Amazon Shopper Panel Review: Everything You Need To Know

amazon shopper panel

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The Amazon Shopper Panel is an invitation-only program by Amazon where you can earn regular rewards.

If my description piqued your interest and you want to know more, you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this article to give you an in-depth Amazon Shopper Panel review. I’ll also talk about Amazon shopper rewards and how to get them.

Let’s start.

What Is Amazon Shopper Panel?

The Amazon Shoppers Panel is an optional invitation-only program that lets you earn or donate to charities by using your receipts and answering short surveys.

You can download the Amazon shopper panel app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

amazon shopper panel
amazon shopper panel/ google play store

You can download the Amazon shopper app, but not everyone can earn monthly rewards with digital and paper receipts.

Another way the Amazon shopper panel app lets you earn is when you enable ad verification. By enabling ad verification, you’ll see ads from third-party businesses.

Amazon Shopper Panel collects receipts for purchases from outside Amazon and not from the company’s online and physical stores. Here are the eligible receipts that the Amazon Shopper Panel accepts.

  • Receipts from grocery stores
  • Department store receipts
  • Retail store receipts
  • Drug store receipts

How To Earn Amazon Shopping Panel Rewards

How To Earn Amazon Shopping Panel Rewards

Since the Amazon Shopper Panel app is an invitation-only program, you need an invite to participate.

After downloading the app, enter your email and name into the Amazon Shopper Panel waitlist and await the invite.

When you receive the Amazon Shopper Panel invite and accept, you can earn Amazon balance money or donate earnings through these methods.

Share Receipts.

Share Receipts.

You can use digital and paper receipts to earn money through the Amazon Shopper Panel app. Sharing your receipts allows Amazon to use this data for their analysis.

Amazon uses your receipt data to help them learn more about Amazon customers and their shopping patterns.

The Amazon Shopper Panel requires a minimum of ten receipts monthly to earn monthly rewards.

You can do this by forwarding email receipts to to earn $10 towards an Amazon balance or to make a charitable donation to recipients like the Jude Children’s research hospital.

If you accept the Amazon Shopper Panel invitation, you can upload the shopping receipts to the app instead of forwarding email receipts.

Complete Surveys.

Complete Surveys

Another way to earn either an Amazon balance or charitable donation credits is by answering survey questions. You make a small bonus for shopping or donations by completing short surveys.

Amazon uses surveys to learn more about its customers and their shopping habits. The survey questions help the company understand purchase decisions and shopping habits more.

By answering survey questions, Amazon customers can earn rewards (depending on the survey). Interested customers should already participate in sending receipts to Amazon.

Completing short surveys is only available for participating Amazon Shopper Panel members.

The number of surveys interested customers can answer depends on the availability of Amazon Shopper Panel surveys through the receipt scanning app.

Enable Ad Verification.

Enable Ad Verification

You can earn extra cash through ads on your Amazon platform by enabling ad verification. 

Enabling ad verification means you allow third-party businesses to show you ads throughout your Amazon experience.

Ad verification lets Amazon share your customer shopping data with businesses for advertising campaigns. Your Amazon ads will become more targeted and tailored to your shopping habits.

Ad verification only applies to your Amazon account—Amazon doesn’t share data cross-platform.

Can Everyone Join the Amazon Shopper Panel Program?

Join the Amazon Shopper Panel Program

Yes and no. 

Anyone can join the Amazon Shopper Panel waitlist, but not everyone gets access.

The company limits access to the different Amazon Shopper Panel reward methods.

When applying, you can check which program you’re eligible for receipt sharing, survey completion, or ad verification.

If you download the Amazon Shopper app and no waitlist invitation option is available, you’ll get an email when a slot opens.

You will get a slot if the company expands its Amazon Shopper Panel program or certain participating members no longer qualify.

Amazon Shopper Panel members can lose access if they are inactive or do not adequately follow the guidelines.

Amazon Shopper Panel Review

This Amazon Shopper Panel review segment discusses the pros and cons of the service and answers essential questions.

My Amazon Shopper Panel review tackles the safety, legitimacy, and feedback on the service.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of the Amazon Shopper Panel.


  • You can earn free rewards.
  • You can share receipts, answer surveys, or enable ad verification.
  • You can earn $120 or more annually through uploaded receipts.
  • Sharing receipts is easy, and you can do it through your phone.


  • There’s no guarantee you’ll get access to the platform.
  • The program is only available in the US.
  • You can’t upload receipts from companies owned by Amazon, like the Whole Foods market.
  • You only get limited additional surveys.

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Legit?

Yes. The program is official under Amazon and allows the company to collect information legally from participants while letting them earn additional rewards.

By scanning receipts, you’re voluntarily allowing Amazon to access your purchase information. When you enable ad verification, you also let the platform display Amazon ads in exchange for additional rewards.

The company bases its Amazon ads on your previous purchase, view, or search history.

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Safe?

Unlike other receipt-scanning apps, Amazon Shopper Panel is an official app from Amazon. Furthermore, many Amazon Shopper Panel reviews have vouched for the app’s security.

You don’t need an Amazon-owned IP address via the company’s AWS service to participate. If you feel unsafe using the app, you can share receipts through email.

Amazon’s privacy notice says it deletes sensitive information like prescription information, and panelists can delete receipts.

Brands offer Amazon money to advertise on the platform. In turn, you’ll earn extra cash if you accept ads.

Is Amazon Shopper Panel Worth Trying?

Yes. The program lets you earn depending on what type of data you share with the platform.

For example, Amazon pays more for receipts and less for allowing ads on your account because Amazon gets more information from receipts than from ads. 

Amazon also doesn’t collect confidential information from its survey responses.

It is also a good way for you to donate to charity aside from earning additional rewards. You can donate directly to the American Cancer Society or other organizations by participating in Amazon’s program.

Amazon Shopper Feedback

Using the Amazon Shopper Panel depends on how much data you’re comfortable sharing and how much you want to earn.

The problem with the program is its limited slots make it hard for people to participate. The waiting list can take up to months before you join the program.

If you want to join the program, I recommend joining the waitlist as soon as possible and enabling display notifications.

When you get an invitation, we recommend accepting it as soon as possible since Amazon might give your shot to another interested individual if you take too long to respond.

How To Get Invited To Amazon Shopper Panel

You only get invited if you join Amazon’s waitlist. You must download the app, log in, and enter the Amazon Shopper Panel waitlist.

Amazon Shopper Panel App: More Than 10 Receipts Used

Amazon lets you upload additional receipts. However, it only pays you for a maximum of ten receipts.

Your receipts won’t carry over to the next month. You can only earn extra money through surveys or enabling ads.

We also recommend uploading your most current receipts. Although Amazon doesn’t specify it, there’s a chance the app won’t accept receipts from years ago.

If you’re part of the program, you can upload receipts when you make a new purchase.

If you hit your ten-receipt quota for the month, you can save your receipts for the next month.

Amazon Shopper Panel: How To Get Surveys

Before answering Amazon surveys, you must join the Amazon Shopper Panel program.

Download the app and join the waitlist to get a chance to join the program.

You’ll get an invitation via email. Once you accept, you can start earning by answering surveys.

Amazon sends members monthly surveys, which pay you $0.25 per survey. Your earnings add to the total amount you get from sending receipts and enabling ads.

There is no set survey schedule—you may get them daily, weekly, or monthly.

Note: Some surveys are only one to three questions long.

Troubleshooting: Amazon Shopper Panel Not Working

If you’re a member of the Amazon Shopper panel and it isn’t working, there could be three reasons.

Here are the different troubleshooting approaches.

App Troubleshoot

Your account may not work because of an issue with the app. Check for an available update for the Amazon Shopper Panel app.

If this method doesn’t work, try deleting the app and downloading it again.

If you’re not yet a member, the problem isn’t with the app—it’s likely your membership. In this case, wait for Amazon to update you.

If you’re a member but your app doesn’t work, you can still send receipts via email.

Make sure you send your receipts to the correct Amazon email address.

Email Address Check

If you send your receipts via email and it doesn’t work, you might have the wrong email address.

Ensure you send your receipts to 

Don’t send to any similar addresses but with a different spelling. Sending to the wrong email addresses could result in you giving your sensitive information to bad actors.

Always check the email address if you send receipts from drug stores.

Account or Membership Program

Ask Amazon about your account. If you haven’t uploaded receipts for an extended period, Amazon may have disabled your account.

Since the Amazon Shopper Panel is a limited program, Amazon might open your slot to someone else if you aren’t active. You must apply again and go through the waitlist process in this situation.

If you’re already a member, I recommend consistently uploading ten receipts monthly to avoid losing your membership. Furthermore, follow Amazon’s guidelines to avoid losing your membership to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Amazon Research Panel Invitation?

The Amazon Research Panel invitation is the same as the Amazon Shopper Panel invitation. It invites you to join Amazon’s program to earn rewards.

Who Is Eligible To Join the Amazon Shopper Panel Program?

You must be 18 and above and have an active Amazon account to join the program. 

However, there is no guarantee that the more you shop, the more likely you’ll become part of the program.

Does It Cost Anything To Join the Amazon Shopper Panel?

No. You don’t need to spend anything to become part of the Amazon Shopper Panel program. The program lets you earn once you’re a member by sharing receipts, answering surveys, and enabling ad verifications.

How Do I Redeem Points?

You can redeem points through Amazon gift cards. If you choose to receive credits, the company will send them to your account. If you donate your earnings, Amazon sends them directly to charities.

The Bottom Line

I hope my review made it easier for you to understand the Amazon Shopper Panel and how it works.

Don’t hesitate to apply by joining the waitlist after downloading the app.

You get Amazon gift card rewards from the Amazon Shopper program. However, if you want to quickly buy gift cards, it would be best to learn where to buy Amazon gift cards

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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