Does Walmart Do Brakes? Everything You Need To Know

does walmart do brakes

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Does Walmart do brakes in-store? Does Walmart replace brake pads?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is no. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you’re looking for brake services. You might want to consider at-home brake pad replacements by the Wrench Mobile Mechanic Service. 

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Does Walmart Do Brakes and Rotors?

No. The Walmart Auto Care Center does not offer brake and rotor services. However, you can buy brake pads and other replacement parts from the Walmart website or call Wrench to send a certified technician to your home and check your vehicle.

Keep reading to learn more about Walmart’s auto service center and alternative places to get your brakes serviced.

Does Walmart Offer Brake Parts?

Walmart does not offer brake parts as part of its in-store auto services. However, the retailer sells brake replacement parts online and delivers them to you. 

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Here’s how to buy brake parts.

1- Visit the Walmart website.

2- Click the Auto & Tires tab under Departments.

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3- Select the parts or accessories you need.

4- From here, input your car’s make, year, and model.

5- Click Add to cart on all items you want to purchase.

6- Go to Checkout when you’re ready to pay.

The Walmart website carries brake pads, rotors, and other brake pads. You can purchase other car parts, including heating and cooling, exhaust, engine, suspension, steering, wheels, rims, and transmission.

Once you receive your order, you can schedule an at-home service appointment with Walmart’s mobile mechanic service partner, Wrench, or do the replacement yourself if you’re a handyman. 

Where Can You Get Brake Services

When you want to slow down or stop your vehicle, you press down on the brake pedal with your foot.

The brake pads press against rotating metal disc rotors, creating friction that slows your vehicle to a halt.

Your brakes are an essential safety device for your vehicle, and driving with faulty brakes can cause serious and fatal accidents. Thus, brake servicing is crucial.

If you want to get your brakes serviced, consider bringing your vehicle to any of these repair shops. 

  • A local mechanic

  • Dealership service center

  • AutoZone

  • Jiffy Lube

  • Firestone

  • Midas

  • Les Schwab

  • Pep Boys

  • Goodyear Auto Service

Local Mechanic

You may find great deals and better services if you check with small or local car mechanics before considering chain auto service centers. You can ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives for recommendations. 

When getting the services of local car mechanics, ensure they perform brake repair and replacement services frequently. 

Dealership Service Center

If you bought an expensive, high-performance vehicle at a local dealership, consider taking it to that dealership’s service center for brake maintenance or repair.

Dealership service centers typically carry OEM brakes that are usually better than aftermarket replacement parts. They usually have certified technicians specifically trained to repair and service high-performance vehicles.

Jiffy Lube

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Jiffy Lube is a popular oil change and lube center offering basic brake services, such as the replacement of brake pads and brake calipers. 


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AutoZone is a one-stop shop for brakes and carries popular brands like Duralast, Brembo, and ACDelco. 

This company is one of the most affordable places for brake servicing. 

AutoZone’s price match policy can also help you save on brake parts.

Goodyear Auto

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Goodyear Auto Service offers common brake services like brake pad and brake shoe replacement, brake rotors resurfacing, and brake fluid replacement. Additionally, the company offers excellent warranties for its services. 

The auto service shop offers a warranty for its general brake services, which include 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, on parts and labor. 

Another notable warranty covers its brake overhaul services, which includes 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, on both parts and labor. This also comes with a lifetime warranty on brake shoes or disc pads. 


Meineke is an auto service shop offering a 23-point brake inspection, which includes the following services: 

  • Brake rotors and drums resurfacing

  • Brake pad replacement

  • Brake caliper and rotor re-alignment

  • Brake fluid flush and replacement

  • Brake master cylinder replacement 

  • Brake hose replacement 


Midas offers a 55-point brake inspection, which is more extensive than Meineke’s service. 

  • Brake pad replacement

  • Anti-lock brake system or ABS service 

  • General brake repair

  • Brake fluid service 

  • Brake rotor service

  • Brake shoe replacement 

Pep Boys

Pep Boys is an auto service center offering standard brake service, including a brake system inspection, brake rotors and drums resurfacing, and brake pads and installation. 

The standard brake service comes with a 12-month or 12,000-mile (whichever comes first) labor warranty and a lifetime brake pad/shoe warranty. 

Furthermore, the company offers a premium brake service that includes Wagner brake pads and installation, in addition to the abovementioned services and warranties.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You can save money by changing the brakes yourself if you’re a handyman. Depending on your vehicle, this process can take between 45 minutes and two hours. 

If you decide to take the DIY route, ensure you address your brake issues’ root cause.

However, be honest with your limits and knowledge because brakes are critical to your safety. If you’re not 100% confident in your skills, letting a professional auto care technician service your brakes is best.

What Services Can You Get at Walmart Auto Care Centers

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Walmart has more than 2,500 Auto Care Centers nationwide that provide basic car care, which includes tire installation, oil changes, and battery testing and installation.

You can drop your car off at Walmart’s Auto Care Center so a certified technician can check it while you shop. 

Oil Changes

Oil ServicesPrice
Standard Oil 
– Industry performance standards
– Standard motor oil change and basic level engine protection
High-Mileage Oil 
– For vehicles with over 75,000 miles
– Protection against oil burn-off leaks
– Longer engine life
Semi-Synthetic Oil 
– Dexos and new car specifications 
– Better protection than standard oil
Synthetic Oil 
– Synthetic oil change with special additives to maximize performance 
– Engine protection
Synthetic Featured Oil Change
(This promotion runs from June 12, 2023 to Sept. 11, 2023.)
Pit Crew 
– New oil filter
– Up to five quarts of standard oil 
– Chassis lubrication (if applicable)
Lube and Services 
– Up to five quarts of standard oil
– New oil filter
– Windshield wash exterior
– Chassis lubrication (if applicable)
(Price depends on the vehicle)


Tire Care and ServicesPrice
Tire mounting (parts not included)$11 per tire
Lifetime balance/rotation$15 per tire
Road hazard warranty$10 per tire
Valve stem installation$3 per tire
Flat tire repair (tubeless)$15 per tire
Tire mounting (carry-in)$11 per tire
Tire rotation$5 per tire
Lug nut replacement$3.5 per lug nut
TPMS re-learnFREE
50-Mile re-torque (parts not included)FREE


Maintenance ServicesPrice
Fuel systemStarting at $25
Fuel system with synthetic oil change$69.88
Top treat (iol Change Service Required for Purchase)$12
Wiper Blade and Installation (Additional charges may apply for non-featured blade.)$12 per blade
Air filter installation (Available on Walmart purchase only / Excludes vans)FREE
Headlight restoration$26.88 per vehicle
Headlight installation (parts not included)$10 per headlight
Miniature bulb installation (Parts not included)$7.50 per bulb
Battery installation (available on Walmart purchase only)FREE
Battery installation (parts not included)$15 per battery
Battery non-corrosion (available on Walmart purchase only)$5 per battery
Battery terminal-end (parts not included)$10 per terminal
Refrigerant recharge (available in select stores)$69.88 plus parts
Transmission fluid exchange (available in select stores)$59.88 plus parts
Coolant exchange (available in select stores)$29.88 plus parts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Time Does Walmart Auto Center Open?

The Walmart Auto Care Center is usually open between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

How Often Should You Replace Brakes?

Although there is no fixed time interval for replacing your brakes, most vehicles have brake pads that require replacement after 50,000 miles. However, some can last up to 70,000 miles before they require a replacement.

Does Walmart Change Brakes?

No. Walmart does not provide brake services as part of its in-store auto service. It only performs basic services such as tire replacements, oil changes, and battery replacements or installations.

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Change Brakes?

There is no Walmart brake service cost because the Walmart auto service center doesn’t offer brake services.

However, at-home brake services by the Wrench Mobile Mechanic Service are usually between $100 and $300 per axle.

Does Walmart Change Brake Lights?

The retailer does not install brake lights. However, you can purchase them from the Walmart website and do the installation or replacement yourself.

Does Walmart Check Brakes?

No. Walmart Auto Care Center does not check brakes in-store.

Does Walmart Install Brakes?

No. The retailer does not repair brakes at its Auto Care Center. However, you can schedule a brake pad replacement service through its partner, Wrench, a mobile mechanic services provider.

Does Walmart Change Brake Pads?

No. Walmart’s Auto Care Center does not offer this service, although it performs basic auto services like tire replacement, oil change, and standard maintenance.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide answered, “Does Walmart replace brakes?”, “How much does a Walmart brake pad replacement cost?” and all other questions related to brake services at Walmart.

Again, Walmart doesn’t offer any brake services.

If your brakes need servicing or replacement, Jiffy Lube and AutoZone are worth considering.

Another option is to buy brake pads and other replacement parts on the Walmart website and do the installation at home.

Consider signing up for Walmart Plus if you’re a Walmart regular. With this subscription, you get unlimited free deliveries, gas discounts, early access to exclusive deals, and more—all for a reasonable monthly fee.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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