How to Block a Buyer on eBay: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to block a buyer on ebay

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Sometimes, dealing with someone isn’t worth it, especially if it’s a toxic customer. Interacting with such a customer can eventually get to you, so learning how to block a buyer on eBay is essential.

If blocking eBay accounts is foreign to you, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll show you how eBay sellers can stop blocked buyers from ruining the business. I’ll share the proper way to ensure a blocked-buyers list doesn’t mess with your eBay account. I’ll also talk about how to determine when to block buyers.

The first step in learning how to block buyers is to know which eBay users are toxic.

When to Block Buyers on eBay

Not all blocked buyers are bad buyers. For eBay sellers like you, It’s crucial to discern which eBay account passes buyer requirements for it to be authentic.

The best way to know the difference is to go to the eBay Buyer Management page and enter specific requirements to avoid blocking the wrong eBay buyers.

Edit your buyer requirements page and tick the relevant boxes to specify which buyers can order and which buyers can’t.

Can you block a buyer on eBay? Of course! Should you always add a buyer to your blocked list? The answer depends on various factors.

Here are some helpful tips to help you identify bad accounts across many buyers.

Blocking Habitual Non-payers as Part of Your Buyer Requirements

To assess which users belong in the blocked buyer list, set eBay buyer requirements like “a regular non-paying eBay buyer.” Adding such details to your buyer requirements page allows you to create a more specific audience.

Go to the “Block buyers who caused line and choose how many cancellations on past transactions are acceptable for buyers for eBay to consider them still legit.

You might wrongfully add an account to your blocked-buyers list if your number is too low. Remember that some buyers have valid reasons for canceling certain eBay transactions.

Protecting Your Shipping Locations

When you exclude shipping locations, you block a buyer from a different country to avoid international shipping. The blocked buyer list doesn’t have to be a user ID that doesn’t pay; it can also be an eBay transaction you’d struggle to fulfill.

To block a buyer from a location, click the box next to the “Block buyers whose primary delivery address is in a location I don’t post to.”

When your marketing is too powerful, you’ll also have to block buyer accounts from difficult-to-reach locations.

If you’re in the United States with no means of shipping to Asia, you can block a user from a specific location, allowing you to stick to your shipping preferences.

Block Specific Users Who Are Bulk Ordering

Although potential buyers who order in bulk are great business for any eBay seller, they can also be risky. Some sellers prefer blocking buyer accounts containing too much volume rather than dealing with the risk.

Here are some pros of blocking bidders who order in bulk.

  • You can save yourself from dealing with substantial last-minute orders.
  • You save yourself a fortune should the buyer become a scammer.

Note: A sale is only confirmed when the proceeds are headed to your bank or PayPal account.

  • You have more room for a new buyer on eBay who could be a repeat customer.
  • You prevent the hassle of dealing with last-minute cancelations.
  • You don’t have to deal with supposed bulk buyers who just placed the wrong order.
  • You don’t have to deal with a bulk buyer on eBay who might be from one of your excluded shipping locations.

You can block buyer accounts that have ordered a certain number of items in the past ten days. For example, you can block bidders from buying more than a specific number of items within ten days.

How to Block a Buyer on eBay

Blocking users on eBay is easy.

Once you’ve pinpointed which buyers to block, follow these steps:

1 – Go to the Help & Contact section of the eBay store.

2 – Search for block buyer and click the Block a buyer button.

how to block a buyer on ebay

3 – Enter the buyer’s username or email address on the eBay page to block them. Use a comma in between email addresses to block multiple buyers.

word image 50927 3

4 – Click Submit to block the accounts you listed.

word image 50927 4

How to Unblock a Buyer

Blocking buyers by accident is something that can happen. Sometimes, you can block eBay buyers you shouldn’t have blocked in the first place.

If this happens, you can easily remove accounts from your blocked list via your account settings.

Here’s how to remove an eBay user buyer from your blocked list.

1 – Go to the Help & Contact section of the eBay store.

2 – Search for block buyer and click the Block a buyer button.

word image 50927 5

3 – Delete the usernames you want to remove from your block list.

word image 50927 6

4 – Click Submit to save your changes.

word image 50927 7

You can always double-check your list to ensure you did not block eBay buyer accounts that you shouldn’t have blocked.

How to Stop a Buyer from Messaging You on eBay

The Contact seller option is there for a reason. However, certain buyers abuse it to attack an online business on eBay. You are free to block buyers based on their vulgarity or toxicity.

Here’s how to block messages from abusive buyers on eBay.

1 – Select account settings first or go directly to Site Preferences.

word image 50927 8

2 – Head to Buyer Requirements.

word image 50927 9

3 – Tick the Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact me option to stop usernames on the block bidders page from contacting you.

word image 50927 10

How to Avoid Blocking Buyers

Some online sellers prefer not to block eBay buyer accounts and close doors, which is understandable.

Instead of dealing with blocked buyer accounts, you can choose to cancel unwanted eBay bids.

If the troublesome buyers don’t meet your selling preferences or you’re dealing with too many buyers, you can avoid blocking them and cancel their orders instead.

Here’s how to cancel orders.

1 – Go to the Cancel buyer’s bid page.

word image 50927 11

2 – Enter the item number in the first text box and the bidder’s name in the second.

word image 50927 12

Provide a reason for your cancelation and select Submit.

word image 50927 13

Think carefully about whether you want to block a buyer and block messages from them or just cancel their order.

Can a Blocked Buyer Leave Feedback on eBay?

eBay warns sellers it doesn’t remove negative feedback buyers leave if the seller cancels the order. The only exception is if the seller cancels the order due to severe issues like the buyer didn’t pay.

If you don’t want your store or products to have a low feedback score, you should be cautious about which orders to cancel.

Meanwhile, blocked users can’t leave bad reviews as per eBay policies.

What Happens When You Block a Buyer on eBay

When you block an account, they won’t have access to your listings page anymore.

Only add buyers that are destructive to your block list!

The most common reason for blocking accounts is non-payment for orders. If there isn’t a good enough reason to block buyers, then don’t—they could still be potential customers.

Reporting a Bad Buyer

Abusive buyers exist, and you can’t avoid them completely no matter what you do.

If you encounter bad buyers, report them for their behavior.

Reporting a buyer won’t hurt your store as long as there’s a justifiable reason. As per the official recommendations of eBay, you can report buyers who do the following:

  • Push you to sell something that wasn’t listed
  • Abuse the eBay returns system
  • Ask you to make the sale outside of eBay
  • Take advantage of the bid retraction procedure
  • Constantly message with no intention of purchase

Sometimes bad buyers blame you for defects they caused, and eBay is aware of this. Prevent this from happening by proving it’s the buyer’s fault.

One way to prove you weren’t at fault is to take a photo of the item before shipping. It’s a standard practice that helps sellers protect themselves in case a buyer blames them.

Taking a photo also helps you justify your stance against eBay since damage or defects could be the fault of the shipping company or carrier.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide has taught you how to block users who are abusive and toxic. Never hesitate to block these buyers because they aren’t worth the trouble.

If you’re looking for more eBay selling tips, you can check my guide on the best things to sell on eBay.

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