Scribd vs. Audible: Which Is Best for You?

scribd vs audible

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Scribd and Audible are the best audiobook services, but which is right for you?

This article is what you’re looking for.

From my findings, I recommend Audible. However, I’ll explain more in-depth the differences and why.

I’ve broken down each audiobook platform, including the following features:

  • Libraries

  • Audio quality

  • Device compatibility

  • Membership plans

  • Pricing

  • And everything you need to know about Scribd vs. Audible

Let’s get started.

What Is Scribd vs. Audible?

What is the difference between Scribd and Audible?

Both are popular audiobook subscription services, but the main difference is the number of access to audiobooks per month.

A Scribd membership allows unlimited listening to audiobooks in their extensive library. You get access to popular titles, the latest audiobooks, and content from major publishers.

The catch is that you don’t own any content. The cost of Scribd only grants you access to them.

On the other hand, an Audible subscription lets you listen to two Audible content per month. However, you can keep the audiobooks downloaded to your device even when you cancel your subscription.

Another noticeable difference between both subscription services is the audiobook library size.

Scribd has estimated 40,000 titles, while Audible has the most extensive library in the audiobook industry. It currently houses more than 220,000 titles.

You can visit Scribd and Audible’s respective pages on their website here:

An Overview of Scribd

scribd vs audible

Scribd Inc. is a digital subscription service offering various online documents and other digital files.

Scribd’s headquarters is in San Francisco, but it has over 350 employees in the UK, Mexico, the US, Canada, and the Netherlands.

The streaming service is the longest-running independent Y Combinator alumni. Forbes even named Scribd’s Founder and CEO Trip Adler in 30 under 30.

As a global company, Scribd’s content is available in over 65 languages. Its subscribers worldwide have registered over 140 million hours read monthly.

In May 2021, they reached a milestone with a 1,500,000 subscriber count. I’ve written a full Scribd review if you want to learn even more about this platform individually.

Scribd is available on the main website and on Google Play and App Store. They are also on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

An Overview of Audible


Audible Inc. is a digital subscription service that offers audiobooks and podcasts. Don Katz had the idea of making a way to listen to books while jogging around Riverside Park in Manhattan in 1995.

In 1997, Audible and Audible MobilePlayer debuted. The first audiobook download was Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Audible now has an estimated 1,500 to 24,000 employees with headquarters in New Jersey, Newark, and the United States.

In 2013, Audible won a Grammy Award with Society’s Child by Janis Ian. It just had its 25th anniversary in 2022.

Audible has audiobook listeners in around 150+ countries.

You can visit Audible from the Audible Website and on Google Play and App Store and reach them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What Is the Difference Between Scribd vs. Audible Features

What Is the Difference Between Scribd vs. Audible Features

Scribd and Audible offer excellent audiobook service, but it depends on what you want in an audiobook subscription service. Below is a comparison of what the streaming platforms provide to their clients.


  • Rental of Scribd audiobooks

  • Over 40,000 audiobook titles in the Scribd library

  • Unlimited access and unlimited listening to audiobooks

  • 32 kbps audio quality

  • Access to ebooks, magazines, sheet music, and podcasts

  • Compatible with PC, Android, and iPhone with the Scribd app

  • Scribd’s customer service supports email-only


  • Ownership of Audible audiobooks

  • Over 220,000 audiobook titles in the Audible library

  • Limited (2) streaming of audiobooks per month with Audible Premium

  • 64kbps audio quality

  • Access to exclusive content and podcasts

  • Compatible with PC, Android, iPhone, Alexa, Kindle, and Fire TV with the Audible app

  • Audible customer service supports email, chat, and phone

Aside from these key features, Scribd offers access to unlimited sheet music in its digital library. This can be expensive if you buy it individually, which makes Scribd the best audiobook service for musicians.

If you’re an audiophile, I recommend you subscribe to Audible’s library instead because of its superb high-fidelity of 64kbps.

The platform also has Audible Originals, which offers exclusive audio titles from awarded storytellers worldwide, all produced by Audible Studios.

If you have Smart TVs and other Amazon products like Amazon Firestick and Alexa, the Audible app connects to these devices for your convenience. The app can automatically access your audiobook library, so you can order Alexa to play your titles.

However, suppose you’re a quick listener and want to binge numerous books in a month. You may have trouble with this platform as it only gives you credits for up to two Audible books per month.

Whereas with Scribd, you get unlimited listening to audiobook titles and unlimited access to their library. The downside is you lose all your favorite audiobooks when you cancel your subscription.

Scribd vs. Audible: Price Comparison

Now let’s compare Scribd and Audible’s subscription plans and prices.

If you open the Scribd website, a Read free for 30 days button will greet you. This offer gives you free access to their library. They also have an extended 60-day trial for a limited time.

scribd homepage

After the free trial ends, you only pay a flat monthly fee of $11.99, plus taxes for some countries. Besides that, you don’t pay anything because Scribd provides complete access to its features at one price.

You can log in to your account on the Scribd app on multiple devices, so you don’t have to buy another membership account.

Meanwhile, the Audible pricing model offers two plans: the Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial. You can cancel anytime.

audible pricing plan

The Audible Plus costs $7.95 monthly with complete access to Audible Originals, audiobooks, sleep audio, meditation sessions, and podcasts. You can only keep two audiobooks per month.

The Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 a month with the same access to all the audiobooks and features. You get one more title per month from the new releases and vast selections of their library.

You get more perks on Audible if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You get two free audiobooks when you subscribe with an Audible Premium Plus trial.

Scribd Pros and Cons

This section will answer your questions about Scribd by discussing its pros and cons.

Scribd Pros

  • Extended Free-Trial Period

scribd pros

If you need more than the 30-day trial, the limited 60-day free trial is a great way to decide if Scribd can keep up with your expectations.

  • Unlimited

unlimited reading and listening to scribd's library

A subscription can give you unlimited reading and listening to Scribd’s library. The unlimited feature is for you if you enjoy switching through multiple titles frequently.

  • More Than Just Audiobooks

More Than Just Audiobooks

A Scribd subscription offers more than just audiobooks. You can also access an extensive eBook library on the platform. It features even sheet music, magazine articles, and documents, ensuring you won’t get bored with the app over a long period.

Scribd Cons

  • Hidden Restrictions

scribd cons

Scribd has hidden restrictions and is not as unlimited as they say. When you listen to a specific category so many times, the platform greys the titles, so you must choose another genre.

These hidden Scribd limits can be a deal breaker for avid readers and listeners who enjoy a specific genre.

  • Audio Quality

audio quality

Scribd’s sound quality could be better at 32kbps. The rate is okay but not the best, so Scribd may not be for you if you prefer high-fidelity audio.

  • Customer Support

customer support

Email is the only way to reach Scribd’s customer service. This might be a downside if you are sensitive about receiving immediate replies to your concerns.

Audible Pros and Cons

I’ll now elaborate on Audible’s pros and cons to give you more insights about Audible.

Audible Pros

  • Ownership of Books

ownership of books

Even after your subscription ends, Audible lets you keep your audiobooks. It’s a lifetime access to the content you download every month. You can also listen offline to your Audible books anytime.

  • Audio Quality

audible audio quality

Audible offers one of the best sound quality for audiobooks at 64kbps.

  • Compatibility with Amazon Devices

Compatibility with Amazon Devices

If you have Amazon devices in your home, you can connect your Audible account for easier access.

Audible Cons

  • Audible App

audible cons

The Audible app is tricky because you must buy your chosen audiobooks from the Amazon website before you can listen to them in your app.

  • Limited Listening

limited listening

Audible’s limited access to two audiobooks per month may be a drawback for the price of $7.95, especially for readers who prefer to read more than two books.

  • Not Much Other Than Audio Content

Not Much Other Than Audio Content

Audible only offers audiobooks and nothing of the written word, unlike other streaming platforms that provide more than just audio content.

Scribd vs. Audible: Additional Info

What Is Scribd Audiobooks vs. Audible Audiobooks?

Scribd’s audiobooks have an estimated count of 40,000 titles; meanwhile, Audible’s audiobooks go over 220,000 titles.

Is Scribd or Audible Better?

When choosing which of these audiobook platforms is better, it depends on your needs.

If you want a more comprehensive range of content, one monthly subscription plan, Scribd may be better.

However, Audible may be better for you if you’re only interested in more audiobooks.

What Is Scribd Pricing?

Monthly subscriptions on Scribd cost $11.99 plus tax for applicable countries. The Scribd price includes access to all types of content on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Scribd Work?

Upon subscription, Scribd gives you access to more than 60 million documents and all the audiobooks in the library. You can also download your favorite audiobooks from the Scribd app to access them offline.

Does Audible Have Ebooks?

Audible does not have ebooks; they only sell audio books. 

Does Scribd Offer Audiobooks in Different Languages?

Yes, Scribd offers over 65 languages for audiobooks and all other documents. 

Does Audible Offer Audiobooks in Different Languages?

Yes, Audible offers audiobooks that are available in 22 languages. 

What Does Audible Premium Plus Include?

Audible Premium Plus includes a 30-day free trial, the same as Audible Plus. The only difference is you get a plus one title every month from new releases and vast selections of the Audible library.

Is There a Free Trial for Scribd and Audible?

Both subscription services offer a free trial, but the duration may vary. 

Is Scribd Better Than Audible?

Both audiobook service serves their purpose, so it depends on the client using it. The Scribd perks include an all-in-one music sheet library, perfect for musicians. If you’re an audiophile when it comes to audiobooks, then Audible is better for you.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Restrictions With Scribd and Audible?

No, there are no extra hidden costs for both Scribd and Audible as long as you subscribe to their membership plans. 

Does Scribd Have a Dedicated App?

Yes, Scribd has mobile apps on Google Play and Apple Store.

What Types of Devices Can I Use With Scribd?

You can open Scribd with your Windows, Apple, and Android devices. You can also use any web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

What Types of Devices Can I Use With Audible?

You can use Audible apps on your Windows, Android, Apple, and Amazon devices (Alexa, Fire Stick, etc.) or other MP3 players.

The Bottom Line

audible vs scribd

Both subscription services offer great features and content, but the choice depends on Scribd and Audible’s ability to provide your needs in one app.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one place to find more than just ebooks and audiobooks, Scribd will meet your expectations. I recommend Scribd for avid readers, students, teachers, musicians (buying sheet music is expensive), researchers, and news enthusiasts.

However, if you want millions of access to more audiobooks in high-fidelity audio and exclusive content from Audible Originals, Audible will suit you more. I recommend Audible to avid audiobook listeners, podcast fans, book collectors, and Amazon Prime members (with Amazon devices).

You can also discover how to get Audible at a student discount if you’re a student.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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