Does Walmart Price Match: Extensive In-Store and Online Policy

does walmart price match

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Does Walmart Price match?

Yes, they do, and that’s one of the things that makes Walmart such a great shopping option.

However, there are policies, limitations, and guidelines that you should know about before asking for a price match.

How do you ask for a price match at Walmart? Does it honor price matches after you buy the product?

I’ll discuss these and more in this guide to price matching at any Walmart store or on their website.

Let’s begin.

What Is Price Matching?

does walmart price match

Price matching is a policy that matches the competitor’s price on the exact same item. It’s a common business strategy to keep customers happy by offering the lowest prices.

For instance, you want to buy from Store A but Store B offers the same item at a lower price. You can get Store A to sell the same item at the same price as Store B.

One of the most popular stores to match prices is Walmart. However, the Walmart price match policy has its limitations. Understanding them will help you get your money’s worth.

Does Walmart Price Match?

Does Walmart Price Match?

Yes, Walmart price matches items, but there are limitations on the following:

  • Eligible products

  • Which stores they price match

  • Validity of the price match policy period

  • When you can request a price match

If you want to get the most out of Walmarts lowest price guarantee, you should know that they only price match certain stores.

If you want to shop at Walmart, compare price tags with the following online retailers.

How Walmart’s Price Match Policy Works

How Walmart's Price Match Policy Works

How does Walmart price match work? Does Walmart honor online prices?

Here are some important aspects of the Walmart price match policy for online and in-store purchases.

Does Walmart Price Match Online?

Does Walmart price match their online prices?

Yes, Walmart can do an online price match with competitors.

However, Walmart has the following conditions to price-match items purchased online:

  • The item must have an identical size, model, quantity, brand, and color.

  • The online retailer must have the product you want to price match in stock at (no rain checks for out-of-stock items).

  • Walmart limits each customer to one price match per day.

  • The product you want to price match should be available on the eligible online retailers I listed above.

When checking how to price match Walmart online, the retailer will not honor it in these scenarios:

  • The items purchased from Walmart’s website later decreased in price.

  • You want to price-match orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

  • The price you want matched comes from third-party sellers.

  • The items are damaged or refurbished.

  • The item has a discounted price tag.

  • The advertised price is on sale.

  • The item you want price-matched was in an auction.

  • There’s a minimum purchase quantity.

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Check other online retailers to ensure you get your prices right when shopping online. If not, you could end up wasting precious time.

Does Walmart Price Match In-Store?

Yes, the physical store can match the product’s price to Walmart’s price online. You must also meet the following conditions:

  • The item you want price-matched in-store should have the same size, model, quantity, brand, and color.

  • Your product should be in stock at the store.

  • Walmart usually limits customers to one price match per day.

Walmart will not match prices in-store if:

  • The prices have discounts from events, including Cyber Week, Black Friday, and the like.

  • The prices are from competitors.

  • Items were part of an auction.

  • Items were a part of offers, discounts, instant rebates, or sales.

  • You found the product in other Walmart or Neighborhood Market stores.

As a part of their price match policy, Walmart store managers will have the final say. They may choose not to price-match items if they see fit.

Does Walmart Do Price Adjustments?

Yes, but the Walmart price adjustment policy states you must request within seven days of purchasing the item.

You can have the price adjusted if your items purchased from Walmart stores decrease in price later on. You must bring your original receipt to prove how much you paid for the product.

However, they won’t honor a price adjustment request in these scenarios:

  • The item is on sale.

  • You don’t have a receipt.

  • You want to adjust the price according to the current online price.

  • The lower prices are from other retailers.

Walmart doesn’t adjust prices for and other stores.

How To Get Walmart To Price Match

How To Get Walmart To Price Match

Here are two ways to price match at Walmart.

How To Price Match at Walmart When Shopping In-Store

  1. Look for an item to purchase.

  2. Find a lower listed price from Walmart’s competitors.

  3. Look for a Walmart associate and tell them you found a competitor offering the same item at a lower price.

  4. The associate will help you get your price adjustment.

How To Price Match in

  1. Look for a product you want to buy online on any of Walmart’s listed competitors that they price match.

  2. See if has the same product.

  3. Contact Walmart customer care on their website.

  4. A Walmart representative will verify the price before you purchase.

  5. If they can verify the price, you will get the product or item at a lower price.

How To Get Walmart To Refund the Price Difference

How To Get Walmart To Refund the Price Difference

If you find out a product you bought from Walmart is cheaper at their competitors or their website, you can ask for a refund on the price difference within seven days of your purchase. Follow these quick steps.

  1. Visit the nearest Walmart.

  2. Show a Walmart associate proof that you found the exact item cheaper on or a competitor.

  3. Allow them to verify with their supervisor.

  4. Once verified and approved, they’ll give you back the difference between what you paid and the lowest price you find.

Does Walmart Match Prices with Walmart Marketplace?

Does Walmart Match Prices with Walmart Marketplace?

No, the Walmart price match policy states you can’t get a price adjustment against items on the marketplace.

Walmart stores can only match Walmart products online. If it’s a product from a third-party reseller, you can’t price match a product in-store from Walmart’s website.

Does Walmart Price Match with Other Walmart Stores?

Does Walmart Price Match with Other Walmart Stores?

No. Walmart stores don’t match prices from another Walmart.

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Walmart will price-match Amazon products if they meet the policy mentioned above requirements.

Does Walmart Price Match Target?

Yes, can also price-match items on Target’s website.

Does Target price-match Walmart?

Yes, they do, too. Check which store offers the best price and go with the most accessible store.

Does Walmart Price Match Dollar General?

Yes, Dollar General is also part of the policy.

Does Walmart Pharmacy Price Match GoodRx?

No, Walmart doesn’t price-match purchases from GoodRx.

Does Walmart Price Match Toys R Us?

Walmart currently doesn’t price match Toys R Us. However, Toys R Us price-match Walmart items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Price Match Something After I Already Bought It at Walmart?

Yes, you can get a Walmart price match after purchase. However, make sure to request an adjustment within seven days.

Is It Easy To Get A Price Match?

Walmart price-matching deals are relatively easy to process. However, you still have to do due diligence.

You could get some significant savings if you’re already going to a Walmart store and have time to process the price match online.

How Do I Reach Out to Walmart About a Price Adjustment?

Head to the Help page on their website and click the Contact Us button.

How Do I Reach Out to Walmart About a Price Adjustment?

Does Walmart Do a Price Match on Black Friday?

The retail giant doesn’t offer its customers a Walmart holiday price match. As mentioned earlier, price matching isn’t available for discounts, sales, and special events items.

Does Walmart Refuse Certain Price Match Requests?

Yes, Walmart can deny a price match request if it violates the policy guidelines.

Does Walmart Price Match Their Website Prices in Canada?

Does Walmart Price Match Their Website Prices in Canada?

As of this writing, Walmart Canada has paused their price match program.

Does Walmart Price Match Oil Change Services?

No, Walmart has no price match policy for oil change services.

Does Walmart Do Price Matching on Electronics?

As long as your electronic products meet Walmart’s policies, you can get them to match a lower price. Remember that Walmart doesn’t price match the lower prices of refurbished products.

Is Walmart Stopping Price Matching?

Some customers have reports of Walmart not price matching anymore. The policy is still ongoing, but there have been some changes. For example, its stores don’t match the competitor’s prices anymore.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to save money on your purchases and are great at comparing prices online and in-store, the Walmart price match policy is a great program to maximize.

Have you tried price-matching products at Walmart? If so, let us know how it went.

Walmart continuously strives to provide the best customer experience with its prices, price match policy, and Walmart return policy, which can be compared to Best buy’s return policy.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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