How to Start and Earn through TikTok Dropshipping – A Full Guide

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TikTok has skyrocketed in the past few years, which has created ample opportunities for anyone who wants to build a thriving ecommerce business.

At the top of that list of business opportunities is TikTok dropshipping.

If you plan to start TikTok dropshipping, read this guide until the end as I teach you all you need to know about this business model.

Discover TikTok dropshipping, review the top products, learn how to find dropshipping suppliers, and more.

Let’s begin.

What Is TikTok Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a low-risk and high-reward business model that lets you sell products for a profit without keeping inventory.

With TikTok dropshipping, you simply operate this inventory-less online store within the platform’s shopping ecosystem.

Today, thousands of content creators, TikTok account holders, and entrepreneurs sell all kinds of hot and trending products to the 1.677 billion users on the platform.

So, if you’re looking for a way to sell popular products on a fast-growing platform, TikTok dropshipping is a good place to start.

image 60

18 Top Dropshipping Products on TikTok

What kinds of products do people sell and buy through TikTok dropshipping nowadays? Here’s a list of the top TikTok trending products you can start selling on your TikTok shop.

  • LED strip lights

  • Fashion and clothing

  • Beauty and health products

  • Kitchen appliances and accessories

  • Home cleaning products

  • Lip brush tools

  • Funky sunglasses

  • Jewelry products

  • Hair dryers or straighteners

  • Books

  • Star projectors

  • Dog water bottles

  • Pet hair cleaners

  • Hammocks

  • Mugs

  • Stickers

  • Humidifiers

  • Serums

There are many more products that sell like hotcakes on TikTok. Later on in this article, I’ll teach you how to spot trending items on your own.

How to Dropship on TikTok: 11 Steps to Start Your Business

How does one start selling via TikTok dropshipping? Here’s how to start your own dropshipping business on TikTok.

1. Find the Right TikTok Dropshipping Products To Sell.

The starting point to building your own business on TikTok via dropshipping is to find high-demand products. You already have an initial list of popular TikTok dropshipping products listed above, but don’t think you’re limited to just that list.

These are other ways to find winning products to sell to potential customers through TikTok:

Consider Your Interests and Expertise.

It helps when you sell a product you love and know a lot about. This way, you can create TikTok videos that show your passion and expertise and use that to attract buyers.

Showcasing your deep knowledge of the products you sell builds credibility and trust. These will lead to stronger brand recognition and more sales.

List down all the things you’re passionate about and think of products connected to those interests.

For example:

Do you love Star Wars? You could sell Star Wars memorabilia.

Are you a beauty and makeup enthusiast? You could dropship makeup products.

Determine Your Target Audience.

Your passion for a niche or product means nothing if you don’t have a paying market. TikTok has a specific audience, mostly aged 40 and below.

Take a look at these demographic numbers on TikTok:

  • 25% of users on TikTok are aged 10-19 years old.

  • 22.4% are 20-29 years old.

  • 21.7% of users are 30-39 years old.

  • Only 20.3% of users on TikTok are 40 years old and above.

image 61

Consider those age groups and see which of your passions resonate best with these audiences.

Check the Trending Products on TikTok.

Learning how to find dropshipping products on TikTok through trending channels is an excellent skill to acquire if you want to build a successful store on the platform.

One way to discover trends on this app is to analyze hashtags people use.

One popular hashtag for e-commerce, shopping, and marketing is #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. Try typing that hashtag into the search bar and see what kinds of products people in your network are already buying on TikTok.

Use Product Research Tools.

AutoDS$19.90 a monthFind out what dropshipping products are selling online.Try AutoDS
Sell The Trend$39.97 a monthSpy on ad campaigns that bring the best results.Try Sell The Trend
AliExpress Dropshipping CenterFreeLook at dropshipping product performance, pricing, and competition.Try Aliexpress
Google TrendsFreeSee whether a search term is trending or not on Google search.Try Google Trends
MineaFreeSpy on your competitor’s ads and see what products they’re selling successfully on TikTok.Try Minea

Several product research tools can help you with your product research on TikTok. Here are some that you can try using:

  • AutoDS – Use this tool to discover what dropshipping products sell online.

image 72
  • Sell The Trend – Look at TikTok ads dropshipping creators use and spy on ad campaigns that bring the best results.

image 99
  • AliExpress Dropshipping Center – This tool lets you look at dropshipping product performance, pricing, and competition. You can also search through the supplier’s best-seller sections.

image 101
  • Google Trends – This is a free tool by Google that helps you see whether a search term is trending or not on Google search.

image 67
  • Minea – You can use this tool to spy on your competitor’s ads and see what products they’re selling successfully on TikTok.

image 92

2. Find Dropshipping Suppliers.

Spocket$39.99 a monthCanadaProduct search, reviews, filtering, and page customization.
CJ DropshippingFreeChinaA marketplace of wholesale and dropshipping products.
EproloFreeChina, USProduct listings and fast shipping.
Oberlo$29.90 a monthVilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, LithuaniaAutomated inventory updates, product optimization, and sales monitoring.
HyperSKUFreeChinaInventory and order tracking and ecommerce management.
AliExpressFreeChinaA massive collection of cheap dropshipping products.
SaleHoo$27 a monthNew ZealandA directory of vetted suppliers, automation tools, and alerts.

These are some of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers for your TikTok dropshipping store.


image 75

Spocket has a strong presence in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. The supplier also offers global shipping, so you can sell to customers everywhere. It provides real-time stock checks, quick support, and automatic order management.

Over 50,000 entrepreneurs trust Sprocket to run their dropshipping companies.

CJ Dropshipping

image 95

CJ Dropshipping is an integrated platform from China with global warehouses. It offers sourcing, warehousing, and shipping services to dropshippers. You can also connect it to Shopify for inventory management.


image 96

Eprolo is a free app for dropshipping that can help with store setup, brand awareness, and everything in between. List products and enjoy automated order fulfillment with tracking. Beneficial for Tik Tok dropshipping.


image 98

Oberlo is a popular dropshipping app for Shopify that simplifies dropshipping. Source products and manage payments efficiently. It supports order fulfillment and packaging.


image 102

HyperSKU streamlines dropshipping with efficient sourcing, order fulfillment, and shipping. It integrates with platforms like Shopify, simplifying business inventory management and quality control.


image 103

AliExpress offers a wide range of budget-friendly products. It’s popular for dropshipping due to its variety, but longer shipping times and quality variations should be considered.


image 76

SaleHoo connects e-commerce entrepreneurs with verified dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers. Its curated directory, educational resources, and community support help businesses find reliable sources for successful online ventures.

3. Create a TikTok Business Account.

It’s best to set up a business account to sell on TikTok shop because it gives you more features than a regular business account. Here are some of them:

  • Check views on videos you post.

  • Access the TikTok video and content trend status.

  • Get the geographical data of your targeted audience.

  • Unlock audience insights.

  • Monitor your account’s growth over time.

  • Access to the TikTok ads manager dashboard to run a TikTok ad campaign

How To Create a TikTok Pro Account

If you’re just starting, here’s how to make a business account on TikTok.

1- Download the TikTok app (App Store or Google Play).

2- Look for the profile icon and tap Sign Up to register.

3- Add a profile image and fill in the bio section.

4- Go to Settings and Privacy.

image 59

5- Go to Account.

go to account

6- Select Switch to Business Account.

image 63

7- Select the category that fits your business or products best.

How To Switch to a TikTok Business Account

Follow these steps if you want to change an existing TikTok personal account to a business one.

  1. Log into your account on TikTok and tap the Profile section.

  2. Tap the Menu button at the top part of your screen.

  3. Go to Settings and Privacy.

  4. Go to Account.

  5. Tap Switch to Business Account and follow the instructions provided.

  6. Select the category that fits your business or products best.

4. Set Up Your TikTok Profile.

Set up your TikTok by entering your basic details, including the following:

  • Name

  • Profile Picture

  • Bio

Choose a unique handle that best represents you or your brand. If you have other handles on Instagram, Facebook, or X, use the same handle or one that’s closest to it.

Make sure your bio is compelling and explains what you’re selling. Include any accolades, recognitions, or awards, if you have any.

5. Set Up Your Dropshipping E-Commerce Store.

You can’t sell products directly on TikTok. But there are many ecommerce platforms that you can connect to your TikTok account. Some platforms I recommend are:

But among all ecommerce platforms, Shopify is what I recommend most because it’s easy to maintain and set up. Moreover, it’s got seamless integrations with dozens of reliable dropshipping suppliers.

How to Sign Up on Shopify.

Here’s how to create your Shopify dropshipping store:

1- Head over to Shopify and sign up for an account.

image 104

2- Select a name for your online store or brand.

3- Add any relevant company information that Shopify asks for.

image 91

4- Customize your website to make it match your style and brand.

5- Buy a domain to connect your Shopify store to look more legitimate.

image 93

6- Set up all the payment methods you will accept.

Choosing a Shopify Theme

image 73

Select a theme for your store. You can choose from several free ones or buy a premium theme. 

Paid Shopify themes can go anywhere between $150 to $500.

Head over to Shopify’s theme store and look for good options.

6. Integrate Your Ecommerce Platform with TikTok.

You’ll need to integrate your TikTok channel and your Shopify store. To do that, follow these steps:

1- Go to the Shopify App Store and download the TikTok app for Shopify.

image 105

2- Follow the installation instructions to the letter.

image 65

3- Connect your TikTok For Business account to have your TikTok shop. 

7. Post Organic Content on TikTok.

You should focus on organic marketing when starting with little to no capital.

What is TikTok organic dropshipping? It’s promoting your company without depending on paid advertising.

Your content has to stand out to attract potential customers and followers on TikTok. Find a way to set your brand and content apart from the other TikTok users.

Make your videos valuable by adding tips, entertainment value, or full and honest reviews of products. You can then mention in your video that you’re selling products through your app.

Understand TikTok’s Algorithm.

TikTok organic dropshipping success comes when you break the TikTok algorithm code. The platform will trace users’ interactions and show more relevant content to keep them glued to their phones.

Some engagements and communications TikTok likes to monitor include the following:

  • Videos you like

  • Videos you create

  • Videos you share

  • Accounts you follow

  • Videos in your Favorites list

  • Creators you hide and follow

  • Accounts and posts you comment on

Produce Quality Content and Visually-Appealing Videos.

Because TikTok is a video-first platform, the quality of your content matters. This includes the visual and topical content of your videos. It helps when you tell stories naturally, keeping viewers more engaged.

Keep Track of Trends.

TikTok videos tend to operate according to trends. The most common trend-based element on the platform is the music.

Using popular and trending music could boost your chances of getting more views, comments, and likes.

You can also follow video formats, dance crazes, or funny voiceovers and effects others like using on TikTok.

8. Promote Your Products on TikTok.

Once your TikTok account and Shopify store are up, you’ll need to drive traffic through your TikTok content. These TikTok marketing efforts are the best ways to promote your products on TikTok.

TikTok Advertising

Many TikTok dropshippers use dropshipping TikTok ads to get high-quality traffic to their stores.

You can choose from several ad formats via the TikTok ad manager, namely:

1- In-Feed Ads
These short video ads seamlessly appear in users’ TikTok feeds as they scroll through content.

image 70

2- Brand Takeover
This ad will take up a full screen when users open the TikTok app, creating immediate brand exposure.

image 68

3- TopView Ads
An ad with this format plays as the first thing users see upon opening the app, maximizing visibility.

image 71

4- Branded Hashtag Challenge
You can use this ad campaign to encourage users to engage with a sponsored hashtag by creating and sharing their content.

image 64

5- Branded Effects
This interactive ad allows users to apply a branded effect to their videos, integrating a brand’s identity into user-generated content.

image 69

TikTok Influencer Marketing

Creating an organic following from scratch can take a long time.

However, many content creators and influencers spent months or years building a large following on TikTok. You can tap into their following to get instant traffic.

Look for TikTok influencers in your category and niche and reach out to them. Work with smaller influencers first and offer an affiliate program and a small upfront fee.

Larger influencers will charge a higher sponsorship fee.

Giveaways and Contests

You can use various giveaways and contests to drive engagement on your TikTok shop. After all, there’s nothing more enticing than free stuff.

Some games and offers you can do include:

  • Product Showcase Challenge
    Encourage users to create short videos showcasing how they would use or style your products while incorporating a unique hashtag for entries.

  • Caption This Contest
    Post a video of a product and ask users to come up with the most creative or funny caption for a chance to win that item.

  • Unboxing Surprise
    Have participants record unboxing videos of products purchased from your shop and enter them into a giveaway to win a gift card or another product.

  • Trivia Challenge
    Post a video with interesting facts about your products and ask users to comment their answers to a trivia question related to the video for a chance to win.

  • Flash Giveaways
    Host spontaneous giveaways where you announce a giveaway and choose winners quickly through TikTok live videos.

  • User Reviews Contest
    Invite customers to create video reviews of products purchased from your shop, sharing their genuine experiences and opinions.

  • Guess the Mystery Product
    Post a teaser video that hides a part of a product and challenges users to guess what it is. You can give the winner a prize.

You can also combine exciting giveaways with other challenges to take your campaigns further.


You can use TikTok livestreams to connect with your followers and market your products. You can do product reviews, demos, or tutorials.

By hosting consistent live streams, you can build your presence and keep your brand on top of your audience’s minds.

Not sure which method is best for you? Here’s a quick look at each one’s pros and cons to help you decide.

Marketing StrategyProsCons
TikTok AdsYou can reach potential users right away with targeting.You’ll have to pay for ads. There’s also a chance that some ads might not convert.
TikTok InfluencersInfluencers already have a loyal following.Some influencers will charge a sponsorship fee upfront.
LivestreamsGoing live costs you nothing. You simply do it yourself.Over time, going live will cost a lot of time and effort. You’ll also need a strong following before getting real results.
Giveaways and ContestsGamifying your shop will drive more engagement.Contest prizes and giveaways will cost you money.

How To Advertise Dropshipping on TikTok

If you want to know how to make TikTok ads for dropshipping, follow these steps.

1- If you haven’t yet, create an ad account.

image 66

2- Choose an ad mode.
When you log in, you’ll find two options:

  • Simplified Mode

  • Custom Mode

    I recommend starting with the simplified mode for easier, quicker, and budget-friendly ad creation.

image 97

3- Pick an ad campaign.
After choosing an ad mode, you’ll be asked to select a campaign that suits your business needs. You can choose traffic, customer interaction, lead generation, or website conversions as a goal.

4- Click Continue once you’ve made your choice.

5- Create your ads creative.
Once you’ve selected the campaign, configure the Ad Group section by providing details like:

  • Placement Type

  • Location

  • Demographics

    Scroll down to set your budget, duration, and bid optimization. Click Continue and proceed to the Ad page. Name your ad and upload the creative.

image 100

6- Set a budget.
Determine how much you want to spend on ads.

image 94

7- Submit ad and monitor.
Hit Submit on the Ads page. Access the Dashboard on the top left to manage and track all your TikTok ads.

8- Optional: Set up TikTok Pixel.
You can also turn TikTok Pixel on in your Shopify TikTok app to track user activity and get more detailed audience insights.

image 62

9. Market Your Products Outside TikTok.

Platforms carry uncertainty because of algorithm changes and growing competition. This is why you must diversify your marketing efforts beyond TikTok.

To run successful marketing campaigns, consider these platforms.

Other Social Media Channels

TikTok isn’t the only platform with strong marketing potential. You can also use platforms like:

Email Marketing

When dropshipping with TikTok, You can send targeted emails to a list of subscribers to promote your dropshipping products, build brand loyalty, and drive more sales.

You can capture people’s emails with a free guide or discount and regularly send out newsletters and special offers.

Some email marketing tools you can try include:

Google Ads

Google Ads lets you create text, display, video, or shopping ads targeting users actively searching for products related to your dropshipping business.

This method can help you reach a wide audience and drive targeted traffic to your Shopify store.

Content Marketing

Create and share valuable, relevant, and informative content on your site to attract and engage your target audience.

This content can include blog posts, articles, and infographics.

You can host content on your Shopify website through the blog section.

10. Fulfill Your Customer Orders.

So you’ve chosen a product, set up a store, and promoted the product. Now, sales are coming in.

The next step is a crucial one: fulfilling your orders. That involves shipping out your products to your customers.

There are three general ways you can do that:

Manual Fulfillment

Manually purchase items from your chosen supplier’s website in bulk. Once a customer orders that product from you, you must send it to them by shipping it to their address.

This process involves a lot of manual work, so it’s prone to human error.

Automatic Fulfillment

Your Shopify store sends the order details to your supplier when you have automatic fulfillment. The supplier will then ship the product to your customer. Using automation saves time and eliminates chances for human error.

Fulfilled by AutoDS

Fulfilled by AutoDS is an automated fulfillment process that uses auto-credit accounts for every customer order. It also has a one-click return button to hasten the return request process.

Automating the order fulfillment process saves you more time and gives you peace of mind that your business is in good hands.

11. Monitor Your Performance and Adjust Accordingly.

Dropshipping is semi-passive, but that doesn’t mean you should sit on your laurels.

It doesn’t depend on how many ad campaigns you have and how much you’ve spent. What matters more is the result.

Keep an eye on your TikTok content, ads, marketing efforts, and your Shopify store’s performance.

Some performance metrics you should monitor include the following:

  • The number of views on your TikTok videos

  • Your ad spend

  • Your return on ad spend

  • Your shop’s overall conversion rate

  • The conversion of individual products

  • The views and engagement on your other social media platforms

  • Your email open and click-through rate

Stay on Top of Market Trends.

Marketing is an ever-changing game. It helps to stay ahead of the curve and always look for new strategies and tactics that help increase conversions and drive more traffic to your store.

You can use tools like Google Trends, and keep an eye on other online businesses in your niche.

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Every business will have its strengths and weaknesses. Determining this will help you adapt so you stay competitive.

For example, if your products are high quality, your weakness might be your expensive price point.

Find ways to use strengths to your advantage and avenues to curb your weakness with an opportunity.

Returning to the example of your expensive product, try running limited-time offers or offering a cheaper product first, then upselling.

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy Accordingly.

Not all your strategies will go according to plan. That means you’ll need to adjust them as you go.

You’ll need to keep testing until you find the best results possible.

Pros and Cons of TikTok Dropshipping

– Wide Audience– Short Attention Span
– Global Reach– Limited Link Sharing
– Capitalize on Trends Fast– High Competition
– Visual and Creative Marketing– Algorithm Changes
– Potential To Go Viral– Trends Tend to Change Fast
– Creative Format– Lack of Purchase Intent
– Influencer Marketing
– Easy Shopify Integration

If you’re having a hard time determining whether TikTok dropshipping is the online business for you, check out these pros and cons.


  • Wide Audience – There are hundreds of millions of people on TikTok that you can reach and market to.

  • Global Reach – You’re not limited to one geographical area. With TikTok, the world is your oyster.

  • Capitalize on Trends Fast – With the help of the research tools mentioned above, you can spot trends and capitalize quickly.

  • Visual and Creative Marketing – TikTok is a video-first platform that engages with people through creative content.

  • Potential To Go Viral – You can go viral if you consistently create engaging and quality content.

  • Creative Format – There are several ways to make your video stand out like adding animation, providing entertaining skits, trending music, or telling attention-grabbing stories.

  • Influencer Marketing – You can tap into the existing followings of established influencers.

  • Easy Shopify Integration – TikTok seamlessly connects with Shopify so you can dropship products conveniently.


  • Short Attention Span – Short videos are the norm on TikTok, resulting in short-lived interactions with your brand.

  • Limited Link Sharing – TikTok only allows you to share links in your bio, so people might find it hard to locate your dropshipping products.

  • High Competition – There are thousands to hundreds of thousands of other creators in your niche fighting for your audience’s attention.

  • Algorithm Changes – TikTok often changes its algorithm with little to no heads-up. This could affect your views, engagements, and sales.

  • Trends Tend to Change Fast – You can never rest on your laurels because trends change all the time.

  • Lack of Purchase Intent – People don’t exactly go on TikTok looking to buy products like they would on an ecommerce marketplace like eBay or Amazon. This could lower conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is TikTok Good for Dropshipping?

In more ways than one, TikTok is a promising platform if you want to operate a dropshipping business. It’s relatively easy to use and has a massive audience.

You can tap into many influencers when you’re starting out. You can also use their various integrations and features to connect other marketing channels to your Shopify store.

How Do I Make a TikTok To Start Dropshipping?

Making a TikTok account for dropshipping is simple. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Download the TikTok app on Apple or Google Play.

  2. Create your account.

  3. Change your account into a business one.

  4. Connect your Shopify store to your TikTok account.

Am I Allowed to Sell on TikTok?

Yes, there are no rules and policies on TikTok that strictly prohibit you from selling products on your TikTok account. They also let you run paid ads on their platform to reach a wider audience for your business.

Can I Sell on TikTok without a Shopify Store?

Yes. A Shopify store isn’t the only way you can sell on TikTok. You can also use other ecommerce platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Wix, and Woocommerce.

However, if you’re starting a dropshipping business, Shopify has some of the best integrations and automation to run your store semi-automatically.

Most other options will involve manual intervention when fulfilling your products.

The Bottom Line

TikTok is a social media platform still on the rise, meaning you can still capitalize on its growth by building your dropshipping business around it.

Thousands of people make thousands of dollars selling dropshipping products on TikTok, and you can, too.

Dropshipping requires very little technical skill so anyone can jump in. The key is to find good products that people already want to buy and make them available through your TikTok account.

What products are you planning to sell on TikTok?

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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