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walmart protection plan

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Ever bought an item from Walmart and got worried about it breaking?

Walmart’s Protection Plans (Product Care Plans) can give you peace of mind.

You’re likely wondering what these plans are about.

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

I wrote this Walmart Protection Plan review to discuss everything you need to learn about Walmart’s Protection Plans.

Let’s get into it.

What Is the Walmart Protection Plan?

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How does Walmart Protection Plan work?

Walmart’s Protection Plan provides a safety net for the items you buy from Walmart.

If the items you buy stop working after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, this plan can help fix the problem.

You can get a plan when you buy your item or up to 30 days later.

Most plans last for two to three years.

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

What Does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

Walmart’s Protection Plan or Product Care Plan covers fixing or replacing mechanical and electrical failures, jewelry, furniture, remote failure, or outdoor power equipment failure.

However, coverage can change depending on what you bought, so thoroughly reading the details of your plan is ideal.

Here’s a detailed list of what these plans cover.


Walmart’s Protection Plan can help if there’s accidental damage, a screen or battery failure, your hard drive stops working, or liquid damage in your laptop.


If your TV screen stops working, shows bad pixels, has sound issues, electrical failures, no power, or the remote stops working.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

The Walmart electronics warranty policy and Walmart mobile care plan covers cracked screens, touchscreen failure, liquid damage, and power issues.

You can also get a Walmart phone insurance plan for mobile phones ranging from $50 to $79.99.

Walmart’s 2-Year Accident Protection Plan For Mobile Phones covers two years of accidental damage.

Outdoor Power Equipment

Your Walmart warranty covers Mechanical failures like engine, spark plug, carburetor, transmission, and normal wear and tear of outdoor equipment.

Jewelry and Watches

The Walmart store also covers jewelry and watches against water damage, clasp problems, band issues, wear on the finish, and broken parts.

General Merchandise

The Walmart Protection Care Plan covers general merchandise against normal wear and tear, power issues, structural problems, and power surges.

What Does the Walmart Protection Plan Not Cover?

What Does the Walmart Protection Plan Not Cover?

Walmart’s Protection Plans are helpful, but they don’t cover everything.

Here are some things that Walmart doesn’t cover.

  • Intentional damage

  • Lost and stolen items

  • Natural disasters

  • Computer virus issues

  • Easy-to-replace items

  • Factory mistakes

  • Incorrectly stored items

Walmart Protection Plan Pricing

Walmart Protection Plan Pricing

Is Walmart Allstate Protection Plan worth it?

It depends on Walmart’s price match and the item you’re buying. It’s often a small part of the item’s price, so most customers find it affordable.

Walmart Care Plan prices usually cost between $2 and $39. For the Walmart 2-Year Service Plan, you’ll only spend $16 if you purchase electronics ranging from $100 to $199.99.

The Advantages of the Walmart Protection Plan

Here are the perks you get with the Walmart Protection Plan.

Covers Accidental Damage

Plans cover regular wear and tear and certain accidents.

For example, you can use the Walmart phone replacement plan if you drop your phone.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide the Walmart Protection Plan isn’t for you, you can cancel within 30 days and get your money back.

Round-the-Clock Help From Allstate

The plan comes with 24/7 help from Allstate, a leading insurance company. You can reach out anytime if you have questions or need help with a Walmart protection plan claim.

The Disadvantages of the Walmart Protection Plan

Here are a few downsides of the protection plan.

Coverage Limitations

While the Walmart Protection Plan can help with many issues, it won’t cover everything. Damages from normal use or doing something on purpose aren’t included.

Rejected Claims

There’s a chance of Walmart denying your claim even if you have a plan. If your situation doesn’t meet your plan’s specific criteria, it could happen.

No Help for Lost or Stolen Items

If your item goes missing or someone takes it without your permission, the Walmart Protection Plan won’t be able to help. The plan only covers issues of the item itself.

Is Walmart Protection Plan Worth It?

The Walmart Protection Plan can safeguard your purchases against damage, mechanical failure, normal wear and tear, and other similar issues.

Walmart’s Product Care plans are ideal for purchasing big flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, top-of-the-line smartphones, and other expensive items.

If what you’re buying isn’t that expensive or comes with an extended warranty plan, you might not need the additional protection.

Overall, I think the Walmart Protection Plan offers good value and is a worthy investment.

Key Responsibilities Under the Protection Plan

Here are your responsibilities as a buyer under the Walmart Protection Plan.

  1. Buy the Right Plan.

    Make sure you get the Walmart Protection Plan that matches your product. This should be based on the item’s condition, price, and where you bought it.

  2. Keep Your Receipt.

    You’ll need to keep a copy of your Walmart receipt. You can upload a digital copy for safekeeping or give it to the store when you file a claim.

  3. Take Good Care of Your Item.

    You should maintain, inspect, store, clean, and use your product according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Managing Your Walmart Protection Plans

You can manage your Protection Plans on the Walmart website or mobile app. It’s a simple process, and you can view, update, or cancel the details of your plan if needed.

How To Add Walmart Protection Plan After Purchase

Bring your receipt for Walmart extended protection plans. If it has been more than 30 days since you purchased the plan, you must have a written request with a copy of your receipt and its terms and conditions.

How To Register Walmart Protection Plan

You don’t need to register your plan for it to take effect.

However, you must save your receipt on the Walmart website or mobile app.

I will discuss the steps for saving your receipt later.

How To Add Protection Plan on Walmart App

  1. Download the Walmart app on your mobile device if you don’t already have it.

  2. Sign in to your Walmart account.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to save your receipt. You’ll need to capture an image of your receipt with your mobile device’s camera.

  4. Walmart will save your uploaded receipt so that you can access it easily if you ever need to file a future claim.

Walmart Care Plan: File a Claim

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can file a claim process.

1 – Visit the Walmart website.

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2 – Click the Sign In Account button. Another button will appear.

3 – Sign in to your account or create one by clicking the Sign in or create account button.

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4 – Access your order history and navigate your account settings or dashboard.

5 – Select the item you want to return and include the receipt.

6 – Find the specific item you want to file a claim for under the Walmart Protection Plan.

7 – Select the order or Walmart production plan details to proceed.

8 – Locate the File a Claim or Protection Plan section.

9 – Provide the necessary information and attach any supporting documentation.

10 – Submit your claim.

11 – Wait for Walmart’s review.

If Walmart approves your claim, you’ll receive a box in the mail with a shipping label.

After evaluating your item, Allstate will decide if it needs fixing or if you should have a replacement plan. Walmart replaces items like smartphones, TVs, and other electronics (subject to Walmart’s terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Walmart Protection Plan Last?

The Walmart Protection Plan lasts 90 days to one year, depending on the item.

Are Protection Plans Refundable at Walmart?

Yes. You can get a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of purchase.

Can You File a Walmart Claim Without a Receipt?

No. It’s best to have a receipt. Saving your receipt via the Walmart app immediately is ideal.

Does Walmart Protection Plan Have a Deductible?

No. You don’t need to pay deductibles for Walmart Protection Plans.

Does Walmart Have a Claims Department?

Yes. Walmart has a Claims Services department. However, this department has nothing to do with Protection Plans. Claim Services handles claims on Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and other similar matters.

You can reach Walmart Claims Services at (800) 527-0566.

Can I Add Walmart Protection Plan Later?

Yes. You can add the Walmart Protection Plan within 30 days of buying your item.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide helped you understand Walmart’s Protection Plans and how they can benefit buyers like you and improve your shopping experience.

Consider adding Walmart extended service plans next time you buy something big to get valuable peace of mind.

If you’re a regular Walmart shopper and want more buyer benefits, consider signing up for a Walmart Plus subscription for free delivery, gas discounts, shopping rewards, and more.

And as an avid Walmart shopper, I’m sure you would be interested in knowing more about Walmart Rollback to get some sweet deals on your shopping list.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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