claims that take time to handle and finish.

Non-fulfilled Amazon orders might also be dangerous because the seller might make inaccurate or false claims, which would be stressful for you.

Use A-to-Z Guarantee Protection for Amazon Packages.

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Suppose you bought a product from a third-party seller without the Fulfilled by Amazon guarantee. You can’t track the package using your Amazon account portal.

Without shipping the product, a dishonest seller may bill your card and claim to have done so.

Fortunately, you still have some legitimately available options to you. It takes the form of A-to-Z Guarantee Protection from Amazon.

This Guarantee covers all third-party orders that aren’t sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

Requirements To Claim A-to-Z Guarantee Protection

You must satisfy specific requirements before submitting an A-to-Z claim.

First, inform the seller and give him 48 hours to answer to submit an A-to-Z claim. You can claim if the seller doesn’t respond to your questions appropriately.

To claim the Guarantee, you must fulfill one of these five requirements.

  • You still haven’t received the item three days or 30 days beyond the expected delivery date.
  • Your order was significantly different from what you received in terms of quality, defect, or damage.
  • You sent an item back to Amazon but didn’t get a refund.
  • You have to send something back internationally, but the seller needs to give you a U.S. address or an international shipping label.
  • You had to pay the additional costs at delivery because the seller misestimated customs and shipping fees.

How To Claim A-to-Z Guarantee for Missing Packages

You must submit A-to-Z claims 90 days after the estimated delivery date.

  1. Go to Accounts and Lists.
  2. Click Your Account, then click Your Orders to submit a claim.
  3. Click File/View Claim after locating the order you want to submit a claim.
  4. Provide your explanation for your claim in the first box.
  5. Choose Request refund through A-to-Z Guarantee in the second box.

You can view a claim in your Amazon Payments account after submitting it.

By replying to Amazon’s confirmation email, you might withdraw the claim if the seller found a solution before Amazon issued the claim decision.

Amazon is going to decide. You will receive a refund if your claim is accepted.

When Does Amazon Deny Your Claim?

If you meet one or more of the following conditions, Amazon may reject your claim.

  • The item was just as the third-party seller had claimed it.
  • After receiving the item, the third-party seller gave delivery confirmation.
  • Amazon asked you to provide more details, but you didn’t.
  • Rather than a genuine problem with the goods, you claimed out of buyer’s remorse.
  • You approached your bank or payment processor to request a chargeback.
  • You declined to give the product back to the third-party seller.

You have the option to appeal a claim rejection. Amazon can decide whether to look into the matter further.

It would strengthen the case if you provided more supporting proof for your allegations, which you might have yet to do for the initial claim.

Avoid Fake Sellers on Amazon.

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The issue of bogus sellers on Amazon is getting worse. It’s alarmingly simple to commit fraud.

A criminal chooses popular things to sell and creates a new Amazon seller account. It merely takes a few seconds if they take advantage of the seller platform on Amazon. They typically post things for less than other shops are asking for them.

When they get orders, they tell the customer immediately that the package is on its way to the courier. Amazon then transfers the money to their account.

The seller can escape Amazon’s two-week payment cycle by estimating a four-week delivery window and disappear before customers begin to complain and Amazon terminates the account.

Spotting fraudulent sellers is simple.

Look at the feedback rating by selecting the seller’s name from the Sold By list on the right-hand side.

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On their profile page, you may view the seller’s overall feedback score and their scores from the previous three, six, and twelve months. These reviews can occasionally be biased, but you can put more faith in them if there are many.

Be cautious of items that appear too cheap. For instance, the seller can be unreliable if the seller sells a brand-new desktop monitor for only $20.

You can find some excellent bargains on Amazon, but it pays to be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true.

The Bottom Line

Not receiving a package from Amazon can be a frustrating experience, but there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue.

I hope my article provided helpful steps to resolve Amazon packages that aren’t delivered.

There can also be cases where Amazon sends your order to a different address. It would help to know what to do if Amazon delivers your package to the wrong address.

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