The Walmart Call-Out Number is 1-800-775-5944; Here’s How to Call In Sick.

walmart call out number

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What is Walmart Call Out Number?

For calling sick at Walmart, call their call-out number at 1-800-775-5944. Prepare your Walmart Identification Number, date of birth, store number, and call at least 3 hours before your shift. If you don’t have the WIN, contact your store manager.

In this complete guide, I’ll show you:

  • The steps to file a paid sick leave at Walmart
  • How to do that if you don’t have your WIN or if the line doesn’t work
  • All the consequences that come with calling in sick

You’ll be an expert within minutes!

Let’s start.

How To Call in Sick at Walmart (Step by Step Guide)

Here’s how to report an absence while following the paid sick leave law for all Walmart employees.

  1. Call the Walmart associates information line at 1-800-775-5944.
  2. Choose the report an absence Walmart option.
  3. Provide your Walmart Identification Number.
  4. Provide your birthdate and store number.
  5. After giving your WIN and other details, wait for them to approve your leave.
  6. If Walmart grants your request to call in sick, you’ll get a confirmation number (different from your store number).
  7. Write down your confirmation number or save it somewhere so you won’t lose it.
  8. Call the store number where you work and tell your coworkers that you were able to call in sick at Walmart.
  9. You can share your confirmation number if your store manager asks for confirmation.
  10. If you call in sick at Walmart for medical treatment, you might need to provide a doctor’s note, medical certificates, or other proof later.

As long as you have your Walmart Identification Number, you can call in sick through the official Walmart Associates Information line or even through the Walmart Online portal for employees on the WalmartOne website.

If you cannot reach the line, call your store number directly to talk to your store manager about your absence.

I highly recommend not to go through this process on short notice or last minute.

I know there might be personal reasons, such as a family emergency or a serious health condition. Still, try to give yourself enough time at the start of the day (at least 3 hours), and follow the procedure highlighted above to avoid problems with the shop manager.

No Identification Number? No Problem. Here’s How To Call in Sick at Walmart Without WIN Number

If you want to call in sick without your Walmart Identification Number and avoid disrupting your Walmart attendance, just contact your local store manager when reporting an absence.

You can call your local branch to talk to your manager directly if you don’t know your WIN. If you don’t know how to contact your workplace, look for the specific Walmart branch number online.

Walmart suggests calling in sick at least three hours ahead of your shift. If possible, call in sick a day before your shift to help your manager find ways to navigate your absence.

How To Report an Absence at Walmart Through the App or Employee Portal

walmart call out number

If you want to call in sick at Walmart but can’t call the Walmart Attendance Hotline, you can file a sick leave through the OneWalmart app or employee portal.

Have your Walmart Identification Number ready for this method.

Here’s how to call in sick at Walmart through OneWalmart.

  1. Download the OneWalmart app or employee portal.
  2. Ensure you have a OneWalmart employee account.
  3. Click the WORK tab.
  4. Choose the third block on the top right that says Report an Absence.
  5. Enter your WIN, name, and Walmart store location.
  6. Select Tardy/Absent.
  7. Choose Today/Tomorrow.
  8. Explain why you want to call in sick at Walmart.
  9. You’ll get a confirmation number after you call in sick at Walmart.

When you file that you’re sick through the OneWalmart app, you won’t need to wait for a call.

Walmart’s Leave Policies For Calling in Sick at Walmart

Besides knowing the Walmart employee call-in number, you should understand Walmart’s leave policies, the number of absences allowed, and how warning points work.

Although you can call in sick at Walmart, you should still abide by Walmart’s absence rules and avoid missing work regularly.

Here’s how to evaluate your Walmart call-in reasons.

Is Everyone Eligible for Intermittent Leave at Walmart?

Walmart’s paid family leave (including sickness) is for all full-time hourly associates after a year of service.

However, there are certain states where associates get coverage through state plans.

Walmart’s short-term disability coverage gives you benefits under short-term disability coverage and covers serious health conditions and other emergencies.

What Is the Walmart Call-in-Sick Policy? How Many Sick Days Can You Have?

Here are the Walmart Leave of Absence and Intermittent Leave at Walmart (LOA) rules:

The Walmart calling-in-sick policy specifies that the company pays up to three sick days if you report your absence properly.

After the first three days, you should contact Sedgwick.

If you call before your sick days, you’ll lose one point. You’ll lose half a point if you only miss half a day.

If you fail to do a sick call, Walmart will deduct 2 points for a full day and 1 point for a half day.

For dates like holidays and random days that the store manager finds important, Walmart stores deduct double points.

Avoid warning points deductions by calling earlier than three hours before your shift begins, an out-of-hours timeframe to register sickness.

Note: If you don’t report your intermittent leave or absence with Sedgwick within two calendar days from your absence, you won’t get approval, which will result in disciplinary action.

How Many Occurrences Are Allowed at Walmart?

The company’s limit depends on how many points you’ve used.

The official Walmart statement on absences says it only allows up to five occurrences per six months for eligible employees with or without your WIN.

However, you can ask for extended absences on special occasions if you properly report them.

How many points do you get for calling out at Walmart? You’re only allowed five penalty points. If you fail to go through Walmart’s automated call system or contact your manager to file a formal leave, you’ll lose two penalty points.

For prolonged sickness, always use Sedgwick to report an absence at Walmart.

If you’re experiencing an ongoing sickness, ask your manager for the best possible action.

Here are some examples of how many absences you can have based on points.

  • Five reported absences One point for each reported absence (5), totaling five points

  • Two unreported absences and one reported absence – Two points each for the unreported absences (4) and one point for each reported absence (1), totaling five points

  • One unreported absence and three reported absences – Two points for the unreported absence (2) and one point for each unreported absence (3), totaling five points.

  • Ten half-days – Half point each half day (5), totaling five points.

  • One reported absence, one unreported absence, and four half-days – One point for each reported absence (1), two points for each unreported absence (2), and half points for each half-day (2), totaling five points.

Always track how many points you’ve used and how many points you have left.

How To Avoid Missing Points When Calling in Sick at Walmart

Per their sick leave laws, there’s no way to avoid missing points when you call in sick.

If an emergency prevents you from reporting an absence properly, you have up to two days to provide an explanation and file the necessary documents to explain your absence.

Follow the process I discussed for calling out of work at Walmart during emergencies to avoid losing two points. The best-case scenario is you only lose one point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I Get in Trouble If I Miss a Day of Work at Walmart?

Walmart allows up to five absences if you file for them properly. If you don’t file for sick leave, you’ll lose two points automatically. If you lose five points, you risk termination.

Will I Lose My Walmart Job If I’m Absent for Several Days?

If you miss several days without properly filing for a leave, you risk losing your job at Walmart.

Are There Paid Leaves at Walmart?

Yes. Walmart hourly associates earn paid time off (paid leave or PTO) based on their service hours and tenure (how many years they’ve been at Walmart).

Can You Use Your PTO To Call in Sick at Walmart?

Yes. After 12 months of employment, full-time hourly associates will receive 50% or 60% of their average weekly wage when they use their PTO or PPTO.

Can You Let Your Coworker Know You Want To Call In Sick at Walmart?

No. You must call the official Walmart call-in sick number or contact your manager directly. The safest option is to file the leave yourself.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand Walmart’s leave policies and how you can call in sick.

Remember, there’s a significant difference between filing a leave and missing work without confirmation.

If you aren’t a Walmart employee but appreciate its PTOs and LOA policies and want to become an associate, consider learning more about the Walmart job application process.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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