71 eBay Feedback Examples For Buyers & Sellers

ebay feedback examples

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Feedback is a critical aspect of the eBay community, so knowing how to write feedback is necessary.

As a long-time eBay user, I know how challenging writing feedback can be, but I’m here to help.

I’ve listed 71 examples of eBay feedback examples for buyers and sellers you can use as inspiration when writing feedback.

Let’s begin.

Types of eBay Feedback

eBay feedback can be positive, negative, or neutral.

  • Buyers can leave any kind of feedback for sellers.
  • Sellers can only leave positive feedback for buyers.

Remember that sellers have ways to protect their reputations.

Complete feedback includes a quick rating and a short comment.

ebay feedback examples

You can view your feedback ratings and comments in the Feedback Profile.

Below are examples of eBay feedback comments you can write as a buyer or seller.

eBay Feedback Examples as a Buyer

eBay Positive Feedback Examples

If you had a good experience as a buyer, these are several examples of eBay feedback you can leave.

About the service

1 – “Stellar service. 5-star!”

2 – “10/10. Excellent service.”

3 – “Absolutely amazing service. Thank you!”

4 – “No complaints. Would order from again.”

5 – “Fantastic service. There were no problems at all.”

6 – “Very happy with the service. Would definitely buy from again.”

About the delivery

7 – “Remarkably swift dispatch. First-rate delivery!”

8 – “Thank you. The delivery was exceptionally speedy.”

9 – “Arrived faster than I expected. Truly fantastic delivery.”

10 – “Remarkably speedy delivery. Thank you!”

About the packaging

11 – “The quality of the wrapping was great. Nothing was damaged.”

12 – “Fab packaging. Everything arrived safe and sound.”

13 – “Sturdy, fine packaging. My items arrived in good condition.”

14 – “Wonderful packaging. It was even better than expected. Thank you!

About the delivery and packaging

15 – “Notably quick delivery. Exceptional packaging. Would buy from again!”

16 – “Splendid packaging. Notably swift delivery. Recommended.”

17 – “Incredibly wonderful packaging. Superior delivery.”

18 – “A+! Very quick dispatch. Items are well-packed.”

19 – “Great packaging and notably super delivery. Overall, 5-star.”

About the seller

20 – “Responsive seller. 5-star service.”

21 – “Seller was friendly and supportive. A+.”

22 – “Communication was easy. Will order from again.”

23 – “Great service. Excellent seller!”

When you leave feedback as a repeated buyer, you help the seller build a reliable reputation on the platform.

As a repeated buyer

24 – “Another outstanding delivery. Notably wonderful packaging. Thanks!”

25 – “Quick delivery and great packaging as always.”

26 – “Lovely packaging. Exceptionally speedy dispatch. You never disappoint!”

27 – “Gorgeous packaging. Sterling delivery. Perfect as usual.”

Negative Feedback Examples

If you had a poor experience with a seller, you could let the seller and other buyers know. Here is a list of ways to leave negative feedback on eBay.

About wrong or missing items

28 – “Seller shipped the wrong item. Refused return.”

29 – “Not what I ordered. Seller is unresponsive.”

30 – “Missing item(s). Seller ghosted.”

31 – “Wrong shipment. No refund; not even a sorry!”

About damaged or faulty items

32 – “Items are broken. Please respond to my messages!!!”

33 – “Some parts were damaged. So I cannot use the item.”

34 – “Items arrived broken. Seller refused return.”

35 – “Faulty item. Didn’t even get a partial refund.”

36 – “Missing parts. Unuseable.”

About not-as-described items

37 – “Item is not like the picture at all.”

38 – “Nothing like described. Do not buy from this seller.”

39 – “Sizing is not the same as the description. Seller wouldn’t respond.”

40 – “Nothing like advertised. Very disappointed.”

41 – “Very different from the description. Not happy.”

42 – “Disappointing purchase. Would not order from again.”

About poor packaging and delivery

43 – “Poor packaging. Items arrived damaged.”

44 – “Packaging was insufficient. Delivery was slow.”

45 – “Delayed shipping. Terrible packaging.”

About missing orders

46 – “A scam. Never got my purchase!”

47 – “Seller is a scammer. My purchase never came.”

48 – “Never received my purchase and no refund either!”

49 – “My purchase was marked delivered, but it never arrived.”

50 – “Seller didn’t ship my order but claimed it was delivered.”

51 – “Purchase never came. Seller won’t reply to messages.”

Neutral Feedback Examples

You can leave neutral feedback when your experience is neither positive nor negative. Leave neutral feedback if you’re not 100% satisfied but also not completely unhappy with a seller.

52 – “Material was different from the description. But still okay.”

53 – “Buyer sent the wrong item but accepted return.”

54 – “Incorrect sizing. Buyer okayed return.”

55 – “Items arrived damaged. Buyer refunded.”

56 – “Missing item. Buyer refunded.”

57 – “Not the best packaging. But everything arrived on time.”

58 – “Timely delivery, but the packaging could be better.”

59 – “Buyer sent the wrong size, refunded without return.”

60 – “None of the fragile items broke, but the packaging was not of good quality.”

61 – “Subpar packaging, but the item arrived safely.”

eBay Feedback Examples as Sellers

For buyers in general

62 – “Excellent eBay buyer. Thank you!”

63 – “Immensely superb buyer. Very grateful.”

64 – “Remarkably exceptional buyer. Selling was a pleasure.”

65 – “First-class correspondence. First-rate buyer!”

For fast-payment buyers

66 – “Immensely swift payment. Many thanks!”

67 – “Payment was very quick. Thank you.”

68 – “Truly first-class buyer. Ever so speedy payment.”

69 – “Speedy payment. Much appreciated.”

70 – “Quick to pay. Very first-rate buyer.”

71 – “Exceptionally quick payment. Thank you.”

How to Make Feedback on eBay

As a buyer

You can give feedback for the seller through the following:

  1. The post-purchase email that eBay sends to you or
  2. Your purchase history

After making a purchase, you have up to 60 days to leave feedback.

  1. Locate the item you want to leave feedback for.
  2. Click the Leave Feedback button next to it.
  3. Rate it as positive, neutral, or negative, and rate the details from 1-5 stars
  4. Enter your comment in the Tell Us More text box
  5. Select Leave Feedback.
How to Make Feedback on eBay

You can view and follow up on your feedback by checking your Feedback Profile.

Here’s how to follow up on your feedback.

  1. Go to Feedback Left for Others.
  2. Click Follow Up next to the number of the item you want to comment on.
  3. Enter your follow-up comment.
  4. Select Leave Follow Up Comment.
 how to follow up on your feedback

As a seller

Here’s how to leave eBay feedback for buyers:

  1. Head to the Seller Hub and click on Orders or Sold in My eBay.
  2. Select the item you want to leave feedback for and choose Leave Feedback.
  3. Choose Positive and type in your comment.
  4. Finish by clicking Leave Feedback.
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As a seller, you can automate the process of leaving feedback for buyers by following these steps.

  1. Go to the Selling Preferences page, then the All Listings and Orders section
  2. Choose Automatically Leave Positive Feedback.
  3. Decide when to leave a feedback comment.
    1. Option 1: After the buyer has paid for an item
    2. Option 2: After the buyer has paid for an item and left you positive feedback
  4. Click Save.
word image 50601 6

The system will use default feedback comments.

Go to Edit Stored Comments to edit default comments or add your own. Click Save when you finish making your desired changes.

Sellers can also follow up on feedback and respond to comments from buyers. However, you can only respond once and can’t edit or retract your comment.

Here’s how to respond to buyers’ feedback.

  1. Go to your Feedback Profile page.
  2. Find the feedback that you want to reply to.
  3. Find the Action column and click Reply.
  4. Type in your reply and choose Leave Reply.

Things to Keep in Mind When Leaving eBay Feedback

You Can Ask Buyers To Revise Feedback.

If a buyer left you negative feedback, but you were able to resolve the issue, you can ask the buyer to revise their feedback.

Keep these restrictions in mind when requesting buyers to revise their feedback.

  • You can only request a feedback revision from buyers if the feedback is less than 30 days old.
  • You can only request a maximum of five feedback revisions per year.
  • You can make five additional requests for every 1,000 feedback ratings you receive.
  • Request a maximum of five revision requests each year.
  • Make five additional requests for every 1,000 feedback ratings.

When you request a feedback revision, remember that buyers can either accept and revise their feedback within ten days or decline your request.

Ensure you have communicated clearly with your buyer to determine whether they’re willing to complete your request. Otherwise, your request will expire in 10 days, wasting one of the five requests you have for the year.

Here is how you can request a feedback revision.

1 – Go to Account Settings.

2 – Select Feedback on the left-hand side, then click Request Feedback Revision. You can also go to the Feedback Forum and select Request Feedback Revision in the Feedback Tools column.

word image 50601 7
word image 50601 8

3 – Select the listing that you want the buyer to revise.

4 – Choose one of the options below Give the Buyer a Reason.

5 – Enter any extra information for the buyer in the text box. Note that the text box has a 500-character limit.

6 – Click Send to complete the request.

word image 50601 9

If you’re a buyer and want to change your neutral or negative feedback, you can ask the seller to send you a feedback revision request.

eBay Can Remove Negative Feedback.

eBay can remove negative feedback if it:

  • Violates eBay’s feedback policies
  • Includes profanity and links
  • Is related to an eBay site issue
  • Is an issue outside the seller’s control (i.e., Harsh weather delaying delivery)

eBay calls unfair comments “defects” and will sometimes automatically remove them. As a seller, you can also ask eBay to look into removing a negative comment if the transaction is less than 90 days old.

To do this, you’ll have to report the buyer. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to My eBay and select Orders.
  2. Choose Leave Feedback next to the order of the buyer you intend to report.
  3. Click Report Buyer.
  4. Describe your problem with the buyer in the subsequent section.
  5. Click Send Feedback.

You can also read eBay’s feedback policies for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does Feedback Matter on eBay?

Feedback helps other eBay users make informed decisions regarding their transactions, whether they’re buyers or sellers.

You can establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy buyer or seller. Knowing the ins and outs of eBay’s feedback system allows you to have an easy experience on the platform.

What Should I Consider Before Leaving Feedback for a Seller?

Ask yourself these questions before rating a seller’s performance.

  • Did the item you receive match the description in the listing?
  • Did the seller package your order appropriately for shipping?
  • Did the seller ship your order within the listing’s indicated timeframe?
  • Did you have an easy time communicating with the seller? Did the seller address your questions promptly?

When Should I Leave Negative Feedback?

You should leave negative feedback if the seller:

  • Misrepresented the item in the listing
  • Refuses to offer returns or refunds
  • Scammed you (i.e., did not ship the item to you and refused to communicate after)

The Bottom Line

I hope my list of eBay feedback for buyers and sellers has made it easier for you to write feedback.

Don’t hesitate to write feedback for your next transaction to help foster trust within the eBay community.

Visit my blog for more online shopping tips.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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