How To Cancel Audible Membership

How to Cancel Audible Membership

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Amazon’s Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service where you can stream audio content.

If you’re considering canceling your Audible subscription but don’t know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place.

Whatever your reasons for canceling, I can help you.

I’ll walk through the steps to cancel your Audible membership on desktop and mobile devices and the app. I’ll also show you how to cancel your Audible free trial and Premium Plus accounts.

Let’s get started.

How To Cancel Audible Membership on Desktop

How to Cancel Audible Membership

Here’s the process of canceling an Audible membership on a laptop or desktop.

Log in to Your Audible Account.

Go to the Audible website and log in to your account.

After signing in, hover over your name and tap Account Details in the drop-down menu.

Cancel Your Audible subscription via Your Account Details.

On the Account Details page, find the Cancel Membership option. Click Cancel Membership to proceed to the next step.

Provide a Reason for the Cancellation.

After selecting the Cancel Membership option, a prompt will ask you to provide the reason for the cancellation.

Choose the applicable reason from the list. If none of the reasons apply, choose Other Reasons.

Finally, click the Continue Canceling option to unsubscribe from Audible.

Finalize Your Cancelation.

Audible will provide instant offers, depending on the cancelation reason you specified. Audible’s goal is to convince you to keep your Audible membership.

If you chose “It’s too expensive” as the reason for canceling your Audible subscription, the platform might offer you a discount for a limited period. If you agree to the offer, click Switch Membership to update your subscription plans.

Click the Finish Canceling button to finalize your cancelation on the Audible desktop site.

How To Cancel Audible on iOS or Android

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Canceling Audible on a mobile device is the same as doing it on a desktop or laptop computer.

The only downside when canceling on a mobile device is that the Cancel Membership option might not be available.

Here’s how to cancel your Audible subscription on your iPhone or Android in a few clicks.

Launch Your Mobile Browser.

Go to your preferred browser on your mobile device, visit the Audible website, and log in to your account.

Access Your Account Details.

Find the Menu button on the upper left corner of the mobile website. Then, choose My Account and View Membership Details.

The mobile site for Audible will not display the Cancel Membership button when you access your member details page.

Click on the Full Site option. It will redirect you to the desktop version of the website, which displays the Cancel Membership.

Go to your Account Details section and follow the steps in the previous section to cancel your Audible subscription.

Confirm the Cancelation of your Audible Account.

Once you confirm your Audible cancelation, you will receive a message saying, “We’re sorry to see you leave.” Audible will also send an email confirmation to the email address associated with your Audible account.

How To Cancel Your Audible Account on the Audible App

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Canceling Audible through the app is also an option. If you sign up to Audible using a third-party app, like Amazon, you must cancel the service through that third party.

Here are the steps to cancel your Audible membership on the app.

  1. Locate Audible and launch the app on your device.
  2. Tap the Menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Account Details from the menu options.
  4. Choose Membership and then tap Cancel Subscription (or Cancel Membership). If you’re on Android, this will cancel the Audible google play membership, if you’re on Apple, it will cancel the Audible ios membership.
  5. You must follow several prompts to cancel subscription.

Reasons To Cancel Audible

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Here are some reasons for cancelling Audible.

The Audible Membership Is Too Expensive.

Audible Plus costs $7.95 monthly, while Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 monthly.

These membership fees may be expensive for some, especially Audible Premium Plus.

You Can’t Find the Content You Want.

Another reason to cancel your Audible account is if you can’t find the specific content you want. There are thousands of audiobooks and podcasts on Audible, but you can cancel your account if you don’t like Audible’s selection.

You Found a Cheaper Alternative.

Audible isn’t the only audiobook platform. Many other audiobook streaming services are available. You can cancel your Audible membership if you find a more affordable option.

Why Won’t Audible Let Me Cancel My Subscription?

You won’t be able to cancel your Audible membership from the mobile app. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do it on a desktop browser.

Access the desktop version of the Audible website using Google Chrome, Safari, or your preferred desktop browser. Once you have access to the site, follow the steps I mentioned to cancel your Audible membership.

If you have any remaining credits in your Audible membership, use them before you remove your membership. If you don’t, Audible will forfeit your unused Audible credits.

Reminders Before You Unsubscribe from Audible

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Choosing to cancel your Audible membership means you won’t get a refund for any existing charges. You also lose access to any content under your account.

Finish listening to any content you want before canceling your Audible account.

You may contact the Audible customer service team for help accessing any content.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand how to cancel your Audible membership.

Use the information in this article to cancel your account on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, or Android device.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, it would also help to know how to cancel Amazon Prime Video from your Amazon account.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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