USPS Delivery Agent: What Does Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Mean?

delivered to agent for final delivery

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Have you ordered something recently and received an update saying, delivered to agent for final delivery?

If you don’t know what this update means, you’ve come to the right place.

If you received a notification that your item has been delivered to an agent for final delivery, it means an authorized agent received your package.

Depending on which service is delivering your package, you may have to wait a while for the final delivery.

The question is: What happens next?

I wrote this article to discuss the different stages of your USPS package and how long delivery will take once you get the notification that your package was delivered to the agent for final delivery.

Let’s start.

What Is a USPS Delivery Agent?

USPS uses the term “delivery agent” to refer to the person accepting your package for you (if you aren’t around).

A delivery agent can be a family member, co-worker, or someone who lives or works at the same address as the package recipient

Naturally, USPS mail carriers won’t just hand your package to anyone.

What Is a USPS Worker?

A United States Postal Service (USPS) worker is a postal worker who can hold various positions. This individual could work as a delivery driver, gent, processing clerk, supervisor, or customer support.

Other USPS personnel accept packages at the nearby USPS location, scan them, ensure they’re in the right place, then deliver them to an “agent” for final delivery if you aren’t around.

A worker is an employee of USPS, while authorized agents accept packages on your behalf.

Does USPS Confirm the Identities of Authorized Agents?

Due to the sheer number of deliveries the USPS makes daily, the organization can’t verify all its agents.

The USPS lacks the resources or abilities to confirm everyone who accepts packages. However, the organization has procedures for identifying those picking up mail and signing up for services.

They follow certain rules regarding authorized agent deliveries.

  • Same Address Required: USPS only delivers to the address stated in the mailpiece. USPS will never deliver to a different location for any supposed authorized agent.

  • Authorized Agents Are Present for Redelivery: USPS will only send the package to authorized agents for redelivery if they’re located at the assigned address. The agent must sign an Accountable Mailpiece signature confirmation.

Here are the acceptable identifications for authorized agents.

  • Company ID

  • Uniforms with a company name

  • Company vehicle

According to USPS, they verify the identity of any individual they don’t recognize.

What Is Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery?

When you receive a notification that your USPS package was delivered to the agent for final delivery, it was delivered to your address, and somebody picked it up on your behalf.

This update only happens after your package is ready to leave the post office and scheduled within the delivery service route.

Delivered to Agent: USPS Tracking

You can use the USPS website or the official USPS mobile app to check your tracking status.

1 – USPS tracking system (USPS website).

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2 – You can download the USPS app for iOS on the App Store.

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3 – You can download the USPS app for Android on the Google Play Store.

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If you can’t see your package status, contact USPS Domestic and International Tracking at 1-800-222-1811 and ask about your package. The representative will likely ask for your tracking number to see if your package is out for final delivery.

You can also check your package on the alternate Email Us section of the USPS website. This search also requires you to share your tracking number.

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What Happens After the Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery Status Update?

When you see the “delivered to an agent for final delivery” status, the next step is to receive your package from the authorized agent.

You could contact whoever received the package on your behalf to get it or reach out to USPS if the package was misplaced.

How Long Does the USPS Take To Deliver My Package to an Agent After Arrival at Final Delivery Center?

USPS generally keeps your package for up to seven business days for delivery.

When your package is out for “final delivery,” expect it within the same business day or the next day. If you or the authorized agent don’t receive your package within seven business days, file for a Missing Mail Search.

Note: Delivery could take more than seven business days, depending on your location or proximity to the local post office.

USPS: Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery but Not Delivered

This update means USPS delivered your package but failed to reach you.

Here are some reasons for the “USPS delivered to agent for final deliver but not delivered” notification.

  • The delivery agent misplaced your package.

  • The postal service scanned your package incorrectly.

  • Something went wrong with your USPS parcels.

Resolving this issue means checking if USPS will deliver packages the next day. Sometimes, you’ll receive a status saying your package was delivered to agent for final delivery, but you won’t receive your package on the same day.

Unlike priority mail or private logistics companies, the USPS mail carrier can work at a different pace. It depends on your location and how many other deliveries the carrier is trying to accomplish.

If you live near the local postal service, postal workers might deliver your package sooner. If you live on the outskirts of the USPS delivery route, you could experience delays in your delivery.

If you live near a USPS location, you can go directly to the office instead of waiting to receive packages. You must notify the office that you’ll pick up your packages once they reach the local post office mail room.

What Happens When My Package Is Tendered to Final Delivery Agent USPS but Is Missing?

When your package is missing despite its “final delivery” status, USPS will assist you via a Missing Mail Search.

The USPS also encourages users to complete an online help request form.

Once you complete the form, the local post office checks for the items. You can process the Missing Mail search if they can’t find the items within seven business days of filing the help request form.

Here’s the information you need for your Missing Mail Search request.

  • Sender mailing address

  • Recipient mailing address

  • Package size and type of envelope

  • USPS tracking number(s) or other information (your mailing receipt’s date).

    Note: You can also use the label receipt of your Click-N-Ship®.

  • Content descriptions like brands, models, colors, or sizes.

  • Pictures to help recognize your package.

Once you send your Missing Mail Search request, you’ll receive regular updates regarding the search.

When USPS finds your package, a postal worker will deliver it directly to your address.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using the USPS Service?

The USPS is a federal institution with backing from the US government.

The organization functions differently from most companies, giving it unique advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using USPS services.

Pros of Using USPS

  • Rural Area Coverage

    Private companies try to profit from deliveries, meaning they avoid delivering to rural areas because it’s unprofitable.

    The USPS delivers to any physical US address, regardless of location. They deliver to remote addresses and rural areas that private couriers may not cover.

  • Affordability

    The USPS is a federal institution, meaning it has heavy subsidization. You can send packages at a cost lower than FedEx or UPS.

    Many private couriers in remote or rural areas agree to deliver your package at higher costs. Although USPS’s pricing varies by location, it’s still relatively more affordable than private companies.

  • Media Mail Service

    USPS has a special Medial Mail Service that lets you send educational materials. However, this service restricts the type of media you can ship.

    Here are the different materials you can send under the Media Mail Service.

    • Books

    • Video recordings (CDs, DVDs, etc.)

    • Play scripts for books, periodicals, and music

    • Printed music

    • Prerecorded information and guides for computer-readable media

    • Sixteen millimeters or narrower width films

    • Printed test materials

    • Printed educational reference charts

    • Loose-leaf pages and binders for medical information

    The Media Mail Service doesn’t allow advertising materials. It also doesn’t allow comic books.

Cons of Using USPS

  • Speed

    I don’t recommend USPS for urgent deliveries because its service has looser timelines than a private shipping company.

    I recommend sending USPS packages for non-urgent deliveries since there’s no ship-overnight option or other fast-tracking features.

  • Limited Business Hours

    USPS is only open from Money to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. The service doesn’t operate on Saturdays and Sundays.

    USPS offices don’t operate on Federal Holidays or past closing time. However, its mail processing plants work 24/7 to process orders and send mail in truckloads to your local post offices.

  • Size and Weight Restrictions

    USPS limits the size of a large parcel you can send through its service. You can only send packages less than 70 lbs and not over 108 inches in length and girth.

    If you have packages above this threshold, you must separate the contents into multiple packages (if applicable). However, if it’s a single item, consider a private carrier.

How To Reach USPS Customer Support

You can contact USPS Customer Service by dialing 1-800-ASK-USPS or 1-800-275-8777. If you’re trying to contact USPS Customer Service from overseas, use the International Inquiries number at 1-800-222-1811.

You can also file a complaint on the Email Us section of the website and specify your inquiry and the issue you want to resolve.

USPS lets you choose from these categories.

  • Where is my package?

    This section lets you inquire about missing packages as long as you have your tracking number.

  • Where is my mail?

    This section lets you inquire directly about mail issues like loss of mail or delays.


    This section helps you with technical issues in any products or services related to

  • Personnel

    This section lets you raise concerns regarding a USPS employee or related contractors.

  • Postal Facility

    This section lets you inquire about concerns regarding the physical USPS locations.

  • Business

    This section lets you share your issues regarding USPS products or services related to business, including Permit Holders and Bulk Mail.

How To Ask for a USPS Refund

Don’t contact regular customer support for USPS refunds. Go directly to the refund department at 1-800-238-3150 to avoid delays.

For international refunds, call 1-800-222-1811 to file a request.

You can also file a refund on the website by following these steps.

  1. Go to the USPS website.

  2. Go to the Help section.

  3. Click Request a Refund.

  4. Click the Request a Refund option under the Apply Online section.

  5. Sign in to your account to process your refund.

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If you own over 1,000 individual USPS tracking numbers, go to the Business Refunds segment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Need an ID When Receiving Your Package?

Yes. USPS requires customers to present a valid ID when accepting packages.

Can My Family Members or Co-Workers Receive My Package?

Yes. A family member can act as an authorized agent when accepting deliveries. These agents must present valid IDs. They must prove they’re authorized to accept the packages in certain situations.

They can only receive packages if they are in the designated delivery address.

Do USPS Employees Steal Packages?

USPS acknowledges that a small number of employees sometimes steal mail. However, they deal with these employees accordingly and promptly investigate any reports of theft.

Can I Choose To Pick Up My Package Instead?

Yes. You can choose the Hold for Pickup option, which allows the recipient to collect the package directly from the designated postal office. Ensure you have the right post office location for the delivery.

What Does “USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan” Mean?

This update means USPS hasn’t scanned the package at the final delivery point. The package has either not yet arrived or has already arrived, and USPS has yet to scan it.

Why Is My Package Out for Delivery in Another City?

This update can be due to the capacity of each facility. The package will then be loaded onto a truck to reach its destination.

What Does “A Delivery Agent Has Been Assigned to Your Shipment (Amazon)” Mean?

Amazon has given your package to a specific company to deliver your order. Amazon handles the logistics. You only have to wait for your order.

Your Local Post Office Is Making Final Delivery Meaning (UPS): What Is This?

UPS gave your package to USPS to make the final delivery. This situation happens with SurePost deliveries, allowing UPS senders to direct packages to a PO address.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand the meaning of the “delivered to agent for final delivery” update.

If you or your authorized agent haven’t received your package despite waiting a long time after receiving this update, consider launching a Missing Mail Search.

Learning the cheapest ways to ship a package is ideal if you’re looking for other shipping alternatives.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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