Was Your Amazon Package Not Delivered? Find The Solutions Step-by-step

amazon package not delivered

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Was your Amazon package not delivered?

I know exactly what you should do.

I encountered the same issue once when I thought I had a missing package. Amazon’s solutions aren’t that complicated, but I’ll detail the step-by-step to help you with your problem.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to report it to Amazon and other things to do if you have a missing package. Keep reading until the end to learn how to avoid precisely this type of issue in the future.

Let’s begin.

Amazon Package Not Delivered? How To Report in 3 Ways

If you’ve confirmed your package is missing, you can report it to Amazon and, hopefully, find a solution. Choose one of the dispute channels below to make a missing package claim:

1- Report a Missing Package to Amazon.

For items sold or fulfilled by Amazon, you can report directly to Amazon.

Here’s how:

Visit the Contact Us page
  1. Visit the Contact Us page on the Amazon website and click A delivery, order or return.
  2. On the next page with your order history, select the missing item or order.
  3. Choose Says delivered, but it’s not here.
  4. Select your desired outcome. 

Note that Amazon may follow up with you during their investigation. They may ask for other documents, such as a police report, to support your claim.

To ensure a smooth process, look out for Amazon’s response through your email or your chosen method.

2- Report a Missing Package to Third-Party Sellers.

If you ordered from a third-party retailer, you must contact the the seller directly to make a claim. Here’s how to do it:

contact the the seller
  1. Go to the Your Orders page and find the order you want to report.
  2. Select Problem with order.
  3. Choose an issue from the list.
  4. Select Contact seller.

Sellers have two days to respond to your request. If they don’t, you can contact Amazon to claim their A-to-Z guarantee, which I’ll discuss later in this article.

If Amazon intervenes, the seller has to provide proof of delivery. If they can’t, you’ll receive a refund in your original payment method.

3- Contact Amazon Customer Services.

Alternatively, you can contact Amazon to receive a personalized solution. 

click Something Else
  1. Visit the Contact Us page and click Something Else.
  2. Select I need more help.
  3. Choose a way to contact Amazon, whether you want to chat with a customer service representative or have them call you.

What To Do If You Have Missing Packages

Before you assume the worst-case scenario, check your order status first to see where it is in the shipping process.

Follow these steps to track your order:

Go to Your Orders
  1. Go to Your Orders to see the order details.
  2. Select Track package.
  3. Confirm if it’s still en-route to the delivery location or already marked as delivered.

You can also check the shipment status on the carrier’s website. Just copy the tracking ID on this page.

If it’s the day of delivery, and you want to know where exactly your package is, use the Amazon Map Tracking feature.

This convenient technology provides up-to-date information, allowing you to track the package’s progress in real time. The tracking shows you how many stops the driver has to go through before reaching your shipping address.

If It Shows as Undelivered, It’s Going Back to Amazon.

If the carrier fails to deliver your package, Amazon automatically processes it for return. In this case, you should receive an email informing you of the return and any refund details.

Why does your order show as undelivered? Here are some reasons:

  • Incorrect address
  • Delivery refused by the recipient
  • Illegible or non-standard addresses
  • Damaged package

Unfortunately, you have no choice but to accept the refund (if applicable) for undelivered packages. Amazon doesn’t redeliver such orders, so you may have to reorder if you still want the item.

If It Shows as Delivered, Here’s What To Do.

Once the tracker shows your package as delivered, but you haven’t received it, follow these tips:

Verify your Shipping Details.

Did you enter the correct address at checkout?

enter the correct address at checkout

Even one incorrect detail can delay your package’s arrival or cause it to get lost. It might already be in another address.

Check Around the Vicinity.

If the details are correct, ensure the package isn’t anywhere on your property. The delivery driver might have hidden it somewhere safe from porch pirates, or other external factors might have concealed it. 

Check these common places:

  • Behind or under an item by your front door
  • Your porch
  • The mailbox
  • At the side of your house
  • The backyard
  • With your neighbors

You can also check the Amazon Photo on Delivery service. This feature provides a photo of where the driver placed the package at the time of delivery.

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Contact the Carrier.

usps tracking screenshot

Amazon uses multiple carriers depending on your location and order size. You’ll see which one handles your package on the Track package page.

While you can usually track the package on the carrier’s website, the information might not be accurate. Some national carriers delegate the final leg of the journey to regional carriers, which can delay the relay of information.

In this case, you can contact the carrier itself to ask for an updated status. Just ready your tracking information when you inquire.

For reference, here are the contact numbers of common carriers Amazon uses:

CarrierPhone NumberWebsite
DHL Express1-800-225-5345Track your DHL Package
FedEx1-800-463-3339Track your FedEx Package
UPS1-800-742-5877Track your UPS Package
USPS1-800-222-1811Track your USPS Package

*Check the Carrier Contact Information page for further information if your order has a different courier.

Wait for 48 Hours.

According to Amazon, your package may show as delivered for up to 48 hours before it arrives on your doorstep.

These are rare cases, but Amazon recommends waiting it out to see if your order arrives within two days. 

Can You Request a Refund for the Missing Package?

Yes, Amazon provides a safeguard through the A-to-Z Guarantee of Protection.

A-to-Z Guarantee Claims

A missing Amazon package showing as delivered is eligible for an A-to-Z claim.

It’s a program that ensures the customers’ protection in cases where their orders encounter issues, such as:

  • Product is different from expectations.
  • You received a damaged or incomplete order.
  • You sent an item back to Amazon but didn’t get a replacement.
  • The package is three to 30 days beyond the latest estimated delivery date.
  • You requested a refund from a marketplace seller and they haven’t responded for 48 hours.
  • The third-party retailer closed or denied your return request.
  • The seller provided an invalid tracking number.
  • You want to return an item internationally but the seller didn’t provide a U.S. shipping address or an international shipping label.

To create a refund request, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to the Your Orders page and find the order with the missing package.
  3. Click Problem with order and choose the applicable issue.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to file a claim. Be sure to provide all relevant details, including the order number and any tracking information you have.
  5. Click Submit.

Amazon takes up to a week to investigate your case. You can check the status of your request on the Your Orders page. 

Compensation for Delayed Packages 

Amazon’s delivery guarantee allows you to get a refund if they don’t meet their estimated delivery date or window.

Note: The guarantee doesn’t cover delayed orders due to unforeseen circumstances or an attempted delivery within the promised timeframe.

If your case is eligible, Amazon will refund the shipping fees associated with the order.

Amazon Prime members may also receive a different benefit for late deliveries

In the past, Amazon offers a free month of Prime membership on top of waiving the shipping charges. However, it seems the compensation is different now.

Some users reported receiving offers like $5 to $20 gift certificate or membership discounts.

There’s no way of knowing what type of compensation you can get, but you can always contact the e-commerce site for Amazon delivery problems.

Why Do Amazon Packages Go Missing?

There can be several reasons why an Amazon package goes missing, such as:

  • Delivery Errors: Mistakes in the delivery process can lead to packages being marked as delivered when they’re not.
  • Lost in Transit: Packages can also get lost during transit, especially if there are issues with the shipping carrier.
  • Package Theft: Unfortunately, package theft is a concern in some areas. It’s important to have preventive measures in place, as outlined below.

How To Prevent Missing or Stolen Packages: Top 8 Tips

1. Schedule Deliveries Wisely.

Plan to be at home or have a trusted neighbor or friend available when you expect a delivery. Some shipping carriers allow you to schedule the delivery time, so take advantage of this option if possible.

2. Provide Detailed Delivery Instructions.

add delivery instructions

When placing an order, use the delivery instructions field to specify where the driver can leave your package safely. For example, you can request that they leave it on the back porch or with a specific neighbor.

3. Use an Amazon Locker.

Amazon Locker
Source: Amazon

Depending on your location, you may have access to Amazon Lockers. These secure, self-service kiosks allow you to pick up your packages at your convenience, reducing the risk of theft.

4. Buy From Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) Sellers.

A Fulfilled by Amazon tag means that Amazon would ship your item to your home through one of their Amazon Fulfillment Centers, even if a third-party seller sold it.

Thus, you’ll be able to monitor the product’s delivery status using your account on the Amazon portal.

5. Consider a Video Doorbell.

If you have an Amazon package missing from your porch, you’re likely dealing with a stolen package.

Installing a video doorbell like Ring or Nest can help you keep an eye on your front porch and receive real-time alerts for delivery attempts. Some video doorbells even allow you to speak to the delivery person remotely.

6. Monitor Package Tracking.

Track your your package’s status through the shipping carrier’s website or Amazon’s tracking system. This can help you anticipate its arrival and make arrangements to secure it.

7. Get To Know Your Neighbors.

Establish a friendly relationship with your neighbors. They can help keep an eye on your property and packages and can hold onto your deliveries if you’re not at home.

If your neighborhood has a community watch program, consider participating. These programs promote safety and can deter theft.

8. Avoid Fake Sellers.

It’s alarmingly simple to commit fraud through Amazon’s seller’s platform.

Anyone can create a new Amazon seller account and sell high-demand items for less money than other retailers. The process merely takes a few seconds through the Amazon account portal. 

When they get orders, they tell the customer immediately that the package is on its way to the courier. Amazon then transfers the money to their account.

The seller can escape Amazon’s two-week payment cycle by estimating a four-week delivery window and disappear before customers begin to complain and Amazon terminates the account.

To avoid getting scammed, check the feedback score. Look at the right-hand side of a product page and look for the seller name.

seller name on amazon listing

Once you’re on the profile page, check the seller’s lifetime feedback rating and any reviews from customers.

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From here, you can assess for yourself whether the reviews are legitimate or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Cancel an Amazon Order?

If your orders hasn’t shipped yet, you might still be able to cancel your order by following these steps:

  1. Hover over the Accounts & Lists tab on the top-right corner of any Amazon page.
  2. Click Orders to see a list of your transaction details.
  3. Look for the order you want to change and select Cancel Order.
  4. Follow the prompts.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Deliver?

It depends on your chosen shipping method, but here’s the average for addresses in the contiguous US:

  • Standard Shipping: four to five business days
  • Two-Day Shipping: within two days
  • One-Day Shipping: within one day

What Time Does Amazon Deliver?

Amazon delivers at various times, sometimes as early as 8 a.m. or as late as 10 p.m. It mostly depends on the courier and the volume of packages they’re delivering that day. 

The Bottom Line

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Amazon can’t guarantee a 100% delivery rate. However, the ecommerce giant claims that a vast majority of packages successfully reach their intended destination without any issues.

Nonetheless, I hope this guide helps you resolve delayed or missing packages.
It helps to be ready for similar issues, such as Amazon sending you a wrong item.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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