Payhip Review: Is Getting a Payhip Account Worth It?

payhip review
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Omar Deryan Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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I wrote this article to critique a leading eCommerce service platform: Payhip.

I will evaluate the features of Payhip thoroughly and discover if this e-commerce platform performs according to expectations.

My Payhip review aims to help you determine if your digital products are suitable for selling on Payhip.

Here are the features I assessed for sellers like you.

  • Plans
  • Pricing
  • Payhip fees (transaction fees)
  • File management
  • Marketing tools
  • Coupon codes
  • Affiliate Program
  • Referral system

Payhip: A Quick Overview

This Payhip review will cover the most vital factors, but first, here’s a quick overview of Payhip

What I Like +What I Don’t Like –
✅Forever-free plan❌Inadequate customer support team
✅User friendly❌Web-based platform
✅Customizable website
✅Uncomplicated user-interface
✅Payment packages
✅Native integrations

A Quick Introduction About Payhip

Let’s get to know Payhip better.

What Is Payhip?

payhip review

Payhip is a self-funded ecommerce service platform that started in 2011. Payhip has had over 130,000 creators over the years.

Abs Farah, the founder of Payhip, shed light on this fantastic all-in-one platform allowing anyone to make a living while doing what they love with just a simple click.

Payhip’s tagline, “Your store, your way,” embodies the dreams of several sellers as they visualize their brands and stores with Payhip’s customizable store builder.

Payhip will turn your talents into profits when you subscribe to this ecommerce platform.

Who Should Use Payhip?

Consider Payhip if you’re:

  • A seller who wants to develop a store for selling their physical and digital products.

  • An entrepreneur who wants to sell subscriptions online without difficulty managing members.

  • An author who wants to sell a book without printing it.

  • A chef who wants to sell recipes without printing recipe books.

  • A creative designer who wants to sell digital products as printable copies without putting up an online store.

  • A coach who wants to offer coaching sessions without leaving the house.

  • A teacher who wants to publish online courses without a classroom setup.

You may not be any of the individuals mentioned above. Consider something less complicated than Payhip, like Gumroad, Sellfy, Sendowl, or Selz.

A Fair Payhip Review: What’s Good and What’s Bad

A Fair Payhip Review: What’s Good and What’s Bad

I will discuss in-depth what Payhip offers its users to see if Payhip is worth it

Payhip Features

Payhip Features

Complex options may overwhelm you, but Payhip made them easy. Once you upload your digital and physical products, Payhip automatically creates your product page and store design.

File management is essential to online selling.

With Payhip, sorting your digital downloads is easy. You can edit your digital downloads’ files, titles, prices, and cover images directly on the site.

The drag-and-drop feature adds to the charm of Payhip because it’s handier when uploading your digital products and creating your eCommerce store.

The downside of Payhip is having the same visual template as other sellers since Payhip has limited customization. You can’t control margins, line spacing, and other elements because Payhip provides premade sections throughout the store creation.

Additionally, analytics may be a weak aspect for Payhip, but you get a decent overview of your customer’s orders and a breakdown of your followers and subscribers.

What’s the selling point of Payhip? It promotes an easy and quick transaction because you can use Stripe or Paypal to get your profit. If anyone from Europe buys your digital products, Payhip instantly adds VAT handling.

Payhip has many advanced options to make your selling life convenient. Fantastic features like ticking your products to be tax-exempt, generating license keys for each sale, and limiting the number of times a product sells are available on Payhip.

Payhip’s developer options let you access technicalities to give you more control over your experience.

Payhip Affiliate Program

Payhip Affiliate Program

Payhip has the “Payhip Partner Program,” an excellent affiliate program to earn extra income.

You receive 50% of a recurring commission for every affiliate and continue to earn over time from previous affiliates.

There is no limit to the amount you can get as an affiliate, meaning Payhip has unlimited earning potential.

Furthermore, partners have dashboards and tools to keep up with their performance and know which areas to make more efforts in.

You receive payments instantly through a Paypal account in US$ once you reach the monthly $50 threshold.

If you’re a seller looking for more ways to earn, the Payhip Partner Program is an excellent way to make money by doing something you love.

Payhip Referrals

Payhip Referrals

Aside from the Payhip Affiliate Program, there’s also a Payhip Referral System. Sellers can initiate this referral program to promote their products.

If your client gets to invite a friend to purchase your product, they can get a coupon with a unique code with your desired percentage off as a reward (redeemable once). They will have a week to use their coupons, and when somebody they referred purchases them, the coupon expiry refreshes.

It takes work to promote your product to convince the market. Incentivizing your products with Payhip will help spread the good word—a win-win for Payhip and your store.

Payhip Integrations

Payhip Integrations

Setting up an online store from scratch can be a hassle for sellers.

Through Payhip integrations, you can now integrate Payhip with WordPress (Classic Editor), WordPress (Gutenberg Editor), Squarespace, ConvertKit, Email Octopus, Wix, Weebly, and more.

Payhip also connects with Zapier for more comprehensive native integrations. You can pair Payhip with almost any application to run your business smoothly.

With Payhip integrations, sellers can do much more with their business, boosting marketing strategies.

Payhip Coupons

Payhip Coupons

Payhip’s features let sellers promote products with coupons or discount codes. Payhip coupons enhance the seller’s marketing strategy and convince people to buy digital products with coupons.

The Payhip coupon code also includes customization of coupon usage, like the number of times the coupon is available and the expiry date.

If you want to remove the code, you can easily update and edit it through the Coupons page.

As a seller, coupons are an excellent way to interact with buyers. It increases the seller-buyer relationship.

Furthermore, Payhip supports flexible discounting tools for its clients.

Payhip Pricing

Payhip Pricing

Payhip has three pricing plans:

  1. Free Forever

  2. Plus

  3. Pro

Besides the price of each plan, the significant difference between the three is the transaction fee.

Payhip won’t cost anything for the Free Forever plan, but Payhip takes +5% per transaction. Meanwhile, Plus has a +2% transaction fee, and Pro has no transaction fee.

Customers can pay for your products with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and other options.

PayPal and Stripe will still charge their standard rates for every transaction, which applies to all plans.

Don’t worry about orders to the EU and UK because Payhip automatically sets up taxes on your behalf.

Note: All three prices have the same features. Payhip has no feature-gating and wants to be straightforward and transparent with its plans.

Payhip Reviews: Social Proof

Here’s what other sellers think of Payhip.

Payhip Reviews: Social Proof

Is Payhip the Right One for You?

Let’s talk about how you’ll benefit from Payhip.

A Seller

Is Payhip the Right One for You? A seller

If you’re a seller looking for a great platform to sell your products, Payhip is an all-in-one solution.

Payhip provides a seller-friendly feature to ease your selling transaction and marketing process.

Payhip is ideal for a start-up because of its constantly growing clients. Its customizable online store gives you a headstart on promoting your brand, whether you sell digital or physical products.

You can use the convenience of its drag-and-drop feature to build your storefront, which is also easier with Payhip’s premade sections and themes. Though customization has limits, you can explore Payhip’s developer options.

If you’ve already started your online business and want to extend your market, Payhip allows integrations with WordPress, Squarespace, Convertkit, Email Octopus, Wix, Weebly, and many other applications.

You don’t have to worry about brand consistency.

Pricing may be another issue, but Payhip offers a Free Forever plan. If you can handle the 5% transaction fee, choose this plan.

Meanwhile, the Pro plan helps you avoid transaction fees.

An Author

Is Payhip the Right One for You? An Author

If you’re an author who wants to keep up with tech trends and transition from physical products to digital products, Payhip is your friend.

Your customers will instantly get to download ebooks they purchased from your store. Payhip even directly emails the download page to customers’ accounts.

Authors will delight in using Payhip because it upgrades physical products to digital downloads while broadening your customer reach worldwide.

Note: Payhip accepts sales from social media, blogs, or other websites.

A Designer

 Is Payhip the Right One for You? A designer

As a designer, the struggle to showcase your skills can be taxing. Payhip takes it next level with the marketing of digital products for creative designers.

You can quickly put up your printable designs, workbooks, templates, and presets for sale with Payhip. The instant download feature is convenient for customers.

Payhip has a limit of 5GB per file. Think twice about paying for a Payhip account if you sell videos and other heavy files.

You can try shortening videos into parts and making them a series—an opportunity to increase revenue.

A Coach

Is Payhip the Right One for You? A Coach

If you’re a coach with various sessions and a hectic schedule, Payhip can help you.

You can put all your sessions in one place, making it less complicated to manage your clients. You can also schedule meetings and events, building a deeper relationship with your client.

Payhip integrates with Calendly and Zoom, which are excellent options for coaching setups. Payhip ensures a user-friendly platform to make clients’ lives easier.

What If You Don’t Like Payhip?

Payhip may give you second thoughts.

Perhaps you’d like to try another ecommerce platform instead.

Here are similar other sites you can try.

Payhip Review: Additional Info

Here is additional info to help your decision-making.

Payhip vs. Gumroad

Payhip vs. Gumroad

Here’s what these two e-commerce platforms offer.


  • Lowest Pricing Plan 5% transaction fee

  • Products You Can Sell – Online courses, digital downloads, coaching services, memberships and subscriptions, and physical products

  • Payouts – Instant

  • Best Feature – Automatic UK and EU VAT Handling


  • Lowest Pricing Plan – 10% transaction fee

  • Products You Can Sell – digital downloads, memberships and subscriptions, and physical products

  • Payouts – Fridays only

  • Best Feature – Built-in email marketing

Payhip vs. Sellfy

Payhip vs. Sellfy

Here’s a quick overview of Payhip and Sellfy:


  • Lowest Pricing Plan – Forever-free with a 5% transaction fee

  • Products You Can Sell – Online courses, digital downloads, coaching services, memberships and subscriptions, and physical products

  • Payouts – Instant

  • Best Feature – Automatic UK and EU VAT Handling


  • Lowest Pricing Plan – $19 monthly with no transaction fee

  • Products You Can Sell – Digital downloads, memberships and subscriptions, and physical products

  • Payouts – Instant

  • Best Feature – Handles multiple languages

Payhip App

Payhip is a desktop and web-based platform. There’s no app for Android or iOS devices.

How Payhip Works

On you get a Payhip account, you can add your products, set up your checkout methods, and customize your online store with your branding. Complete these steps to offer your products for sale.

How To Get Payhip Files for Free

Payhip doesn’t have files that are free for download.

How To Buy on Payhip

Once you’re on the marketplace of Payhip, click Add to Cart if you haven’t decided what to buy. Click Buy Now to get to the checkout page and pay for the product.

Payhip Alternatives

If you’re unsatisfied with Payhip, try Gumroad, Sellfy, Sendowl, Podia, Shopify, or Thinkific.

Payhip: Examples of Products You Can Sell

Here are some products you can sell on Payhip.

  • Ebooks

  • Art

  • Coaching lessons

  • Articles

  • Music

  • Courses

  • Memberships

  • Subscriptions

Payhip VRChat

Payhip lets you sell VR Chat Avatars. If you want to sell them, go to Payhip and check them out.

Payhip Marketplace

The Payhip marketplace is a comprehensive selling platform. You can sell almost anything through Payhip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Payhip Safe?

Payhip is secure because Payhip does not store clients’ card details.

Is Payhip Legit?

Yes. Payhip is a legitimate ecommerce service with over 130,000 creators.

How Much Does Payhip Charge?

Payhip charges vary according to sellers’ payment plans.

If you choose to get the Free Forever plan, Payhip doesn’t charge you a monthly subscription but charges you +5% per transaction. Meanwhile, the Plus plan charges +2% per transaction, and the Pro plan doesn’t charge any transaction fees.

What File Formats Does Payhip Support?

Payhip supports ALL file formats, including audio, videos, texts, and other files with extensions.

How Can I Contact Payhip?

You can contact Payhip through or Twitter if you have any concerns.

The Bottom Line

Payhip is an excellent platform for start-up businesses. You can launch your businesses without too much pressure and cost.

If you can handle a pricing package without the burden of transaction fees, consider Payhip’s Pro plan to avoid transaction fees taking too much out of your revenue.

I highly recommend Payhip for small businesses wanting a quick start, but if you’re looking for a feature-rich platform, look elsewhere.

If you primarily sell digital products, consider learning how to sell digital downloads on Etsy.

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