Can You Use Afterpay On Amazon?

can you use afterpay on amazon

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Online shopping has become a popular pastime, especially during the pandemic when people avoid in-store visits.

As a result, payment methods that allow customers to split their purchases into smaller installments have gained immense popularity. One such payment method is Afterpay.

The question is: Can you use Afterpay on Amazon?

No. Amazon does not accept Afterpay.

However, I’ve got you covered if you’re one of the many online shoppers who want to take advantage of the service’s benefits while shopping on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

I wrote this article to discuss the details of using Afterpay on Amazon.

Let’s start.

What Is Afterpay?

can you use afterpay on amazon

Afterpay is a payment service allowing over 10 million users to buy items now and pay later.

The company collaborates with online merchants like Amazon to provide customers with a payment plan without interest or added costs.

Afterpay is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other Asian countries.

Customers can use Afterpay to make purchases and pay for them over four equal payments without giving credit card information or having a bank account.

It can be a game-changing alternative for buyers with bad credit (or no credit) and those who need help paying for their goods.

In contrast to Amazon Layaway, Afterpay has no setup or administrative costs. There are no Afterpay discount codes either. 

In Amazon Layaway, there is a down payment and a deadline for the remaining balance.

With an Afterpay account, you can spend as much time as you need to pay for the items, but each payment is typically less than it would be with layaway.

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay?

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay

No. Amazon does not accept Afterpay as one of its payment methods.

Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace, with over 300 million customers across the United States alone.

Nevertheless, because Amazon suffers a loss on the service, it does not take Afterpay.

Why Does Amazon Not Accept Afterpay?

Amazon doesn’t take Afterpay because the giant ecommerce corporation finds it unprofitable.

To give their consumers more flexible payment alternatives, several stores use Afterpay. But, because Amazon already draws many people, this business does not need to adopt this method.

Amazon has discovered its ideal customer: One who will continue to shop there even if they choose to pay for their items in another way.

Amazon claims tracking payments hinders them from providing good customer service.

Does Amazon Have Afterpay?

Does Amazon Have Afterpay

Does Amazon take Afterpay? Why can’t I find Amazon on Afterpay?

Technically speaking, Afterpay is not an accepted payment option on Amazon, and the company prohibits its use for online purchases.

Amazon doesn’t integrate with the Afterpay app, meaning a few workarounds enable customers to use Afterpay on Amazon.

Can You Use AfterPay on Amazon? How To Use Afterpay on Amazon

Does Afterpay work with Amazon?

No. However, you have two options for using Afterpay on Amazon. You can use it as a gift or a credit card. And we’ll take a closer look at both of them.

A Credit or Debit Card Payment Option

A Credit or Debit Card Payment Option

Afterpay provides a one-time use credit card that you can use to purchase things like a regular credit card.

Amazon accepts this card because it recognizes it as a regular credit card or debit card.

You can follow these steps to use this option.

  1. Go to the Shop menu in your Afterpay app and select Amazon.
  2. Choose your items and place them in your shopping cart.
  3. Enter your account and shipping information.
  4. Go to Add a Payment Method when you are on the payments page.
  5. Choose to Add a Credit or Debit Card.
  6. The Buy now button is at the bottom of the app’s screen. Pay later will start working.
  7. Click the Buy Now button after unticking Set as a default payment method.
  8. You can place your order after Afterpay has filled in the credit card or payment details.

Remember, since Afterpay is a one-time purchase, don’t set it as the default.

If you do, Amazon will try to charge future orders to the same card and reject them.

A Gift Card Option

A Gift Card Option

Amazon accepts gift cards as payment for purchases. It also gives you another option for using Afterpay on Amazon.

Afterpay users can purchase Amazon gift cards and use them as a form of payment while checking out on Amazon.

You must take the following actions for it to happen.

  1. Visit the Afterpay website and choose the option to buy an Amazon gift card from a specific Amazon page.
  2. Choose a card with a value ranging from $5 to $500. You can also buy more than one card.
  3. Go to Amazon and put the product you want in your shopping cart.
  4. Choose the Enter a gift card or promotional code option from the payment methods list on the checkout page.
  5. Check out as usual after entering your gift card number.

Even though the Afterpay payment process is unavailable on the Amazon website or at checkout, you can still use the Afterpay service on Amazon.

Thanks to these workarounds, you can purchase the items you want without making a significant upfront payment.

Benefits of Using Afterpay on Amazon

Benefits of Using Afterpay on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon with Afterpay has several advantages.

Afterpay Security

Afterpay has established a solid track record for security. It assures customers that there will be no fraud liability.

In other words, you are not responsible for paying any costs if anybody attempts to use your account without your consent. Afterpay also keeps your financial information confidential and safe.

Integrated Retailing System

One of its most attractive characteristics is using Afterpay with various businesses.

Anybody may use Afterpay quickly and conveniently at their preferred stores by logging into their account at the checkout and choosing the Afterpay payment option to make their payment.

Fast Approval

Thanks to the quick and easy process, you might be set up and prepared to buy in minutes. Every person has an initial spending limit, and you may raise it by making on-time payments on all your purchases.

There Are No Interest Fees

You won’t have to worry about paying interest fees if you use Afterpay wisely and pay on time. There are extra charges only if you pay late or skip a payment.

Debt Reduction

Afterpay is an excellent option if you need help with your credit card payments or want to avoid raising any more debt.

Your debt-to-income ratio won’t affect whether or not you are accepted because they don’t do a credit check.

Cons of Using Afterpay Payment Method

Cons of Using Afterpay Payment Method

While there are many benefits to using Afterpay, the service also has drawbacks.

Delays in Payments

One late payment might not seem like much. If you make several, the total amount due on each one could increase by $10.

Late fees can quickly stack up and surpass the original transaction cost, demanding additional spending on your part.

Inability To Choose the Invoice Due Date

You can choose between two payment frequencies: 1) weekly payments and 2) bi-weekly payments. However, you can’t pick the exact day of the week.

You can’t adjust Afterpay’s payment date to fit your payment schedule or other obligations, and you will be charged a late fee to your account if it rejects the transaction.

Spending Limitations

Even if you have a particular item in mind, it doesn’t guarantee that Afterpay will increase your spending limit.

Many people buy unnecessary items simply because they have the money to do so, even when they had planned to spend the funds on something else since they are so excited to use their newfound financial freedom.

Which Online Retailers Accept Afterpay?

Outside of Amazon, most popular online retailers accept Afterpay.

Many online retailers in America accept Afterpay, especially those selling apparel or beauty products.

There are 7,400 businesses spread out over all 50 states on the list of Afterpay stores, and it’s still growing.

Global clothing retailers that accept Afterpay include Forever 21, Levi’s, UGG, Pacsun, Old Navy, and many more.

You may also purchase various cosmetics with the Afterpay flexible payment option, including brands like Jo Malone London and Credo Beauty.

Customers who purchase now and pay later prefer the Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond because both stores accept Afterpay.

Steve Madden, Crocs, Pandora, and several other companies provide Afterpay if you need to buy now and pay later for some accessories.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits to using Afterpay while shopping on Amazon. Customers who want more flexible payment options or manageable installments prefer Afterpay.

I hope my guide answered, “Does Amazon accept Afterpay?”

Although Amazon doesn’t directly integrate with Afterpay, there are still a few options for users to use Afterpay when shopping on Amazon.

You can’t directly use Afterpay on the platform, but if you’re looking for a good alternative, you can use Apple Pay on Amazon.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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