Best Buy Military Discount: Your Ultimate Guide

best buy military discount

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Are you an active-duty or retired military member wondering, “Does Best Buy have a military discount?”

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

I wrote this guide to discuss everything you need about the Best Buy military discount. I’ll also teach you how to maximize your savings.

Does Best Buy Offer Military Discounts?

There’s no official Best Buy military discount, online or in-store.

However, some store managers can offer discounts at their discretion.

Does Best Buy offer 10% military discount? Best Buy has no specific percentage for this potential discount either.

In other words, whether or not you’ll receive a military discount at Best Buy and how much depends on the store manager’s discretion.

While there might not be a fixed policy for all Best Buy locations, there’s still a chance that your military status could lead to potential savings, thanks to the flexibility Best Buy allows for its store managers.

How To Get a Best Buy Military Discount

The answer to “Does Best Buy offer military discount?” depends on the store manager. However, here are some of the ways to try and get one.

1. Call Several Best Buy Locations.

Call several Best Buy locations to learn which Best Buy stores offer military discount.

Ask the store about their current military discount policy and if they offer special savings to military personnel. You can find the contact information for Best Buy stores on their official website.

2. Visit Your Local Best Buy.

By visiting a store and speaking directly to one of the staff members, you can inquire about any ongoing military discounts or special offers they might have.

The store employees can provide accurate and up-to-date information about the discounts that may apply to your purchase.

3. Bring Proof of Your Military Status.

Since the discount can depend on the manager, bring proof that you’re part of the military. Here are some things you can show.

  • Military ID

  • DD214

  • Driver’s license with a mark showing you’re a veteran

  • Any official military papers

While the Best Buy veterans discount isn’t clear, and there’s no official military discount, one Best Buy manager shared that he gives the discount to active and retired military members.

He asks for things like a current military ID card, DD214, or a driver’s license with a veteran’s mark on it and gives a 10% discount.

4. Ask About Geek Squad Services.

geek squad services

At certain stores, managers might be more open to giving a military discount on services rather than things you buy.

For instance, Geek Squad is a Best Buy service that can help you with tech services, like installations, setup, protection and warranty, support, and repair. If you need tech assistance, ask if they offer a military discount on these services.

What Discounts Can You Get on Best Buy?

Best Buy offers various discounts to different groups of people.

1. Student Discount

Best Buy also has special student discounts similar to Target’s student discounts. You might enjoy a discounted price on certain items if you’re a middle school or college student, a great way to save money while shopping for your needs.

2. Deal of the Day

deal of the day

Best Buy also features a Deal of the Day, where they pick a different product every day and allow you to buy it at a discounted price. It’s one way to get the best deals on various items.

Watch for these daily deals to snag some savings on items you want.

3. Clearance Section

clearance section

In Best Buy’s clearance section, you can find products on sale for a lower price than usual. These might be discontinued items or items with limited stock.

It’s a good place to look if you’re searching for a bargain on consumer electronics or other items. Remember that the availability of products in the clearance section can vary, so it’s worth checking regularly to see if there’s something you want at a discounted price.

4. Employee Discount

You might be eligible for an employee discount if you work at Best Buy. Employee discounts are nice perks for people who work at the store and can be a great way to save money on personal purchases.

You can buy products from the store at a lower price than regular customers. Remember that the specific discount amount and its rules can vary, so it’s good to check with your employer for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Stores Offer Military Discounts?

Best Buy doesn’t specify which stores offer military discounts; only some stores do. It’s best to call each specific store and ask their manager about their current military discount policy.

Aside from the Best Buy Veterans Day discount, many stores offer military discounts to US Armed Forces veterans and active-duty members.

Some examples include Bass Pro Shops, where you can get a 5% discount by signing up and verifying your military status online or presenting your military ID in-store.

home depot offer

Home Depot offers a 10% discount for active military, veterans, and their spouses. Audi of America also gives special offers and benefits exclusively available to overseas US military personnel through their Military Sales Program.

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These are just some of the stores that offer military discounts.

Does Geek Squad Have a Military Discount?

Some store managers may be more open to giving you discounts on Geek Squad services rather than on actual products, so be sure to ask store managers about this.

Does Amazon Prime Have a Military Discount?

Amazon doesn’t offer a military discount anymore. They used to offer 50% off your Prime subscription on Veteran’s Day but discontinued the program in 2022.

How Do I Ask for a Military Discount?

Approach the store manager if you’re interested in a military discount, and politely ask if they can give you a military discount.

You can say, “Excuse me, do you offer a military discount?” If they do, be ready to provide proof of your military affiliation, such as a military ID or DD214.

While you’re at it, inquire about the specifics of the discount—ask about the percentage and any terms that might apply.

Regardless of whether they provide a discount, they always express gratitude for their time and assistance. Remember that policies can vary, so remaining respectful and courteous can make the interaction smoother and more positive.

Is There a Best Buy Military Discount on Appliances?

Best Buy does not offer a specific military discount on appliances, but watching Best Buy’s Deal of the Day is a good idea. These deals change regularly, and there’s a chance they include appliances in the discounted items.

While a dedicated military discount might not be available for appliances, exploring the daily deals could potentially lead to savings on the appliances you’re interested in.

The Bottom Line

While Best Buy doesn’t have a universal policy, there are ways to maximize savings, which make this platform a great alternative to other stores like Amazon.

Exploring service discounts like Geek Squad and keeping an eye on Daily Deals can help you save a lot of money on your purchases and services.

Politely inquire at local Best Buy stores and keep proof of military affiliation handy when you head to your local Best Buy store.

Whether or not you get a military discount, ensure you understand Best Buy’s return policy before making a big purchase to avoid wasting your time and money.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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